A2 Hosting Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal [Updated]

Are you looking for A2 hosting Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals? Here you will get a huge discount coupon for A2 hosting.

A2 Hosting is a trusted, popular, and top-rated web hosting, it is used by many professional bloggers, internet marketers, small business owners, and IT companies.

On this Black Friday to Cyber Monday, A2 offers a discount on almost all hosting plans, I know you like this deal so I am bringing you the best price to purchase A2 hosting.

A2 Hosting Black Friday 2021 Coupons

A2 Hosting PlansDiscountsCoupon
Shared Hosting67% OFFSAVEBIG
VPS Hosting50% OFFMVPS-50
WordPress Hosting60% OFFWP60
Dedicated Server50% OFFHALFDEDI
Reseller Hosting51% OFFRESELLER34

How to Buy A2 Hosting in 2020 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal

  • Click here to Active A2 Hosting Black Friday deal.

  • If you buy Shared hosting, You have 3 plans. Choose your plan whatever you like I suggest you, you should buy a swift and turbo plan to get more awesome features.

a2 hosting black friday

  • The second step is, enter your domain or purchase a new Domain from A2.

  • The next step is to fill your billing information and use A2 Hosting Black Friday 2020 Coupon SAVEBIG.

  • At the final stage, click on the PAY button.

Congratulation, You choose the world’s best hosting.

Why Buy A2 Hosting on 2020 Black Friday Deal?

If you read my A2 Hosting review, definitely, make your decision to buy A2 Hosting. However, here I have mentioned popular features to grab A2 hosting. These features make A2 Hosting unique and stand out in the hosting market.

a2 hosting cyber monday
  • Turbo Speed (Make your Website 20x Faster)

A2 shared hosting provides turbo speed features, it makes your website 20x faster. You can’t get this facility in another hosting.

a2 hosting speed
  • SSD Storage

Normally SSD storage facilities come with all hosting services, however, in A2 hosting, you will get 20 times faster servers than other hosting companies. As well as using the turbo option on your website you can load the site in 1 second without any issue.

  • Instant Support for Customer (24×7)

A2 hosting provides instant support on chat, phone, and email. A2 hosting provides 24*7 support, so whenever stuck to manage your site, contact the A2 hosting support team. They will help you to come out from the stuck.

As my experience A2 hosting quickly gave an answer and full support from them, if you are looking for the best supporter hosting, I highly recommend you to buy A2 hosting.

  • Free Website Migration and 99% Uptime Guarantee

It’s very difficult for bloggers to migrate their websites from one hosting to another host. Without having technical knowledge. Therefore, A2 Hosting is the best web hosting migrating service at FREE of cost.

It means they migrate your website data from the old hosting provider to A2 hosting data center without any data loss.

Many of us think websites go down after switching to another hosting, but now no need to worry about it because A2 hosting provides a 99% uptime guarantee at migration time.

  • Any Time Money-Back Guarantee

Nearly all the hosting providers provide 30 days money-back guarantee including A2 hosting. If you don’t like A2 hosting or any other reason you don’t want to continue hosting your website on A2 hosting. so you can claim your money back within 30 days and refuse the hosting.

  • FREE SSL with Every Plan

A2 hosting provides a free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate, it improves your website security and secures your website from hackers and malware attacks. As well, SSL is one of the Google ranking factors.


Only a few hosting companies offer STAGING features in their hosting, A2 Hosting is one of them.

STAGING feature allows you to make changes in your website offline, later you can publish it online without disturbing website visitors.

A2 Hosting PROs

  • 20-x Your Website Data

A2 hosting saves your data on multiple hard disks so your data is safe and nobody can delete your data. If accidentally one disk can be deleted but still, your all data is safe in another disk. As well you can get back all your data within a few clicks.

This service is a very good service. This 10x backup service is A2 hosting makes a trusted and unique hosting company from another hosting company.

  • Unlimited time Backup

A2 hosting provides unlimited time backup service with their every plan. There is no limit to using the backup service of A2, you can take your website data anytime, anywhere, and unlimited times.

Most hosting providers allow you to get your data 1 or 2-time in a year, if you want a backup for than limit at that time you have to pay an additional cost, However, A2 hosting allows you to use backup service for an unlimited time at FREE of cost, you can download your backup more than 2 times a day.

  • Custom plans

A2 Hosting allows you to choose a hosting plan according to your requirements. If you will buy a root access hosting plan, you can customize your hosting plans. The best thing about A2 hosting is that you have to pay only for the resources which you used.

  • WordPress Website Load 6x Times Faster

A2 hosting has its own separate hosting server for WordPress users. If you are a WordPress user, I highly recommend you must go with A2 WordPress hosting.

A2 WordPress hosting is fully developed for WordPress websites, so when you host your WordPress website on A2 wp hosting server, it will increase your page loading speed 6x faster than simple web hosting.

  • One-Click Softcloud app Install Feature

Nowadays many hosting companies provide, one-click application installs service, but A2 is one of the first-ever companies that allows users to install any soft cloud app like WordPress, Joomla, open chat, Magento, and much more app, you can install these types of app within 1 click from A2 hosting C-panel dashboard.

A2 Hosting CONs

  • High Renewal Charges

A2 hosting renewal charges are very high, maybe it will cost you double the first payment because they know you are happy with their service, so never change your hosting that’s why they take high renewal charges.

I suggest you don’t buy hosting only for one year if you think A2 hosting is the best solution for your requirement, you must buy hosting for at least 3 years (36 months) together.

Why I recommended it to you, If you will buy for 3 years (36 months), so you have to pay for 2 years (24 months) hosting charges and you will get hosting for the next 3 years (36 months). It means you will get A2 hosting for 1 year for FREE.

Is it cool? Of course cool, that’s why I recommended it to you.

  • Unstable uptime visibility

 A2 hosting committed they provide 99.99% uptime visibility, but we have some data of A2 hosting visibility of the year 2017 to 2019.

We found A2 hosting visibility is not stable to 99.99%, sometimes it goes down to 99.68% and sometimes they provide 100% visibility.

FAQs About A2 Hosting Black Friday Sale

What is A2 Hosting?

A2 Hosting is a web hosting service provider company. It is the most popular and fast-growing company, but earlier A2 hosting is known as Iniquinet.

Where is A2 Hosting located?

A2 hosting located in the USA (Michigan). Along with the USA, A2 has other two data centers in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and third on in Singapore.

Does A2 Offer FREE migration service?

Yes, A2 Hosting offers a FREE Migration service with every hosting plan. If you are new customers of A2 Hosting, the Support team will help you migrate your site from the previous host to new A2 Hosting.

How to Install WordPress in A2 hosting?

A2 Hosting offers a one-click WordPress installation facility in the C-panel dashboard by using a softcloud app.

Does A2 offer FREE Backup Service?

yes, A2 hosting offers FREE backup service, But this service available only on a higher plane. If you buy a lite plan, you will not get a FREE backup facility.

Which one is better? A2, SiteGround or Bluehost?

When it comes to features and security, A2 hosting is always better. However, Siteground and Bluehost are best at technology and infrastructure.

Is it Worth to Buy A2 Hosting in Black Friday deal?

Yes, A2 Hosting features and support are unbeatable. Almost all A2 hosting users use A2 hosting because of their best support and data security commitment.

May I buy A2 hosting later?

Yes, You can buy A2 Hosting anytime. Typically, A2 Offer 60% OFF on their hosting plan, but during the Black Friday deal A2 hosting offers 67% OFF on their all hosting plan. So, if you want to save money, I suggest you buy A2 Hosting now by clicking this special link.


In my experience A2 hosting works better than I expected. When I switched to A2 hosting, I was very astonished it’s increased my website speed and ranking. Therefore, I suggest you buy A2 hosting in this Black Friday sale.

This sale lives until Cyber Monday, so Grab this deal between Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

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