A2 Hosting Coupon Code 2020 | Up To 63% OFF

Are you looking for an A2 hosting coupon to get a maximum discount on a purchased hosting? your search is over is here because we provide you a 100% working discount coupon on a2 hosting.

Along with the discount, I will teach you to save more money on purchase hosting. A2 hosting gives a maximum discount on his hosting from another hosting so you can buy his hosting to get a discount on hosting And their service and products are transparent fronts of everyone, that’s why this hosting is more popular on the internet, and people are more likely to buy it.

A2 hosting company accepts all types of cards like a credit card, debit card, MasterCard next and they accept online banking services that you can buy in many ways. a2 hosting is since in 2001 they work in the hosting line that’s why they trusted and popular company in the hosting line.

According to Hrank.com, A2 hosting company is a feature in the top 10 best hosting provider companies.

A2 Hosting Plans With Discount

One of the best hostings which is A2 hosting, They provide different types of hosting plan for their customers, and all plans discount coupons are different, so It’s very hard to find all a2 hosting promo codes at one place, that’s why I collected all a2 hosting coupon code in this following article.

A2 Hosting coupon code for shared web hosting

Shared hosting is one of the most popular hosting plans on the internet. This type of hosting is mostly used by single website owners, newbies, and entrepreneurs because its cost is reliable, but its service is excellent.

In shared hosting, we have 3 types of packages, Lite, Swift, and Turbo. Swift is the most popular hosting plan according to a2.

Let’s compare all shared hosting plans with each other.

a2 hosting coupon

The above screenshot gave you a clear vision, which hosting plan is best for your site, now time for saving money.

Click on the below button and get 63 % off on a2 shared hosting plan.

Note: When you click on this button, a promo code is automatically applied to your order, this facility is available only for Rankmong blog readers.

The shared hosting’s actual price is $7.99, but when you will use the above special discount code link, you will get this hosting only at $2.96.

A2 Hosting coupon code for WordPress hosting

Now we are going to take a deep into WordPress hosting plans. WordPress is the most popular platform on the internet to start your own site. Lots of popular bloggers and entrepreneurs and also I personally use WordPress for a while. A2 offers dedicated WordPress hosting servers for WordPress lovers, like us.

In WordPress hosting, a2 provides 2 types of hosting, one is shared WordPress hosting, and the second one is managed WordPress hosting but right now a2 hosting company provides a discount on only managed a2 WordPress hosting.

A2 Hosting Coupon Code of WordPress Managed Hosting  

WordPress managed to host is one of the best hostings plans of A2 hosting. A2 provides lots of features in their managed WP hosting like easily automated backup facility, power by Plesk control panel, free jetpack personal license, anytime money-back guarantee, and at last not least turbo system (it will increase your website speed 20x faster) and much more.

Mainly a2 divides WordPress hosting into 3 different types.

  1. Lite
  2. Swift
  3. Turbo

Let me show you the difference between these plans, then it’s all upon you, which plan is best for you.

a2 web hosting discount

Now you completely understand which WordPress hosting plan is suitable for your needs, so I am going to give you an active promo code for this hosting.

Note: When you click on this special link button, the A2hosting promo code is automatically applied to your order, this facility is available only for Rankmong blog readers.

If you buy a2 managed WordPress hosting directly it will cost you $24.46, but when you click on my special link then it will cost you $11.99, you will save 51%.

A2 Hosting Coupon Code for  Reseller Hosting 

You want to do hosting business and looking for the best hosting for promotion, your search is the end here because a2 provides the fastest loaded speed hosting, best customer support along with this lots of additional but important features only for reseller hosting.

In seller hosting you will get a 20x turbo option, FREE SSL, WHM Control panel, FREE eNom Reseller Account, any time money-back guarantee, and many more features.

Especially a2 divide reseller hosting in 4 different plans.

  1. Bronze 
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
  4. Platinum
a2 reseller hosting

You can in the above screenshot, which features you will get in these 4 plans with pricing, now it all depends on your requirements and budget.

Note: When you click on this special button link, the A2hosting coupon automatically applied to your order, this facility is available only for Rankmong blog readers.

A2 reseller hosting pricing starts at $19.99/month, but if you a2 hosting from this link, it will cost you only $9.80/month. My discount coupon code saves you 51% money on your hosting purchase.

A2 Hosting VPS Hosting Coupon Code

VPS means (Virtual Private Server) hosting. Basically, a2 provides 3 types of VPS hosting, Core, Managed, and Unmanaged hosting.a2 hosting is similar to shared hosting, but here you will get a more advanced future than shared hosting plans.

Now, let me show you the difference between all VPS plans with features and pricing. Before we go there, let me show you some other benefits to use a2 VPS hosting, you will get a fully customized account and Hostguard safety with all VPS plans. 

If you are ready to buy VPS hosting, so in this hosting plan you will get easy-to-use Cpanel control, turbo boosts VPS feature, 100% FREE Hostguard management, 24/7 support, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Mainly VPS hosting is available in 3 different packages.

  1. Unmanaged VPS
  2. Managed VPS
  3. Core VPS

Let me explain with you a screenshot of the VPS hosting feature with pricing.

a2 hosting discount code

As you can see VPS hosting starts at $5 but a2hosting.com does not allow us to use the discount voucher on Unmanaged VPS hosting purchases.

A2 provides the best deal on Managed and Core VPS hosting, first of all, let me give you an active promo code without doing future ado.

Note: When you click on this special button link, the A2 Hosting coupon code is automatically applied to your order, this facility is available only for Rankmong blog readers.

VPS is hosting is best for the IT sector and other big companies, its price starts at $5 to $25 per month, but if you use my promo codes on your checkout page, it will save you 50% money.

A2 Hosting Dedicated Server Hosting Coupon Code

Dedicated hosting is the most powerful hosting on the internet. If your website gets a large number of visitors per month, you must go with dedicated hosting. If you host only a single website on dedicated hosting, definitely your website speed would be unexpected.

Dedicated hosting is the best hosting server because in this hosting you will get root access of your account, free Cpanel control, Full hostGuard Management for your website security, and much more.

A2 provides 4 types of dedicated hosting services, let me show you all plans pricing, and compare all plans with each other.

  1.  Unmanaged Servers
  2. Core Server
  3. Managed Server
  4. Discount SSD Server

Now, we are going to compare A2 dedicated hosting plans with a screenshot, it will help you to choose the best hosting package for your site.

a2 dedicated server hosting

Dedicated hosting price starts from $119.99/month, it’s regular price but if you use a discount coupon then the price will be $99.59, you may save your 17% on an unmanaged dedicated hosting plan.

Note: When you click on the discount button, the A2 hosting promo code automatically applied to your order, this facility is available only for Rankmong blog readers.

A2 Dedicated Discount SSD server is the most popular and reliable plan, it regular price starting at $192.99, but when you applied a2 hosting coupons code at the checkout page, the hosting price will be $129.30/month.

I personally use this plan, If you want to buy dedicated hosting then I advise everyone to purchase this plan and enjoy their hosting with the FREE Turbo feature.

Now I am going to teach you how to apply the a2 hosting coupon.

Step by Step Guide to Buying A2 Hosting

Now, I am going to teach you, how to use a2 hosting promo code to save your money.

  • Step 1. Click on this special discount link, and land on a2 hosting website.
  • Step 2. Select your hosting plan, (right now I am going to buy shared web hosting)
a2 web hosting services
  • Step 3. Enter your domain details, there you will have 4 ways for domain
  1. Register a new domain with a2
  2. Transfer your domain from another registrar
  3. I will use my existing domain and update my nameserver
  4. Use Sub-domain from A2
a2 hosting coupon

you can use any option and do future processes…

  • Step 4. Check your order summary (discount code appear)

Here you can your order summary and lots of additional features along with all of these, here you can buy additional advanced features.

Also there you will be able to see, discounted prices, as I said before when you use my special discount link then the promo code is automatically added to your order.

a2 hosting purchase

Congratulations on your purchase are done! Enjoy your a2 hosting!

Before going to purchase, you have to choose your hosting server location, as you can see a2 hosting has 4 servers at different places, you can select anyone according to your location.


A2 is the number 1 hosting provider company in the world, their hosting prices are reasonable from the market.

In this a2 hosting coupon article, I’ve mentioned each hosting plan active promo code, use those codes and save up to 63% on a2 hosting purchase.

Thank you so much for reading my a2 hosting coupon article, If you like it, please share it with others.

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