A2 Hosting Review 2020 | Features, Pros + Cons and Pricing

Are you looking for the best hosting, which offers you faster-loading speed and 100% uptime at the cheapest price, your search is over the end here, because in this a2 hosting review I have covered each and everything about a2.

Because A2 hosting is the best web hosting company in the world, according to lots of reports, and their customer support is the world’s best customer support according to US hosting research company, that’s why A2 hosting is a feature in the Top 10 web hosting companies in the world, according to Hrank.

On the internet, we have many Web hosting providers companies but why a2 is the best? I covered this answer in this a2 hosting review.

Introduction of A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting company founded around in Since In 2001. They did lots of experimentation to provide the best hosting service at an affordable price.

And their service and products are transparent fronts of everyone, that’s why this hosting is more popular on the internet, and people are more likely to buy it.

Along with transparency, their customer support executives are very friendly and they are always ready to solve their customer problems.

They provide 24 x 7 times customers support at calls, chat, and email too.

A2 hosting has 5 types of hosting plans, we will discuss it later on this a2 hosting review.

Features Of A2 Hosting

Fastest website Loading and Uptime

You All Knows Website Loading Time Is How Much Important In Website ranking. 

That’s why A2 Hosting offers faster website loading speed and 99.99% uptime of your website. because, for this reason, A2hosting is way better than other hosting companies.

And it’s confirmed by the previous and current users of a2 hosting, and my personal experience with a2 web hosting is awesome, that’s why I wrote this a2 hosting review on my blog.

It has been providing me 100% uptime, it means when I open my website, my website loads quickly within a second or someone in less.

They provide the fastest turbo server so it provides you 99% Uptime that’s why a2 got top position in the top 10 hosting companies in India.

A2 provides a turbo plan with all types of hosting so, you can use increase your website loading speed 20x faster.

Here are the last 16 months’ average loading time and uptime for A2 hosting.

a2 hosting loading speed

Customer Support

A2 has an “in-house” customer team for providing the best customer service to its customers. That team is fully trained for technical support and reliable for customers. That’s the reason a2 support team is called “Guru Crew Support”, and it featured in Uk top customer support company list.

That is why when customers ask any kind of question to their support team, their support executive solves all queries of customers, they never say our support team will take care of it and they will update you on your mail.

No, never they always try to solve all customer’s problems as soon as possible with their side, they make relations with you like your friend and soul your all query.

If you are a developer, and you want to customize your website according to your need and you will face any issue from hosting, feel free to get in touch with a2 “Guru Crew developer Support” team, they will definitely help you to solve your problem.

You show, all hosting companies do not give these types of great customer service and quick answers to their customers.

But A2 hosting provides great customer service and gives quick answers to all customers.

They will be available for 24 x7 and 365 days only for your bits of help, you can connect with them by chat, emails, phone calls, and also on a2 website by creating ticking regarding your problem.

Compared to other hosting support teams a2 “Guru Crew Support” is impressively and better than others.

a2 hosting support team review

Free “Hackscan” Service for a Safe Website

Website security is very important for any website owners because nowadays mostly all websites are not by default secure and it is a big problem for internet users, because anyone hacks your website and shares malicious files and software on your website, and it will harm your website online reputation and ranking too. 

That’s why you have to save your website from internet hackers, and A2 hosting provides a “hackscan” server to you, it will protect your website 24 x7 times and monitor your website each second at free of cost.

But other popular hosting takes extra charges for it but a2 offers this free for you.

Frequently It will check your website and show your website safe score and check how much your website is secure.

If your website is not secure so they suggest you make your website safe and secure, also they show you which malware files are effective to your website security.

So you can easily find those files and remove them from your website.

This is the best way to secure your online website, that’s why other hosting providers take additional charges for this service.

Free Website Migration

Website migration is very difficult and risky work, but a2 hosting provides a free website migration service to all customers.

You just reach out to their customer support executive from your dashboard.

If you buy shared of a2, according to migration policy they only provide 1 free migration, but if you buy dedicated, reseller, or VPS manage or unmanaged hosting, they provide up to 25 free migration.

You just provide your existing c-panel login to the a2 support team, if you don’t want to share your c-panel login with a2 then a2 takes small charges for migration.

According to my, you can feel free to share your c-panel access with a2, they never miss use your c-panel data.

A2 Optimized WordPress Plugin

You can install all types of software like WordPress, Magento, Openchat, Drupal, and Joomla within a few clicks.

And also they provide 1 click WordPress install feature in all plans, you don’t need a developer to help you to start your website.

Website speed is very important for ranking and user experience, that’s why a2 provides FREE optimize plugging to their turbo plan users to optimize WordPress website speed.

By using a2 WordPress plugging you can increase your website 20x faster.

a2 hostig review

Few hosting provide their own WordPress plugging and a2 hosting is one of them.

Along with this a2 provides a website builder name as a SiteBuilder, If you want to customize your website with yourself, this tool is very useful for you.

It allows you to customize your website user friend without having Google HTML tags and developers.

But keep in mind, this plan pricing is higher than regular SSD plans and other plans.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

A2 provides a win-win situation for all, they provide 30 days money-back guarantee for all new customers.

If you don’t like a2 hosting or any other reason you want your money back, according to the a2 cancelation policy, it allows you to get you all your money back in under 30 days.

In 2016, a2 hosting changes its refund policy. If you buy a2 for 3 years, but after 1 year you will not be happy with a2 then you can claim your refund, and they will give you a 2-year hosting plan money refund.

Only a2 allow after a 1-year money-back policy, but there we have few caveats.

If you claim today then a2 will send your money after 120 days, but they never refund for additional services like domain and migration fees, because of the refund policy additional service charges are nonrefundable.

FREE SSL With Every a2 Hosting plan

SSL is a digital security certificate of the website that verified the website’s identity and encrypts data sent between the website and their servers, and also SSL is required for all websites because it’s a ranking factor for Google.

SSL adds one type of security layer on your website that is vital for sites accepting payments.

And also it will change your website address.

Without SSL website URL: http://yourwebsite.com

With SSL website URL: https://yourwebsite.com

A2 hosting provides different types of SLL, you can use any SSL that will suit your website.

a2 hosting free ssl

Cloudflare CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Cloudflare is a popular CDN or Content delivery network, which will help to reduce website loading speed.

CDN has a group of servers that have geographically distributed and work for cache content.

For example, if someone visits your website that time your server loads every file and image which has on your website, but when you use CDN with your hosting that your server doesn’t load every file instead of this CDN pulls all filers from near servers, so it will reduce your page loading speed.

Nowadays most hosting providers FREE Cloudflare CDN but a2 provides one of the best CDN from all hosting providers.

Or a few of taking highly charges to provide top-notch CDN, but a2 provide the best CDN hosting with all hosting plans.

CPanel Access

Very few hosting providers c-panel with their hosting service and a2 is one of them, a2 provides c-panel with their all hosting plans.

By using Cpanel you can easily access your website file data, and also you can install soft cloud apps in one click, manage your hosting data, and much more.

If you are not good at technical knowledge or in development, still, you can manage your website without any developer help.

1 Click Site Staging

Most developers customize websites offline and later they publish them online. This background customizes called staging.

Most of the hosting providers provide this facility at higher rates, but a2 provides a staging facility free of cost.

This feature is a time saver and life changer for web developers Because they can smoothly develop websites on the staging area before publishing them on an online website.

When you do any work on staging, you never face any issue on your online website and your online website never goes down or it is under construction.

Turbo (20x speed)

What’s better than faster, we love browsing on the internet, and it will be more fun when we do browsing and site loading quickly.

A2 understands this that’s why they provide turbo features for high page loading speed with all its plans. This feature makes you 20x faster page speed than your competitors, that’s why this feature makes a2 unique from the market, and I also love this feature most that is why I am writing this a2 hosting review on my blog.

I tried a2 hosting more of my other blog, I got proof a2 turbo system is very important for website loading, that’s why I mention this in this a2 hosting review.

Types of A2 Hosting Plans

A2 Hosting offers a wide range of hosting for small website owners to big corporate businesses.

All plans have different types of packages and services, here I am giving you a basic intro of all plans.

It will help your best hosting is best for you to start your online website.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is one of the most popular hosting plans on the internet. This type of hosting is mostly used by single website owners, newbies, and entrepreneurs because its cost is reliable, but its service is excellent.

In shared hosting, we have 3 types of packages, Lite, Swift, and Turbo. Swift is the most popular hosting plan according to a2.

a2 shared hosting

As you can see, there all plans are pricing and available services are different.

If you have only a single website then you should go with the Lite plan, but if you have more than one website then you should go with swift (and swift is the most popular plan) or if you have multiple websites and you are carrying about your website speed then you must go with Turbo plan because according to a2 turbo is the faster service plan yet.

WordPress Hosting plan

Now we are going to take a deep into WordPress hosting plans. WordPress is the most popular platform on the internet to start your own website/blog.

I also use WordPress for a long time. A2 has dedicated WordPress hosting for WordPress lovers, like us.

In WordPress hosting, a2 provides 2 types of hosting, one is shared WordPress hosting and the second is managed WordPress hosting.

First, we talk about shared WordPress hosting.

WordPress Shared Hosting

In a shared WordPress hosting plan, we have 3 types of plans, same as shared hosting, lite turbo, and swift. Here there are some limitations to managed WordPress hosting.

A2 WordPress hosting pricing starts from 207.67 INR per month to end at 658.38 INR per month.

In this plan, we get unlimited SSD storage, email accounts, FREE SSL, FREE website migration, easy c-panel control, and an anytime money-back guarantee.

a2 wordpress hosting

If you want to host your website on WordPress, and you have a limited budget, you must go with shared WordPress hosting of a2.

Now, we are going to take a look at managed WordPress hosting and discover what is the difference between both WordPress hosting.

WordPress Managed Hosting

In a managed WordPress hosting, we get lots of advanced features than shared such as easily automated backup facility, power by Plesk control panel, free jetpack personal license, anytime money-back guarantee, and at last not least turbo system (it will increase your website speed 20x faster).

a2 managed hosting

You really care about your website audience, and you take your blog/website as a serious full-time business, and you have a good budget, I always recommend going with managed WordPress hosting of a2.

Reseller Hosting

You want to do hosting business and looking for the best hosting for promotion, your search is the end here because a2 provides the fastest loaded speed hosting with lots of additional features for reseller hosting.

Especially a2 divide reseller hosting in 4 plans, Bronze, Silver, Gold (Most Popular), and Platinum.

Reseller hosting plan starting at 693.05 INR to end at 2149.17 INR, in seller hosting you will get 20x turbo option, FREE SSL, WHM Control panel, FREE eNom Reseller Account, any time money-back guarantee and much more features.

Let me show you all the plans details with a screenshot, so you will understand more perfectly.

a2 reseller hosting

According to my, a2 is the best hosting for reseller promoting because they provide top-notch hosting at a cheap price, and also the technical support team is awesome, they always read to help us, and also they will also help your customers.

A2 provides each of your customers their own Cpanel so they disturb you to fix basic setup or issue.

A2 reselling is the best way to earn benefits online.

VPS Hosting

VPS means (Virtual Private Server) hosting. Basically, a2 provides 3 types of VPS hosting, Core, Managed, and Unmanaged hosting.

A2 hosting is similar to shared hosting, but here you will get a more advanced future than shared hosting.

Now, let me show you the difference between all VPS plans with features and pricing.

Before we go there, let me show you some other benefits to use a2 VPS hosting, you will get a fully customized account and Hostguard safety.

Core VPS

In a2 core VPS, you will get fully customize root access on manage VPS, with a 24/7 guru crew support team that will help you to organize your complete root server control.

Along with this, you will get the top 20x faster turbo option along with the cPanel control for free and it’s obvious that you’ve found the perfect Managed VPS Hosting with root access provider.

Along with the advanced future, you will get all basic features like SSL, FREE Site transfer, and an anytime money-back guarantee.

Managed VPS Hosting

Do you want more future than shared hosting, but are not ready for dedicated hosting, a2 manage VPS hosting is the best solution for you.

If you are ready to buy managed VPS hosting, so in this hosting plan you will get easy-to-use Cpanel control, turbo boosts VPS feature, 100% FREE Hostguard management, 24/7 support, and 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Hostguard features managed software, hardware, network, security, and headaches.

Unmanaged VPS Hosting

A2 provides you to select RAM, Disk, Space, and data transfer according to your needs, and you have to pay only for the resources which you used.

A2 VPS also offers you different types of OS, you can choose any OS operating system according to your demand.

Mostly this unmanaged a2 VPS hosting buys IT, agency owners, because this hosting plan is best suitable for them.

Best of a2 hosting, which is they provide high-performance swift server platform with turbo 20x page speed option, this feature definitely helps you to outrank your competitors.

a2 hosting review

Along with the above, you will get FREE SSL, An time money-back guarantee, and a2 best 24/7 time customer support.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is the most powerful hosting on the internet. If your website gets a large number of visitors per month, you must go with dedicated hosting.

If you host only a single website on dedicated hosting, definitely your website speed would be unexpected.

A2 provides 3 types of dedicated hosting services.

  1. Unmanaged servers
  2. Core servers
  3. Managed servers

First, we discover unmanaged server futures, pricing, additional features, and much more.

Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting

If you are a developer and you aren’t satisfied with VPS hosting and want to change. A2 unmanaged dedicated server hosting is the best solution for you.

You will get a similar interface like VPS but a more advanced feature than VPS. But here you will get a blazing fast server with a turbo server boost, it will boost your page speed like a skyrocket.

Along with all, you will get root access to your account, you can customize your plan according to your demand.

You don’t think about your hosting hardware data, because a2 guru crew support team 24/7 monitor your server, and it will always notify you if something goes wrong.

a2 hosting UNMANAGED DEDICATED hosting

Along with all the features, you will also get FREE SSL, Hostguard security, and user-friendly management.

Dedicated Core Server

In dedicated core hosting, you will get 100% Hostgaurd service, it will protect your website again marvel attack, etc.

Along with this a2 provides you root access to the control panel, so you can customize your plan anytime on your demand.

a2 hosting review

A2 provides everything in this plan, which you want to manage your hosting.

Now let me show you the plans and pricing of a2 dedicated core server.

If you have some experience in server management, this plan is best for you. The core server manages a large number of users easily.

Dedicated core server and dedicated managed to host, both hosting prices are the same but the feature is a little bit different.

Managed Dedicated Hosting

Managed dedicated hosting is a top-notch hosting plan of a2, a2 committed if you use this hosting plan, your website never goes down, because they provide blazing fast swift server platform, this platform is flex managed server, it especially pre-tuned for high performance.

Along with these features, a2 delivers ultra-reliable turbo servers, which will boost your page speed with it will constantly monitor your server for security.

Please, take a look at it below screenshot, in this screenshot, You will be able to see a2 managed dedicated hosting plans, pricing, and features.

You can choose any plan according to your demand.

I mostly love the a2 support team. It doesn’t matter if it is 3 AM or 3 PM, if you detect any issue, you can directly contact the a2 guru support team. They will solve your issue as soon as possible.

Sign up now for a2 dedicated server hosting and get your server within 30 minutes.

I hope this a2 hosting review will help you to make choose the best hosting plan for your website.

Now, I drive you to the pros and cons of a2 hosting, in this a2 hosting review blogpost.

Pros about A2 hosting

10-x Your Website Data (Backup)

A2 hosting saves your data on multiple hard disks so your data is safe and nobody can delete your data. If accidentally one disk can be deleted but another disk is saved your data so your data isn’t lost and you can get back all your data within a few clicks.

This service is a very good service. This 10x backup service is A2 hosting makes trust from another hosting and stands out from the market.

Unlimited Time Backup

A2 hosting provides unlimited time backup of your website. There is no limit to using the backup service of a2, you can take your website data anytime, anywhere, and unlimited times.

Most hosting providers allow you to get your data 1 or 2-time in a year, but A2 hosting allows you to use backup service for an unlimited time, you can download your backup more than 2 times a day.

Custom plans

A2 Hosting allows you to choose a hosting plan on your suitable demand. If you will buy root access hosting then you can customize your hosting plans and you have to pay only for the resources which you used.

WordPress website load 6x times faster

A2 hosting has its own separate hosting server only for WordPress users. If you are a WordPress user, I highly recommend you must go with a2 WordPress hosting.

A2 WordPress hosting fully developer for WordPress website. So when you host your WordPress website on a2 wp hosting server, it will increase your page loading speed 6x faster than simple web hosting.

One-click Softcloud app install feature

Nowadays many hosting companies provide, one-click application installs service, but a2 is one of the first-ever companies that allows users to install any app like WordPress, Joomla, Openchat, Magento, and much more app, you can install these types of the app within 1 click from a2 hosting dashboard.

Cons of A2 hosting

High Renewal Charges

A2 hosting renewal charges are very high, maybe it will cost you double the first payment because they know you are happy with their service so never change your hosting that’s why they take high renewal charges.

I suggest you don’t buy hosting only for one year if you think a2 hosting is the best solution for your requirement, you must buy hosting for at least 3 years (36 months) together.

Why I recommended it to you, If you will buy for 3 years (36 months). So you have to pay for 2 years (24 months) hosting charges but you will get hosting for the next 3 years (36 months).

Is it cool? Of course cool, that’s why I recommended it to you.

Unstable uptime visibility

 A2 hosting committed they provide 99.99% uptime visibility, but we have some data of a2 hosting visibility of 2017 to 2019.

We found a2 hosting visibility is not stable to 99.99% uptime. Sometimes it goes down to 99.68% and sometimes they provide 100% visibility to customers.

Below we are going to share with you 16 months a2 uptime data, once you take a look at this data you will understand it perfectly.

A2 Hosting Pricing

As we see, a2 has different types of hosting plans, but most people buy shared hosting so we will discuss a2 shared hosting plan.

Basically a2 divide his shared hosting plans into 3 different types.

  1. Lite
  2. Swift
  3. Turbo

If you ask me, which a2 hosting plan is best to start?

My answer is Swift because in this plan we can host an unlimited website, unlimited free SSL for an unlimited website, FREE website migration (Up to 25 FREE migration), easy Cpanel control panel, anytime money-back guarantee, and unlimited times FREE backups.

Let me explain more differences between all the plans by using the table.

I hope, now you perfectly understand, which shared hosting plan is best for you. If you have a good budget and you really care about your website user experience I suggest you should pick up a Turbo plan.

Because in the Turbo plan you will get the Turbo feature, this feature will help you to make your website 20x faster.

Before you buy a2 hosting or go anywhere on the internet, let me give you A2 hosting coupon, it will save you up to 63% money on a2 hosting purchase.

As well. A2 Hosting Offer 67% OFF on hosting during Black Friday to Cyber Monday.


A2 Hosting is mainly designed to provide the best hosting service to customers with a reliable experience.

A2 provides lots of additional benefits than other top web hosting companies, and optimizing WordPress plugging is very useful for all WordPress users, it will help you to optimize your page speed.

I love the a2 Guru Crew customer support team, that’s why I wrote a2 hosting review on my blog. It doesn’t matter if it’s night or morning, if you have any difficulty, their customer support team will always be there to help you.

The second amazing thing about a2 is an anytime money-back guarantee and they provide basic to advance SSL free of cost with their all hosting plans.

A2 hosting provides Hostguard and Turbo server to their premium plan users, Hostguard protects website from marvel and headaches and the Turbo server helps you to load your web page 20x times faster than your competitors.

Bottom Line: A2 Hosting offer a 67% Discount on Black Friday Sale.

I hope you like my A2 hosting review article, and you got value from it.

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