How To Earn Money From Blog [8 Ways To Earn Money]

In this blog post, I am going to introduce you to some popular and genuine methods to make money through your blog.

There are too many methods available to earn money from a blog.

These questions asked by every new blogger

  • How much money can I earn from one blog?
  • Can I earn money from a blog?
  • How can I earn money from blogging?
  • How much time need to earn good amount of money?

This is the common question asked by every blogger. No, I am going to cover all these questions only for you.

Before you make money from a blog you must need to consider these factors. That you can’t make 10000$+ in just one day. To make 10000$+ you need to work constantly 6 months to 1 year to gain a good amount of money from blogging.

Let’s share all the methods to make money from a blog.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the traditional and popular method to earn money from any type of blog. When any blogger comes to this blogging field they just use Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is a good option to make money but you can earn more from other methods which I will discuss below.

Why can’t earn too much money from Google Adsense? As Google Adsense pays you when any visitor clicks on any ads which are given by Google Adsense.

how to earn money from blog

And to earn from Google Adsense you need a good amount of traffic, which means daily 100-200 minimum visitors then you can earn.

In Google Adsense CPC also depends on content and country, like and USA visitor clicks on your ad you will get good CPC(Click Per Cost) but any Indian visitor clicks on your ad you will not get good CPC.

There one more good ad networks available Media.Net, if you don’t want to use Google Adsense you can use too.

Earn Money With Affiliate Marketing

I know you are new in the blogging field so you are not familiar with Affiliate Marketing. But trust me it is the most profitable method to earn money from a blog.

You cant imagine how much money you can make through Affiliate Marketing.

You make 100$ to 1000$ per day with Affiliate Marketing. Most of the bloggers do affiliate marketing.

In affiliate marketing, you need just need to write product base articles and drive targeted traffic.

If you want to promote too many affiliate products in one post best way make list post. List-post drives quality traffic with a good conversion rate.

An affiliate company pays you money when someone will buy through your link. There is no maximum limit on how much you can earn through affiliate marketing.

Here are some good affiliate marketing networks CJ Affiliates, MaxBounty, Click bank, Etc.

Earn Money By Selling Ebook

E-book selling is a very profitable way to earn money. Most of the bloggers write e-books and sell them on their blogs and make a good amount of money.

E-book creation is not much hard. It is very easy. You just need to find a good topic in your niche.

Make an outline of that topic and create a 4-5+ page ebook and save in PDF format and sell it on your blog.

You can sell the same e-book on Amazon too. Top bloggers like Harsh Agarwal using the same method to earn money.

Let me guide you, it is a Step-By-Step process

  • Find a broad topic.
  • Then find all subtopics.
  • Made one outline with all subtopics.
  • Go to google docs and start writing.
  • Use quality images in the ebook.
  • Build one cover of the e-book (it is a very important step, this cover will attract your visitors to buy your e-book).
  • Save in PDF and ready to sell.

Follow these 7 steps to create one quality e-book.

I guess now you can earn by creating one e-book, if you face any issues please comment down below I will solve your problem regarding e-book.

Online Course/Training Program

If you can build one e-book then you can also make videos about all those topics which you have discussed in your e-book.

It means you can just convert your e-book to digital video tutorial series. After creating this you can sell these video tutorials as a course or training program.

Many top bloggers like Ankit Singla offer these types of Online training programs.

So here is the step-by-step guide.

  • List you all topics on your favorite editor.
  • Start creating a practical video by just using one screen recorder. You can use a free screen recorder OBS.
  • You can make a Presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • After recording all videos edit theme(if needed).
  • Upload all files on Google Drive or you can make one Facebook group where you will upload all videos.
  • When someone will buy a course from you, you will provide Google Drive link you will add a theme on your privet Facebook group.

This is the method of how bloggers make money from blogging. It is a little advance process but profitable.


We all know for advertisement most of the company use Google Ads or Facebook Ads but they also try to reach out to some bloggers directly to display their Ads on their blogs.

As if someone displays ads on a targeted, authority blog with good ad banner that can make good sells. That’s why companies reach out to bloggers.

So if you want to receive these types of Ads proposals you just need to make one page where you will describe how you will show ads on your blog and pricing per month wise.

And you need to create one professional email address only for Ads, like [email protected]

This is a very good method to make money from the blog, but it is for advanced blog mean if you are a newbie it will be difficult. As advertisers add their ads on good traffic blogs.

Sponsorships/Paid Reviews

Sponsorship is a very good method to increase your income. You can earn 10$ to 100$+ by just writing one review post about any tool or product or service.

Before doing pay review you need to try that product and need to know about that product properly. And if you write only Pros about any product that can decrease your reputation as some times the company only want a good review.

This is not a good thing, visitors need to know both. I guess you can understand me.

This is a very good method to boost your blog earnings.

Product Selling

This is a very good process to earn huge amount of money. But it is a little hard.

To make money by selling a product is not for any newbie because a newbie doesn’t know much but if you are a little advance you can apply this method.

Now the question is what you will sell? You can print merchandise and sell a theme on your blog. Or you can build any tool or software or anything which will help users.

Mercedes selling is not a helpful thing but if you have a good fan base it can generate a good amount of money.

Services Selling

You can sell your skills on your blog to earn money. Now you will ask how you can sell, the answer is if you know anything you can do that for someone.

Like you know how to do SEO or you are good at creating ads you can offer these services. Not only this you can sell more services like website development or consultation.

Now the question is how you will get the client? Here is the step-by-step guide.

  • Go to your blog WordPress panel create one new page about your services, make it attractive and showcase your old works.
  • Now promote that page through FB or Google Ads. For organic it will take time.
  • To receive payments you can use Instamojo, Paypal, Pay U Money, etc.

That’s it. Follow these steps to earn money by selling services.

Final Words

If you liked this how-to earn from one blog article please do share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

And don’t forget to comment that which method you are using currently and which method you will add to boost your income.

I hope this article will help you to make 10000$+ through your blog.

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