Google My Business ADS [Why do you need? and How to set up?]

In this article, we will discuss Google My Business Ads set up.

You don’t know how to set up Google ads for good ROI? (Return on Investment), which increases your sales?

You must read this article because here you will get all Google Adwords hacks that work for Google Maps Business ads in 2020 and even beyond.

Before start, I have good news for all small business owners, Google removed Google Maps ads from the search partner network of Google in 2016.

It means, now you can run your local business ads in only Google Maps (Local Finder), now your ads not displayed on Google’s search network partners.

As I promised, I will give you Adwords coupon code so at the end of the article you will get it.

Before we start, let me give you Google Adwords Number 1-866-246-6453, If you will face any issue in ads setup, feel free to content me or Google Adcenter telephone team.

Now let’s start our article! 🙂

What Is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free Google tool, for business owners to sell their products and services on the internet with Google.

In other terms,

Google offers one type of platform to business owners and service providers, to promote business on Google to grow their business online.

According to Google, when someone wants to buy any product or service in their area, at that time they search on Google for that particular service/product and 7 out of 10 peoples are satisfied with Google My Business results, and 3 out of 5 peoples visit that store which they found on Google.

What Is Google AdWords?

Google Adwords (now Google Ads) is an online advertisement platform. By using Google Ads you can run highly targetable ads for businesses to bid on specific keywords and phrases that users are searching in Google Search Engine.

In other terms,

By using the Google Adwords advertisement platform, you can get an instant top ranking on Google front page. Google take some charge from advertisers, based on their business category and competition, etc. (many factors can affect the cost of Adwords advertising for your business)

Why Google Maps Ads?

You know the number 1 position gets more traffic from Google Search Engine.

And it’s true, gets 49% of peoples clicks on 1 position website on Google.

I think you don’t have the number 1 ranking in Google, that’s why you are reading this article.
Do not worry, I have 2 ways to rank high on Google for you.

1) Free

2) Paid Listing Google

For Free rank on 1 position, you must optimize your Google My Business Listing.

No matter, your listing is new or old you should read My Google My Business Guide for high ranking.

These guidelines give you lots of advance information about Google’s local marketing.

Typically you obey these guidelines, I don’t think so you need to run paid Ads in Google Maps.

But here we have one negative thing when you obey these guidelines, you have put a lot of Patience.

Because it takes some time to gives you good ranking but that ranking is your long term ranking.

But, you want instant number 1 ranking in Google Maps, you must go with paid ads.

However, Google Ads ranking is also long term ranking, but till you have money in your Adwords account.

Now, I would like to share with you about Google My Business Ads, how it works, why do you need and how to set up to get more business.

How Does Google My Business ADS Work?

Still, Google ads work as pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

In Google Maps Ads (text-based search ads in Google Maps), Google shows your Business Name, Hour, Phone Number, Business Location, Business Listing Website, Direction option, and Google My Business Listing Reviews.

[When you connect location extension in Google Adwords Account, then Google shows your Business listing Review in Google Ads otherwise Google run your Ads without adding your business listing reviews]

This information makes your ad format look like a local search result.

By using this information, Google provides very important and relevant information on the advertiser’s business to the searcher.

When the searcher has a lot of information about the advertiser’s business then they feel free to buy the advertiser’s products.

Why Do You Use Google My Business ADS?

Google My Business and Google Adwords, both platforms are different and both platforms work for different motives.

Google My Business is a free platform that enables business owners to list their business information on Google and Google maps.


Adwords platform is on another hand, Google Adwords is a paid advertisement platform, that helps business owners to carry their business information in front of the searcher for more business opportunities.

And Google takes the money (charges) from the advertiser (business owners) for this work.

when you run Ads in Google maps, that Ads called as Google guidelines for Google Ads.
Especially local Ads made for small business enterprises to grow their online business.

In other terms,

If you Google My Business listing does not rank on number 1, 2 or 3 positions of Google homepage, then you need to use Google My Business Ad because of Google survey.

According to a Google survey, the top 3 positions Google maps listing gets more clicks from search engines.

By using Google maps ads, you get an instant top ranking in Google maps.

You just need to pay litter bit amount to Google and Google starts showing your business listing top of their result.

When you use Google My Business account and Google Adwords account together, you can easily increase your sales and income.

Because when you use it together, definitely, your local business listing will rank in Top 1, 2 or 3 positions on Google maps.

Top Ranking = More Sale = More Income

I would give you a real-time example to you for more easily understand about ads.

For instance, I provide website development and design-related service in Surat location.

And I want to run ads on Website Development Company in Surat, and website Development Company in Surat in Google maps.

First of all, I will check CPC and paid the difficulty of these keywords by using the SEMrush tool.

SEMrush Keyword Magic TOOL

SEMrush is number 1 keyword research tool in the world, when I enter my keywords in this tool then tool shows me all the information that I need for setting up my Google maps ads.

The keyword magic tool provides 99.99% accurate results of the applied query.

enter keyword in SEMRush

Now I have brief information about this keyword for a paid ads setup, this research defiantly impacts your ad result.

According to this tool, I have to pay ₹ 69.92 ($1) per one click to Google.
It takes ₹7000 ($100) as minimum charges for website development.

If I run Google text-based ads in Google maps, I have to pay at list almost ₹ 70 ($1), but in front of it, I will get ₹ 7000 ($100) order for website development.
This is a good deal for me to invest ₹ 70 ($1) and get 100% profit than investment.

You can see in the above screenshot, this keyword search volume is 390.

It means, on a daily basis 13 peoples search for this keyword in Google.

If I am able to convince at list 1 people out of 13 for website development, then my monthly profit is ₹ 7000 ($1)  x 30 (daily 1 person) = 2,10,000.

This is the power of local search ads, that’s why you should use Google ads for your business.

I hope, now you perfectly understood, why you need to use Google maps ads.

Now I will teach you how to set up ads for Google maps Adwords application.

Note: If you are doing this for a client you will need access to both their Google My Business account and their Google Adwords account.

How to set up Local Search Ads?

Here I will teach you how to set up Google My Business Adwords but before I start, let me tell you something.
You should keep these things in mind when you go for ads set up.

  • Make sure Google My Business email address and Google Ads email address are the same.
  • Make sure your location extension is active in the Google Adwords account.
  • Before you live your ads, you should double-check “How your ad will appear in Google”
  • Add images in ad and images that must relevant to your business.

Now I am teaching you Google my business ads set up.

First of all, open your GMB account dashboard, when you open it, you will get Create an ad and Get started option.

google my business ads

Click on any one button, which you like and start creating your first ad.

When you click on that button, you will automatically redirect to the Google Adwords platform.

Here I have one Bonus for you, use a PROMO CODE and get back 2000 RS in your AdWords account next month.

Submit this code in AdWords account before you add money in your ADS account, once you add money in your account then this code doesn’t work.

Now go to the Ad set up.

There you will get 3 options as your ad goal.

1) Call your business

2) Visit your storefront

3) Take an action on your website

google maps ads

First, I will explain to you about these 3 options (ads Goals).

Call your business

You want to talk to customers before setting up appointments or bookings.

If you want to track calls using a forwarding number.

You primarily get new customers over the phone.

In simple term,

If you want, people see your ads then direct call on your business phone number. You must pick call your business goal.

Visit your StoreFront

You have a physical location you want customers to visit

Your first interaction with customers is usually at your shop front.

In simple term,
If you want People saw your ads, and visit your store. You must pick Visit your storefront goal.

Take an action on your website

You want customers to complete a tractable action (such as a purchase or sign-up) on your website.

Most of your business is conducted online.
In simple term,

If you want People saw your ads, and visit your website (click on an ad and redirect to your website). You must pick Take an action on your website goal.

You can choose anyone’s ad goal, just click on the PICK GOAL button.

At this time, I am choosing to Call Your Business option as my ad goal.

Call Your Business option as ad goal

Now, you are in the Location selection stage, here again, you have 2 options for location selection.

1) Near My Business

2) In Specifics Cities, states or countries

Now, let me tell you, what the differences are between near my business and Specifics Cities, states or countries and how can you use these.

First I will show you near my business AD set up.

local listing ads

In this case, you have to choose your business (ad) location and also kilometres radius.

Here I am choosing my business location Surat, and Google automatically set up an ad kilometres radius as 25 kilometres, and I am happy with Google’s suggestion so I don’t change it.

When I chose my business location and setup 25 kilometres ad radius, then Google gives me 11,862,992 estimates potential audience size per month, its mean 11,862,992 peoples search in Google for any service or product in my business area (this estimate is not for only my business category, this is all categories estimate).

specifics cities,states or countries

I hope you understand. Now, I am going to show specific cities, states, or country ad set up.

Here I am choosing Surat and Navsari as my business (AD) location, because of these cities are my main targeted cities, that’s why I am select these 2 cities.
You can select an ad location based on your business and your ADS budgets, if you select multiple cities then you need a high ADS budget. I tell you later, how to show ads budget.

When I choose Surat and Navsari cities as AD location, then Google gives me 10,913,820 estimates potential audience size per month.

I hope, now you understand about location selection, still, you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the below comment box I will solve your confusion.

Here I am going with near my business option, finally, I decided and clicked on the Next button, and gone to Define your product and service setup.

Now we are on Define your product and service setup stage, below you can see, Google already set ad category and also Google show some keyword suggestions.

define your product and service

This setup and suggestion coming from your Google My Business category selection.
By this suggestion, Google gives you one type of idea, how you can set up your ad in Adwords.

Here you can customization your category and you can also add some additional keyword.

When you change your ad category and add some additional keyword, then Google again shows you estimate audience size based on your customization.

define your product and service

Note: This is an estimated value not be confirm, Google never gives you confirm audience size value before your AD live.
I want to run website development and website design related ad, here I am customization this auto-setup.

You can see the above screenshot, I totally customized ad category and add some Google suggest keyword.

Now my estimate potential audience size per month is 10,556 (above we saw, estimate potential audience size 11,862,992 but here we customized our ad and set up a targeted keyword, that’s why our audience estimate is 10,556).

Click on the Next button and go to the next step.
Now we are on Let’s Write your ad set upstage.

In this stage, you should write clear and attractive Headings of your ad, which will increase your AD CTR.

Now you think, how to know? Which attractive keywords will increase your AD CTR.

Here I am sharing one powerful hack for attractive keyword research, which I personally use for my AD title.

Maybe this is not a hack, this is a simple trick, which is I am sharing with you.

Spy your competitor’s title keywords in Google SERP and Google maps.

You already know, I am set up my ad for website development and design and also on development and design related keywords.

So For instance, here I am searching “website development” keyword/ phrase in Google organic search engine and also in Google maps.

First, we will check on Google organic result page then we will check on Google maps results.

Google Organic Result:

Google Organic Result

In the above screenshot, you can see, lots of companies are running Google ads for generating leads.

I analyzed most of the ads not using any attractive and call to action words in their ads, it is a great opportunity for me to generate more leads (more clicks on ads).

But you can see, 2 or 3 ads has attractive and call to action words in their ads, such as award-winning, full service, free quote today and Need a new website, we can use these keywords in our ad.

And also you can pick a keyword from organic result website title (without ad website title), such as low-cost website designing in Surat @ RS. 3800.

In the above screenshot, you can see, my website (my client website is ranking on 1-page in Google, this happened because I have done their local organic SEO perfectly.

Note: We have done this title analyzed just for one type of idea to know, what competitors are doing.

Now we are going to check Google maps results.

Google Maps Result:
google maps result

In the above screenshot, you can see, nobody running any ads in Google maps.
But my client website is not ranking top in Google maps because of their business listing is new, and according to Google My Business ranking factors Google My Business listing age is one of the main ranking factors.

Whatever next couple of the months this listing ranking will definitely improve then we will stop this Google local listing ad.

At this time they need an instant result, as I told you, for instant results Google maps AdWords are the best method, that’s why I am set up this ad.

Leave it, and come to the point, which is attractive AD headings and description.

Now we have some attractive and call to action words, which our competitors are using.

Sprinkle those words in your ad Title and Description.

lets write your google my business ads

In the above screenshot, you can see, I am using my primary (main) words in Heading 1, then used attractive words in Heading 2 and then write a clear and attractive description with Call to Action words.

At the left side, you can see Ad preview, the bottom of this you get SEE HOW YOUR AD WILL APPEAR option, click on that option and see your ad live preview in Google search, Google maps, and Google partner sites.

Ad preview in Google map

As I covered, now Google doesn’t show Google maps ads in Google search and Google partner sites, so here I will check our ad preview only in Google maps.

When you saw your preview is perfect then Click on the Done button, close ad preview.

Bottom of all these, you can see website URL, if you have multiple websites so you have to select manually that website URL.
Or here you can add your custom URL too.

I have only one website so I Click on the Next button and go to the next set up.

Now we are on getting the Phone Calls setup page.

Get Phone Calls

Here you have to add your mobile number.

Below you will get Turn on verified calls option, this option is by default on and you don’t change that setting, Leave him like that.

Click on NEXT and go to the next step.
Now we are on Budget set up page.

Here Google automatically suggests your budget in 3 parts.

You can enter your budget, here I am adding my budget.

google my business ads Budget set up

Here I am choosing my daily budget RS 500, Google calculates my budget and shows me monthly budget (15,200), estimates people reach 3790 – 6370 and estimates click 180 – 320 on AD.

These estimates are per month estimate, and this estimate information comes from our competitors and our previous ads information (data).

Again click on the Next button and go to the next setup, Now we are on Review our Camping setting page.
This is not a setup page, this is a review page of our camping (AD).

Review google maps business ads Camping

Here we can double-check our camping details, if did you do any mistake to set up ad camping so edit that mistake.
If everything is OK then click on the Next button and go to your AdWords dashboard.

Now we are on our Google My Business AD dashboard, here you can track your Ad impression, clicks and many more.

google my business ads dashboard

In short, here you can track your AD all information, which helps you to increase your Return On Investment (ROI).
Bottom of the page you can see images option, here you can add your ad image.

Images make the ad professional, but in this case, I am running ads only in Google maps that’s why I do not add any images in this ad.

You can attach your business images in your Google ads.

I hope, now you have learned about Google My Business ads, still, you have any confusion, feel free to ask your question in the below comment box.

You can read these Google guidelines for Google Ads or visit Google guidelines for Google Ads, there you will get all the latest information and hacks about Google AdWords.

Now here I am going to cover some question-related Google My Business Ads.

Questions and Answers Related to Local Ads

How to link google my business Adwords
Here you have 2 methods.

  1. Run ads directly from Google My Business Dashboard.
  2. Connect Google ads Account with Google My Business and then run ads from Google ads accounts.
How to link google my business to AdWords?
It’s very easy to connect both platforms to each other.

Go to the Google ads account, there you will able to see ads & extension.

Click on add new extension > location extension > fill up your local business details > Done.

Congratulations your both account has connected now.


When you set up your local business AD direct in Google My Business account, Google automatically connects location extension with your AD.

The ranking is very important for growing small businesses on Google and also important for income.

If you are not ranking on number 1, 2 or 3 positions in Google maps, it very difficult to leverage your revenue.

But you don’t worry, you can get an instant ranking in Google by using Google Ad (Adwords).

You don’t know, how to use Google Adwords for Google maps?

Don’t worry, here you will get all steps for set up Google maps ads in detail guide.

And also in this article, I covered all the questions, which are running in your mind about Google Business AD, that’s why you should read this article now.

Why Google Maps Ads? this section gives you a brief value for use local listing ads.
I hope you enjoy this article, now you able to set up your Google local AD.
You have any doubt, feel free to ask your all questions in the comment box, I will answer all questions and solve all doubts.

I have show lots of other people tell you, Google business ads for free or Google map advertising-free, etc. I want to inform you Google never allows anyone to run ads as free so don’t believe in that type of article and video, and don’t west your time on freebie ads because of those all are fake.

If you liked this article, please share with others, your share will help other people to grow their small business online and increase their sales.

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