HostArmada Review 2020 | Best web hosting in 2020 and beyond

HostArmada might be a new hosting company, however, this company is quickly becoming popular because of its customer support, a variety of hosting services, and affordable prices.

HostArmada dedicated WordPress hosting solution including server cache feature and many other futures you’ll need to create and grow a successful blog.

Read the following HostArmada review to find out HostArmada hosting is best for your blog or not.

Bottom Line: A few months ago, we were facing a website loading issue, due to slow loading website we had a loss in plenty of traffic and conversion. We switched our website to HostArmada hosting, now our website is upon and feet again.

Introduction of HostArmada Hosting

HostArmada hosting founded in 2019. Yes, I agree with you, this hosting company is new. But quickly it has grown into one of the most well-known hosting companies in the world.

It’s headquartered in the USA with an office in 9 locations and data centres in five countries.

They are offering all types of hosting solutions including Shared SSD hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS SSD hosting, Opensource hosting, Dedicated CPU hosting, and development hosting.

HostArmada hosting price started at $1.20/mo. At this price, you will get around the clock support, high-level security, fast-loading web speed, and so on.

HostArmada Hosting Features

HostArmada becomes premium-quality hosting features compare to other web hostings. In HostArmada Review the following features are the best features:

  • SSD Storage

Only a Few Top Hosting companies provide SSD (solid-state-drivers) in their hosting servers. SSD server hosting gives you fast loading page speed because those servers are fast, shock-resistant, and reliable.


HostArmada hosting allows every customer to access the content delivery network. CDN gives a boost to the speed and performance of the website. Most of the hosting offers you a low price but they don’t offer this service at that price, but HostArmada provides CDN facility at the lowest price.

  • Support

HostArmada gives a quick, helping around the clock support on ticket, online chat, emails, and phone calls. Whatever feature is offered by web hosting, but their support is not good and problem-solving than that company never called a good and reputed company.

HostArmada Review

I am writing this HostArmada review only because of their good customer support.

  • Backup

If you are running a successful online business, but don’t have a backup of your business website. If you lose your website accidentally, then you can restore all the data from your website the last backup without any hassle. HostArmada offers a FREE backup facility to every customer.

  • Security

Along with the backup of the website, you need high security of your website and backups file. We repeatedly heard lots of news about website hacking and malware attract. Therefore, HostArmada offers multilevel security including firewall, server, website level, and so on. 

hostarmada security
  • Multi-Location Data Center

Data centre location and visitor location between distance directly impact on website loading speed. For this, HostArmada has 9 data centres overall 5 biggest countries in the world. As well as all customers can choose their preferable data centre based on their ideal customer’s locations.

hostarmada Data Centers
  • Cpanel Access

Use of Cpanel, you can manage your entire website as well as fix any bug from the website without the help of the developer. Also, something you can make any small or big changes to your website without using a single code. That’s why HostArmada offers the latest Cpanel access to all customers, so they can manage the website without the help of the support team.

hosting cpanel

HostArmada Hosting PROs

  • FREE Domain

HostArmada allows new customers to register a domain name with their hosting plan. One of the big advantages of domain registration with hosting is, HostArmada renewal your domain until you are the customer of HostArmada.

  • Affordable Price

The best and cheapest hosting I’ve seen so far is that HostArmada hosting. At $1.20/mo price you will get all premium features such as CDN, SSD storage, Sever level website security, Cpanel, Lighting Speed, helpful support, reliable security, website migration, and much more.

  • 45 Days Money Back Guarantee

HostArmada has a win-win situation for customers is that hosting purchase money, it means you can claim for refund money within 45 days of purchase date. Most of the hosting companies allow users to get back their money within 30 days only, but HostArmada allows users to get their money back in 45 days.

  • Tutorials

If sometimes support team more time then usual, then you can fix your website issue itself. HostArmada team already publish tutorial articles on its official website. In those tutorials, you will get WordPress, E-commerce, opensource, Client area, Cpanel management, WHM, FTP service, Joomla, website builder, email setup, and social network management articles.

Hosting Armada Cons

  • No Monthly Hosting Plan

If we think like a customer’s mindset, it’s difficult to purchase hosting for a year without testing it. For that they want to buy hosting for a month, if they like it then they will continue using it.

However, HostArmada offers guarantee 45 days money-back guarantee, so you can test this hosting for more than a month.

  • High Renewal Rates

Although the first-year plan of HostArmada hosting is very cost-effective, once you reached the deadline at that time you will realize you will have to pay higher than the initial amount.


HostArmada company is one of the newest industry entrants, but their hosting solution is useful and amazing than other top web hosting companies.

In this HostArmada review, you can see, they offer premium web hosting services at $1.20 per month. If you want to host for start new blog or want to swift blog from exiting hosting to new hosting, I highly recommend HostArmada Hosting.

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