How To Do SEO For Ecommerce Website

Today I am going to share with you how you can do SEO for eCommerce.


With this method, you can rank any type of website. I am also using the same method.

Let’s Start…

Technical SEO

When you are making any type of website first thing you need is to fix your website technical issues. If your website has too many technical errors, you can’t rank fast on google.

In technical SEO, you need to fix your website load time, compress website images. Some marketer says you need to store your image in another 3rdparty server but I never recommend this thing. Because Neil Patel And Brain Dean also say you need to store your images on your website server.

It is very effective to rank a website you need to take care of these things. For detailed technical SEO read me this post by click here. 

Keyword Research

You need to research keywords before you do SEO for Ecommerce for your blog, website, or making an e-commerce website. As I already said the keyword is the main key to rank any post or website.

Here are many methods to research keywords, In past blog posts I wrote how you can find a good keyword for free. You can read that article here.

Here I am showing you paid method.

The paid method means I am using the premium tool Semrush to research keywords. Semrush is a very good keyword research tool. I am using Semrush for the last 2 months and I was impressed.

Let’s see how you can research With Semrush. First, find your topic about then set in mind which keyword you want to rank. Let me assume you want to rank for the keyword “school bag”. Now put this term on Semrush.

seo for ecommerce

Now it is showing it has very high competition and high search volume. So you can’t rank for this keyword easily. So you need to find a similar keyword or long keywords. Like “red school bag” or  “red color school bag”.

how to do seo for ecommerce website

Now here you can see it have low competition, but low search volume but all of them you can rank for this keyword and you can sell your product with those 40 visitors. From 40 you can imagine 5 will be buying that product.

This is the process to find a keyword. Now find some secondary keywords by using this method.

Where to use keywords for the E-Commerce website

Now you have a question after finding these keywords where you will use this. 

You need to use this keyword in your product title like “Red Color Bag – For School Students”. Also, you need to write that proper description by using those keywords you selected.

Now you need to write a small content about your product where he can use or it is waterproof or not or something like this.

Now click one good picture for your product then use the theme on your product and use image ALT tag it very helps fully. In ALT tag use your keywords.

Now your main work is done.


Now run some FB and Instagram ads. Yes, you need to run some ads to gain more sales. IT will help you to get more clients. Organic traffic will take 15 days to 30 days minimum then depends on the keyword. For fast ranking and for fast sell you need to run some ads.

I am not an expert in FB ADS so I am not sharing how you can run ads. In the feature, I will make a separate post about Facebook AD.


To rank a website organically you need to research keywords and you need to boost those posts. You need to make trust with your website and your client. 

In this SEO for Ecommerce article, I shared all of the methods you need to know before start a rank website. I will always prefer you to try some experiments and it will help you to learn more and rank higher on google. 

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Now comment down below which thing you will process first? And which method you use to research keywords share in the comment section.

If you have any suggestions/questions regarding technical SEO do comment I will reply to the comment as soon as possible.

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