How to Build Micro Niche Blog | Makes Money from Day 1

There is a blind faith that anyone can start a blog and earn money. But sad truth that is, it’s very difficult to make money from a blog.

You need to burn the midnight oil to build a successful blog. Some people think Blogging is a quick money-making scheme. To be honest with you, it’s completely wrong.

You have to do a lot of patience to make a blog successful.

However, Your simple intent is to make money from the blog, then you should start a micro niche blog.

With Micro Niche blog, you can make decent money in a short time period with fewer efforts.

Whether you are not familiar with micro-niche. Don’t worry! In this guide, I will explain everything about the micro niche, and some secret static, which will help you in the long term.

What is Micro-Niche?

Before we jump into micro-niche, first of all, you need to know what is niche and how it is related to blogging.

A micro niche is a very small part of the whole market. Now one more question rise in your mind, which is what is the market? So, the market is this like Health, Technology this is market.

The market is huge mean it has different topics and every topic has different niches. It is very competitive to rank new websites on all topics.

Now next step is to find a niche but before chose niche, we need to choose the market.

For Example, Let’s choose the technology market, and under the technology market, I choose the Smartphone.

So, the smartphone is a niche. Niche websites are still quite difficult to rank higher if you are a newbie in the blogging industry.

Now we need to go one more step down on the smartphone, So We choose any brand smartphone. Let’s suppose, we choose Samsung smartphone, so choose “Smartphone is Niche and Samsung Smartphone is Micro Niche” for us.

In other words, first, we need to select a niche. After that, we can choose the micro niche. You can choose a niche based on your interest.

If you are not interested in that niche, you will never write a good article that will not rank higher in the search engines. In conclusion, you will leave blogging. Most of the newbie make mistake to choose the niche and fail in blogging, so always chose your interested micro-niche.

Micro niche has very low competition and easy to rank. Furthermore, you can start earning money in a very short time.

I hope, now you understand, what are niche and micro-niche.

Why do we need to start a micro niche blog?

The big reason is you need to start a micro niche is it is very easy to rank and easily make money by promoting product-based content.

You can rank any article within 1 to 2 months in the micro-niche if you publish perfect keyword research articles.

If you don’t know, How to do keyword research for a micro niche blog. Don’t worry, I am going to teach you how to do keyword research for your microblog.

In a micro-niche blog, we will target low competition and long-tail keywords, which have below 1000 per month searches.

Keep in mind, make sure your niche will be potential commercial and popular. If your goal to make money from Google Adsense ads, then choose that niche that the US and UK people are more likely to search on the internet.

If your goal to make money from affiliate marketing. I will teach you how you can do an affiliate in this micro-niche blog, how you can easily earn 2X more money than Adsense.

In a micro-niche, we have only targeted audiences, so conversion rates are high than niche websites. but website visitors lower, we need to focus only on earning so no matter visitors are high or low.

How to Choose a Profitable Micro Niche?

Choosing a profitable niche is very easy if you do it in the right way. It will take 1-2 hours maximum.

first of all, write your interesting topic on a notepad or a paper. Then think about which interest you like most and you can write about it without hassle.

After selecting interest we need to check where that interest belongs. For example, you have an interest in computers. The computer stands in the Technology market. So, now you need to find sub-topic under computer niche like desktop computer motherboard is the micro-niche.

micro niche blog

Your next step is to analyze the top-performing sites in your micro-niche. If you want to make money from affiliate commission, then you need to check that you have enough affiliate products to promote.

If you have enough affiliate products, low competition, and monthly good monthly search volume, only then you can choose that micro-niche topic.

Use SEMrush to analyze top-performing articles, as well, find the search volume of your targeted keywords by using the SEMrush keyword magic tool.

This is looking too easy but you need to give some time to select a proper profitable micro-niche topic for your blog. So select a niche with a cold mind that doesn’t rush to find a niche.

How to Plan Micro Niche Blog

Now you are thinking what is micro-niche blog plan? It means how you will start a profitable micro-niche blog.

As I already told micro-niche blogs conversion rates are very high. So we need to plan everything properly.

Let’s start. After choosing a niche to think about a good brandable name if possible include a micro-niche name. Including niche name in your blog name is not necessary or neither no rule, It can helps in ranking.

Try to choose unique names but easy to remember and easy to spell. After think name write it on a notepad or a page. Find a minimum of 5 brandable blog names.

I will tell you later why you need to find 5 names.

Before buying domain and hosting thinks some topics for your blog post and note it notepad or any other place where you can get back it easily. Don’t worry, later in this article, I will share how to write an affiliate article for your blog.

This is the practical guide for about how you need to plan a blog. And write everything on a notepad or a notebook (I always use and refer you to).

How to set up your microblog with WordPress?

When you create a blog, you will need a domain, good hosting, and well optimize theme.

How to Choose Blog Domain

Now time to choose a domain name. Above I said you to find 5 micro niche blog names right? Now check that domain availability. To purchase a domain you can use GoDaddy or Bigrock. Personally, I use GoDaddy.

godaddy domain

Navigate to GoDaddy » Search Domain: If domain available, then grab it.

How to Choose Good Hosting for a Blog?

Now you will need good hosting where you can host your website.

Choosing to host is a little difficult for you if you are a newbie. If you are experienced then you already know how to choose good hosting and why you need to choose good hosting.

If you ask me, which hosting is good and reliable for host a blog?

I always recommend Siteground WordPress Hosting. I personally use this hosting. As well as provide the best customer support, top-notch service, and some extra features for wordpress.

If you are under budget, then you should try hostinger hosting.

Install the Theme and Plugin to Customize a blog

After purchasing hosting next you need to install WordPress. You can WordPress by just a single click from C-Panel. Managing C-panel is a little difficult for you if you are not a technical chop.

However, If you use Siteground hosting, then it’s very easy for you. Siteground customized the custom dashboard for easy to use without any technical knowledge.

When your WordPress installation will be done. After that, you need to choose a good impressive looking and well-optimized theme for faster loading like Generatepress.

generatepress theme

I personally use Generatepress for all of my blogs, including this one.

If you don’t have the budget to buy paid themes, you can buy the Generatepress theme from me at 799 INR. It is the lowest price on the internet. Or you can use the Generatepress theme free version. However, in the free theme, you have limited features. If really want to make money online, you need to invest in premium themes, plugins and hostings. Using a free theme is ok but don’t use NULLED or Cracked themes.

After installing your theme next you need to install useful plugins, which will help you to customize and manage your blog.


  • Elementor PRO: It is the world no: #1 page builder for WordPress.
  • Imagify for image compression.
  • Really Simple SSL: Install and manage SSL certificate.

These plugins are must-have in your WordPress site for your micro-niche affiliate blog.

Write SEO Friendly Content and Promote It

Writing content for your microblog is a very important thing. In a micro-niche blog, you will write product reviews or create list posts. List posts and review articles conversion rates are very high.

Before start writing, you need to do keyword research. I use SEMrush for keyword research.

In a micro-niche blog, you need to choose medium to low competitive long-tail keywords and have a minimum of 1000 monthly visitors. Why did I say long-tail keywords? As long-tail keywords drive targeted traffic and highly convertible traffic.

After finding keywords now time to write an article for your micro-niche blog. Always use the Main keyword in Meta Title, Meta description. As well, try to include LSI keywords in the description and 2-3 times in the content to optimize your article for SEO.

Note: When we are writing reviews or lists post articles never force readers to buy that product. Just educate your readers about that product.

This is called the SELLING WITHOUT SELLING method.

After finishing your first article. Now time to drive traffic to your microblog. For driving traffic you can use Quora, Pinterest, Facebook.

Create Social Media Pages for your Blog

Social media platforms are a very good platform to drive quality traffic to your blog. Share your article on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, and so on. On the Quora platform, you just need to answer the questions and insert your article link. People read your answer on Quora and they drive to your article for more information. It does not mean you will spam. If you do spam on Quora, then they will block you.

To drive traffic from Pinterest you need to do some smart work. Quick Pinterest tip, upload daily 4-5 pin on different boards.

For building a pin, you can use free tools like Canva. If you know photoshop you can use photoshop personally I use photoshop.

Backlink Building & Promotion

Without a backlink, no one can rank any article on Google. It’s true, but in micro-niche, you can rank a blog without building single backlinks.

Let me show you, my micro niche site traffic and backlink status.

micro niche blog backlink

However, If you choose a high competition micro niche, then this approach may not work every time because it varies in the niche to niche. For that, You need to build some backlinks, Beyond building web 2.0 and profile creation. I don’t do any other promotion.

Monetize Your Micro Niche Blog for Earning

Now time to monetize our microblog. We are going to used Affiliate Marketing I will teach you the exact method which I use to earn money from product affiliates.

Affiliate Marketing is much more profitable than Google Adsense. Still, if you want to use Adsense you can use it.

With Affiliate You can earn too much money. And think about the monetizing blog from day one.

I think your blog monetization related issues are now solved. If you still have quarry please comment down below.

Benefits to Start Micro Niche Blog

  1. You can easily rank your keyword without high pressure and effort.
  2. A simple, user-friendly informative article will rank in the search engines even the site is new.
  3. You need not update the content very often to get great search traffic. Once your site hits Google, you can see immense growth in earnings.
  4. You can create hundreds of micro-niche sites, and you can start making huge money. (AMAZON AFFILIATES SITES TOO)

Final Words

In this article, I have shared the step by step detailed guide to how you can start a profitable micro-niche blog and start making money easily.

Bottom Line: Don’t have a budget to purchase good hosting? Don’t worry! You can use Siteground coupon to get 63% Discount.

Still, do you question related to micro niche blog, then shoot a question below in the comment box. 

At last, if this article helped you anyhow don’t forget to share this article with your friends. It will motivate me to write more useful guides like this.

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