SEMrush FREE Trial: Get SEMrush PRO and GURU for FREE

Are you looking for SEMrush free trial? You land in the right place because here I’ll be presenting you with the free SEMrush account.

SEMrush is the number 1 SEO tool and is used by a million people in the world for keywords research, site audit, especially analyzing strategies of competitors and much more.

I think the number 1 secret behind My site’s success goes to the SEMrush tool because it helps me to analysis search engine results, even that it manage my site’s health, articles on-page, social media accounts, backlinks toxic score checking, content wiring and much more.

If you are already in the Online Marketing Industry, definitely you must have heard about SEMrush.

Normally SEMrush offers only 7 days free trial of their premium features.

But you don’t need to worry, you are a Zara Humaid family member, and I always care about my family, that’s why I tied up with SEMrush team to give an exclusive offer to extend FREE trial days limit, now you will use SEMrush for 14 days for FREE.

Now, let me help you to get the SEMrush pro account for free.

How to Use SEMrush for FREE?

Here’s the step by step process to get SEMrush 14-day free trial, for active this deal click over here to land on trial active page.

If you don’t know, I am a partner with SEMrush team, they provide exclusive SEMrush discount code for readers.

By using that promo code, you can use SEMrush Pro for FREE, which is actually worth it $99.

Now, please follow the below steps…

sign up for SEMrush pro
  • Step 2: In this step, you have to choose your trial plan from Pro and Guru, you can select anyone, or you can skip your trial and start your paid subscription. Also, SEMrush shows your quick comparison between SEMrush Pro vs Guru plan.
semrush pro vs semrush guru
  • Step: 3: Now, you already land on the billing page. Where you can see the SEMrush coupon automatically applied in your billing.
14 days free trail of semrush pro
  • Step: 4: Enter your billing credit card details and billing details and click on the “Plack the order” button to grab the SEMrush trial.

Note: When you confirm your order, SEMrush will charge you a small amount to check your card validity, don’t worry, once the validation process will have completed full amount refund it on time in your credit card. It’s only to confirm your credit card is working and your account is legal.

Congratulation! Your trial activates now, enjoy your SEMrush FREE trial goodness of Zara Humaid family.

What are the features of SEMrush? (SEMrush Benefits)

Let me introduce you with SEMrush features and also with amazing benefits of SEMrush, so let’s begin.

Still, if you are not familiar with the SEMrush tool? I already published SEMrush Review with a tutorial on my blog, so you can read it and learn how to get the most of SEMrush.

  • Easy Keywords Research: SEMrush has a keyword magic tool, this tool helps you to find profitable keywords in the low competition range. You just enter your main seed keyword in that tool, in conclusion, SEMrush will show you long-tail, related keywords around seed keywords. Also, it will show you keywords CPC, competition, search volume, and much more valuable information.

  • Check Backlinks: It allows you to spy your all competitor’s backlink profile and also you can check your own site backlinks too. And also SEMrush backlink analyzer tool helps you to analyze your site backlink profile toxic backlinks of your site.

  • Site Audit: SEMrush has own inbuilt audit feature, this feature helps you to find your site health score based on your site links, content, etc.

  • Competitors Adword strategies spying: It’s very hard to manually find competitors ads strategies, but you can easily find it by using the SEMrush ads feature. You can also use the SEMrush PLA research tool (product listing ads) to check any keyword phase AdWords ad.

  • Position Tracking: This feature is one of my favorite features because of this tool knowing you where your efforts are going. SEMrush position tracking tool tracks your all keywords ranking rise or down in the search engine.

  • Competitors Analyzing: SEMrush allows you to analyze your all competitors working footprint such as ranked keywords, backlinks, top-performing content, social media, paid ads and much more. Only SEMrush provides all these facilities in one place and in one click.

Above all are the main popular features of SEMrush. Along with all these SEMrush has tons of more features, you can read all that in my SEMrush review article.

SEMrush PRO vs Guru (Quick Comparison)

Here, we are going to compare SEMrush both popular plans with pricing. There we have much different, but the main difference between SEMrush Pro and Guru, which are historical data, multitargeting tracking, Branded PDF reports, Extended limits, plagiarism checker feature and so on.

comparison of SEMrush Pro vs Guru

Here is the screenshot of the quick comparison of SEMrush Pro vs Guru.

SEMrush has another two plans but these plans are quite popular and reliable, that’s why I recommend it with you.

Choose between the PRO and GURU by clicking the buttons below!

FAQs About SEMrush FREE Trial

How to cancel SEMrush FREE trial?

First of all, let me clear one thing you can cancel your SEMrush trial account anytime.  If you want to cancel your SEMrush FREE account, you just need to terminate your account.

Suggestion: I suggest you, cancel your SEMrush free premium account sometime before the trial expires to last-minute hiccups.

Can I Use SEMrush Pro and SEMrush Guru trial at the same time?

Unfortunately not, SEMrush allows only one person for one FREE trial, Make sure you pick your SEMrush plan perfectly.

Which SEMrush Plan is best for me?

 It all depends on your requirements, If you are a blogger like me, SEMrush pro is best for you. But if you are an agency or company owner, SEMrush Guru is the best for you. Because SEMrush GURU offers additional features with no limitation, that’s why I recommended it.


SEMrush is a great tool and it helps me a lot in on-page and off-page SEO of my site. I love SEMrush most because this tool is a timesaver tool.

It allows me to spy all competitors ranked keywords and all backlinks sources. Therefore, I always have an edge above them when it comes to an organic ranking of my site in the search engines.

I understand SEMrush pricing is quite high that’s why I offer you the SEMrush FREE Trial account. You can use SEMrush at FREE of Cost, try each feature to improve your site online presentation. Once your trial completed then decides for the SEMrush Subscription plan, but trust me SEMrush is worth every single penny.

Thank you so much for reading this SEMrush FREE Trial article. I hope you enjoyed it, still, if you have any questions related to it.

Do let me know in the below comet box, I will help you to active your SEMrush Free Trial.

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