SEMrush Review & Tutorial 2020 | Plus FREE Trial

Are you figuring out how to boost your website ranking through SEO? Does constantly analyzing your and your competitor’s site seems like too much to handle? The SEMrush tool will help you and the following SEMrush review is going to make you fully equipped for this task.

SEMrush is hands down the best marketing software for your SEO needs.

A proficient SEO tool helps you dominate the search engines. Additionally, the correct tool will help you find new keywords and track keywords ranking positions. At the same time, it will check your competitor’s backlinks and keywords. In short, it will be fully able to conduct an “SEO audit of your site.”

SEMrush is the most dynamic SEO software. In this SEMrush review, we will analyze how SEMrush covers the functions mentioned above and more.

By the end of this SEMrush review, you will be able to escalate your website’s ranking!

So, I have been using SEMrush for over two years now. Not only me, but many Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, and SEO agencies trust SEMrush.

Right now, over 4 million users are using SEMrush pro, the most affordable plan of SEMrush. In particular, companies such as eBay, Quora,, hp, and many others rely on SEMrush.

Let’s Begin The Review:

SEMrush is the most productive SEO tool. Its efficient features and the ample advantages of using it make it a go-to choice. Therefore, I decided to do a full-fledged SEMRush review. I wish to help fellow bloggers get the same benefits as I have been getting through it.

What You Will Learn in This Post

What Is SEMrush and How it Can be Helpful

Have you recently looked up for Keywords research, backlink analytics, site audit, or anything else regarding SEO? If yes, then chances are you’re familiar with SEMrush.

SEMrush is one of the most popular tools on the web for marketers.

It comes with unmatched tool kits. For instance, the toolkits for SEO, Advertising, Social Media, Content Marketing, Competitive Research, and Management, are amazingly helpful.

Management Toolkit is an additional one, but it’s equally useful and time-saving. It gives you a report of your domain, which you submit in the SEMrush. (we will discuss this later on).


The primary function of SEMrush is to find profitable keywords so that you can overshadow your competitors. Besides, it provides an opportunity to track any keywords on which you or your competitors are ranking. Above all, it makes online competition transparent.

In short, I can say that,

“It’s a complete Marketing toolkit for SEO Ninjas, Serious bloggers, and for the digital guys.”

How to Use SEMrush?

Before anything else, let me tell you that through this SEMrush review, I will demonstrate what SEMrush is. Moreover, I will give you a quick overview of the SEMrush platform.

But, to take this seriously as a business, you will have to use SEMrush.

What I can do is share the features and explain to you how to use them. But, it depends on how you utilize the features correctly to get more profit.

My first suggestion for you is to try SEMrush for free so that you can get the hang of it. Here, I have given a SEMrush FREE trial link.

Once you start using SEMrush yourself, you will get more experience and knowledge about it.

The SEMrush cost is very less as compared to the massive revenue it can generate for you in the long run. Hence, the price you pay is worth it for sure.

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When you finish with your registration, the SEMrush dashboard will be visible to you. The dashboard has all the features which are a necessity for every SEO expert, blogger, and digital marketer.

The Convenient SEMrush Dashboard

The best thing about SEMrush is its user-friendly dashboard. This panel is the main strong point of SEMrush and the reason why I love it more than other marketing tools.

Once you land on the SEMrush dashboard, It shows you an overview of your active campaign. Your dashboard will look like this.

semrush dashboard

Now, start creating a new project. You have two options to do so. Either:

  1. Enter your domain name in the green box, the projects section and hit the “create” button. or
  2. Click on the “Plus” icon next to the Projects button and fill out your domain details there.
add domain in semrush

After creating your project in the SEMrush platform, you will see some great feature shortcuts of SEMrush Pro. These features are marketing, analyzing, tracking, and researching tools. In short, you can use them all to become an SEO or Marketing Ninja.

semrush platform dashboard

Even if you skip the tools set up at that time, don’t worry. You can get access to all of these tools again from your SEMrush dashboard.

List of Dashboard Features:

So, what type of Features you will get on the SEMrush dashboard?

You will get all the below features set up on your SEMrush dashboard.

  • Site Audit
  • Position Tracking
  • On-Page SEO Checker
  • Social Media Tracker
  • Social Media Poster
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Backlink Audit
  • Link Building
  • PPC Keyword Tool
  • Ad Builder
  • Organic Traffic Insights
  • Content Analyzer

Now, I will quickly explain a little bit about all the features.

But before it, let me show you my SEMrush dashboard for a better idea. (I have already set up all the above features)

my semrush dashboard

Now, let’s look into all the features and how they will help you.

Mind-Blowing Features of the SEMrush Dashboard

The amazing dashboard of SEMrush makes it a winning tool. It will help you outshine your competitors due to the following tasks:

Site Audit:

It’s a tedious task to increase the performance of your website on search engines. Freelancers and the digital agencies take hundreds of dollars for Site Audit. But, SEMrush has inbuilt metrics adept at doing your website audit. The audit of your site will easily let you know about your website health score and error. Later in this article, I will guide you on how to do the site audit.

Position Tracking:

Position tracking is a great time-saving feature for bloggers, Digital Marketers, and Entrepreneurs. Mostly, they have no time to track their keywords every day. To begin with, you need to submit your website on the SEMrush position tracking tool. It will send you a position changing report daily via email. It monitors and informs whenever the status of your keywords is changing.

On-Page SEO Checker:

The On-page SEO checker is a phenomenal tool to help you keep up with the ever-changing algorithms of Google. For instance, you might already have an article that is ranking in the Search Engine. This tool can show you ideas to optimize it for more organic visibility.

Social Media Tracker:

For social media influencers and marketers, as they are mostly concerned about their social media presence. SEMrush has a Social media tracker tool specifically for this purpose. By connecting your social media accounts with SEMrush, you can easily track your stats, such as growth, followers, engagement, and much more. Thus, determining a productive strategy for your social handles was never this much easy!

Brand Monitoring:

The “Brand Monitoring” tool is my personal favourite. It informs you if someone mentions your or a competitor’s brands on the web, social media, or any online forms networks. Considering it does an otherwise time-consuming task, the Brand Monitoring is no less than a magical tool.


Being in the SEO industry means you continuously have to update your knowledge with the latest hacks and funnels. Indeed, it’s tough for us to update ourselves with the latest trends. Therefore, SEMrush provides the Notes section where we can get all the latest news about Digital Marketing very quickly.

SEMrush Sensor:

The “SEMrush sensor” is a monitoring tool that helps you know about any changes in SERP and algorithms. With this sensor score, you can also check if your website is affected by any violation of algorithms.

Backlink Audit:

It is a known fact that Google algorithms change day by day. Google now penalizes websites that have spammy or low-Quality backlinks. By running a backlink audit, you can analyze your website backlink profile. Moreover, SEMrush goes the extra mile and provides you with the email addresses of website owners who are giving the backlinks harming your SEO. Consequently, you can then send an email to the owners of the website, asking them to remove those backlinks.

Organic Traffic Insight:

This tool pulls all your data from Google analytics, including crucial metrics like bounce rate, average session duration, and so on. Furthermore, it shows you which keywords drive more traffic from Google and other search engines.

Display Advertising Tool:

Lastly, an essential tool for marketers is the Display Advertising Tool.This tool lets you preview text ads and display ads on specific keywords. Similarly, it also helps you spy your competitor’s advertising strategy.

Don’t think we are done with all the features yet! Detailing on these and a lot more is compiled for you later in this SEMrush review.

Now, let’s unbox the SEMrush premium tools! I will discuss with you all the features individually.

UnBoxing Premium Tools | The SEMrush Review 2020

Let’s make this SEMrush review a walk-through for you on every aspect of SEMrush. Mainly SEMrush has 6 Toolkits on its platform. But under those toolkits, we have many advanced features. The primary ones are as follows:

  1. SEO Toolkit
  2. Advertising Toolkit
  3. Social Media Toolkit
  4. Content Marketing Toolkit
  5. Competitive Research Toolkit
  6. Management Tool

Let’s dive into the SEO Toolkit first.

A Complete SEO Toolkit to SKY-Rocket Your SEO Campaign

The super-efficient SEO toolkit of SEMrush is one of its most exceptional features. In fact, it is one of the reasons I decided to do the SEMrush review.

The SEO toolkit:

  • Helps me set up my website on-page & technical SEO
  • Finds new keywords
  • Is of great help when it comes to spying my competitors ranking keywords
  • Shows me which keywords drive more traffic to my competitor’s website
  • Spy competitor’s Backlinks
  • Even spies competitor’s website competitors Backlinks! Cool, isn’t it?

SEO toolkit is a blessing when it comes to saving time and energy. Most people track the ranking of their websites daily. They want to make sure that their hard work is going in the right way. Often, they end up wasting a lot of precious time tracking good-for-nothing keywords.

Avoid making the same mistake. Use this rank-tracking tool and get the top position in Google search results effortlessly.

SEO toolkit also many valuable features, such as:

  1. Competitive Research
  2. Keywords Research
  3. Link Building
  4. Rank Tracking
  5. On-Page and Technical SEO

Redefine Your Wedsite With Semrush’s Competitive Research

Competitive research is a vital part of the SEO game. No one can ace SEO without doing competitive research.

We can do a thorough SEO competitive research and win the race of Google SERP ranking by using SEMrush.

Let’s see how can we do that!

By doing competitive research, you can check your competitor’s domain overview. Additionally, you can analyze their traffic sources. Like which keywords are driving them more traffic from Google, or any unique keywords that they are using.

I will do a walk-through now on how we can do the domain overview of competitor’s.

Go to the “Domain Overview” appearing on the LHS of your SEMrush dashboard.

Enter your competitor website’s URL and click on the overview. It will show you everything which will help you to outrank your competitors. For example:

  • Organic Search & Paid Search
  • Total Number Of Backlinks
  • Top Organic Keywords
  • Rankings On SERPs
  • Organic Competitors, etc.

Learn All About Competitor’s Domain Overview

No one can deny that to outdo competitors; we need to spy them. The domain analytic tool is just the right tool for this purpose. It will give you an edge over your competitors without a hitch. Now let’s dive further into the functions of domain analytic:

domain overview - organic data
Organic Search:

How much traffic your competitor is generating from the search engine? Using SEMrush pro will give you the answer to this query. I will provide you with more details about it in the Organic Research section.

Paid Search:

Your competitors might be using paid search ads (text ads in the Google search). You can track how much traffic these ads bring to your competitor website. You can also see which keywords are performing best for them.


Just by a click, SEMrush pro can give you details about competitor’s backlinks. The information includes the number of backlinks, referring domains, and IPs pointed to your competitors.

Want to know the best way to build backlinks by spying competitors backlinks? This SEMrush review will guide you on that, as well. Alongside, you will also get to learn about Link Attributes, Backlinks types, Backlink Anchor text, Referring domain, etc.

Display Advertising:

Display ads prove to be very useful for growing any business online. But a lot of marketers fail to use display ads powerfully. They don’t know which type of banner ads and landing pages work effectively to convert cold traffic into hot traffic. SEMrush saves your time and money. You have to explore your competitor’s display ads strategy and implement the same in your business.

Engagement Metrics: 

Another remarkable feature of SEMrush shows you the data history of your competitors. It informs you how many paid, and organic visitors your competitor website has. These metrics act as a benchmark for you to optimize your site.

Organic Keywords:

You can easily track how many keywords are organically ranking on Google in different countries. What I mean is that you can outplay competitors from any country with the help of these insights. Some no-fail hacks and details on this are coming up later in this guide.

Paid Keywords:

Want to know what keywords your competitors use for running paid ads to drive more traffic from Google? Or, for which country they are using the paid search?

SEMrush’s domain analytic tool gives you a highly effective observation of your rival’s PPC (pay per click) strategy. It saves you a lot of money and time because instead of wasting these resources, you can just learn from the competitor’s game plan. Moreover, you can avoid the mistakes your competitors are making when it comes to paid search.

Organic VS Paid Traffic & Notes:

 Get a comprehensive report on the visits of your competitors distinguished under “paid” and “organic” categories. The notes also inform you about any algorithm updates and whether they are affecting the competitor’s website. This kind of info surely gives you a chance to beat your rivals.

Brand Search:

Brand Search is when someone uses your brand name in their search query.

Advanced Tip for brand search: Currently, Google is focusing more on branded websites. It means if someone uses your brand name in the search query, and you provide the best solution to searches, then definitely your website ranking will sky-rocket.

Branded VS NON-Branded Traffic:

Talking about brand search, let’s understand and differentiate the “branded traffic” and the “non-branded traffic.” People who search “your brand name” and come to your website categorize as the Branded Traffic. On the other hand, people who search for anything regarding your work and then come to your site are the Non-Branded Traffic.

Branded Traffic Trend:

If you want to boost your brand reputation, this tool is for you. By using the Branded traffic trend tool, you can search for the branded traffic of your competitors. Analyze your competitors’ brand-building strategy and implement the same on your website. By doing so, you can easily form a distinct identity of your brand on the internet.

Pro-Tip: I will give you a surpassing strategy to outshine competitors. Just monitor their branded search trend, analyze the best search time, and run paid search ads on your competitor’s brand name. When I did the same, it worked like a charm, and I got good results very quickly, hence the suggestion! This trick works as a way to build your brand in front of your competitor’s audience.

Monitor Your Competitor’s Paid AD Performance:

Admit it! Whenever it comes to paid advertising, the top-most insecurity we have is our money going wasted. Isn’t it?

Are you also planning to run paid ads on Google but fear the waste of money on fruitless ads?

Then SEMrush’s Advertising Toolkit is the solution for you. You can use it to keep in check your competitor’s ad strategy.

Google has two types of ads, the Search Ads and the Display ads.

Have you got any idea about what Search and Display ads are?

If your answer is Yes, that’s awesome. Its good to see that you are already familiar with ads. But I still have something which could be new for you, so hang in there.

Or if your answer is NO, don’t worry. The good news is that it’s easier than you think.

First, let’s take a closer look at Search ads, after that we will go for display ads.

What Are Search ADs?

Search Ads are a paid advertising technique used in Google. Whenever somebody clicks on an ad, the advertiser has to pay a small fee to Google. Search ads are also known as PPC (pay-per-click), CPC (cost-per-click), and Search engine marketing.

Let me explain to you through an example. If you enter the “Best hosting company” on Google, you will get paid listing at the starting of the page. Mostly, the paid listings appear at the starting of the page to increase visibility and click-through-rate.

best hosting company

It means that along with organic traffic metrics, SEMrush can check your competitor paid ads traffic metrics too in the Domain overview section.

domain overview - paid ads
  • Top Paid Keywords: Top paid keywords are the same as organic keywords. The only difference being that they are used in paid ads. You can evaluate which keywords your competitors are using for running ads. It will help you investigate which keywords drive how much traffic to the rival website, and much more.
  • Paid Position Distribution: It tells you on which position the keywords of paid search ads stand. Secondly, you get an idea which words act as a trigger for competitors’ sites. Moreover, you can see which keywords position is driving more traffic to the website.
  • Main Paid Competitors: You might not know who are the competitors of your competitor. This tool will give you a list of all websites to help you analyze competitor websites along with their competitors. You can spy the strategies they are using in their ads and implement it yourself.
  • Competitive Positioning Map: Who is gaining more traffic from Google by using paid ads? Which competitor tops all in terms of which keywords? Who gets the most user clicks? Get to know all the answers from this incredible tool.
  • Sample ADS: An attractive AD copy plays a vital role in increasing CTR and conversion. You can have ideas about creating unique, engaging ads copy, which will appeal to the viewers. Paid ads are, no doubt, the best way to earn business.
What Are Display Ads?

These are the image, animations, or video-based ads. By using the Display Ads, you can attract people from other Google partner websites. Display ads are also called banner ads.

The attraction of the display ad encourages people to click on ads and land to your target page. This strategy may eventually lead to conversions. Along with the partner website, it will show on Gmail and YouTube too.

Let me show you some examples of Display ads. It will help you understand easily.

analytic display ads by semrush tool

If you want to run any display ads, SEMrush once again comes to your help. In the Domain Analyzing option, look for the latest publisher box.

SEMrush will help you find useful information about your competitor’s paid ads. Get your hands on data and stats such as the latest publishers, top landing pages, and display ads samples.

domain overview - display ads

At the bottom, you can also see the images, text ads, and banner ads examples of your competitors. You can create your ads by taking ideas from these ads and give your personal touch to them for uniqueness.

  • Latest Publishers: Here, you can easily see which websites are displaying your competitors’ ads. You can then target those websites directly by creating a custom audience in Google ads.
  • Landing page: Which landing page drives more traffic towards your competitor? Go to that page and analyze which type of sales funnel they are using to increase their conversion. Implement that sales funnel strategy on your landing page and camping and increase your conversion quickly.
  • Sample Ads: As you know, Ads copy is a significant part of Advertising. If you don’t know which type of ads copy works like a bull’s eye to convert people into your audience, don’t fret. With display ad metrics of SEMrush, you can see which types of images and text competitors are using. Get some ideas and create ads copy better than them.

Now, let’s take this SEMrush review forward with another impressive tool that is Traffic analysis.

Analyze Your Competitor Website’s Traffic

There is an impressive traffic analytics feature in SEMrush. It gives you the same results as Google Analytics.

However, here, you can analyze even your competitor’s traffic data, such as the total number of visitors they have got until now. Along with this, you can view stats like unique visitors, pages visited by visitors. In addition to it, you can also see the number of visits in a single duration, average visit duration, and Bounce rate.

You can also compare any of your competitor’s site with your domain. I immensely admire this feature of SEMrush. It allows me to examine my website against my competitor’s website in a detailed way.

Traffic Analytics Features:

The traffic analytics tool has numerous useful features Like,

  • Traffic Sources
  • Top Landing Pages
  • Geo Distribution
  • Destination Sites and many more
Traffic Analytics | Semrush review

Subdomain: If your competitor uses a subdomain for driving more traffic to their main website, you can easily track it from here. In other words, if the subdomain works good for them, you should use it too. It is also wise to check which subdomain is driving more traffic.

Traffic Source: With this feature, you can quickly get an idea about traffic sources of your competitors. It merely means that you can see from where your competitors get the most traffic for their website. Additionally, you can distinguish between organic and paid traffic by analyzing their percentage. Through this feature, you will get tons of traffic source ideas from the available charts.

Traffic By Countries: It is crucial to know which countries are best for targeting as an audience. Also, imagine how beneficial it would be if you knew which country’s people easily convert as real customers? It’s a very long process to get these stats otherwise. But, now, you can easily know these things if you spy your competitors’ traffic insights through SEMrush.

In short, I can say that:

It’s a great tool that has lots of features like Google Analytics to spy competitors’ traffic secrets.

Now we are going to compare our website with the competitor’s site. Let’s begin, shall we?

Traffic Comparison With Competitor’s Websites

By using the traffic comparison tool, you can compare your site with four competitors in one go! How cool is that?

traffic comparison with semrush tool

Traffic Comparison tool is one of the best tools of SEMrush, and it’s worth your money!

In just one click, you can compare your website with all your competitors. It is an easy and fast way to determine whether you are going in the right direction or not.

Spy Your Competitor’s Organic Traffic Source:

As an SEO expert, I can say for sure that most people use a competitor’s traffic source to grow their organic rankings.

But how do you nail the spying?

Firstly, you need to go to the Organic search page. It will show you heaps of useful information about your competitor’s website. Using this information, you can create a powerful strategy, and outrank your competitors just like that.

Through the organic search, you can track when your competitors are going up or down organically. It even shows you the percentages of ups and downs in the last few days.

Before describing the functions of this feature, let me tell you one thing. This feature of SEMrush only shows organic traffic data. The additional information about how many visitors have visited the competitors’ website yet is visible through Traffic Analytics.

When you land on the organic Research tool page, at the starting of the page, you can see.

  • Keywords
  • Traffic
  • Traffic cost
  • Branded Traffic
  • Non-Branded Traffic

We have talked about these earlier in this review in the Domain overview section.

First, I will show you an organic research dashboard screenshot, and then we will go on to describe it in detail. Through this SEMrush review, I will teach you how this feature will get you traffic organically from your competitors.

organic traffic analytic | SEMrush feature
Organic Research Features:
Organic Position Distribution/ Organic Keywords Trends:

Track your competitor’s keyword strategy with the help of the SEMrush position changing report. Get up-to-date info regarding keywords that are helping your competitors escalate their ranking. It takes a lot of effort to get and maintain top rankings on Google. Yet, this feature of SEMrush takes the burden off your shoulders and help you increase ranking effectively.

Top Organic Keywords:

 Here, you can see which keywords are driving more traffic to your competitors. Likewise, you can see the position, search volume, and percentage of traffic coming to their website through top keywords. As you can see, keywords get the top spot when they drive more traffic to a site.

Pro Tip: Use all these top keywords in your article in a natural way. Never add keywords forcefully, as it decreases the quality of content. Think about this for a minute; if a keyword is generating traffic for your competitor and giving them benefit, you can also get the same! That’s I recommend using the top keywords so that you can get the same profitable results.

Top Position changes:

Ace your competitive research and get the full advantage through it by updated knowledge of leading keyword positions. This column in organic research shows your competitors’ keywords. Moreover, it displays the position changes report and current status of keywords. You can customize this report according to your needs by using the New, Lost, Improve and Declined filters.

SERP Feature:

SEMrush also keeps track of the dynamics of your competitors’ ranking on SERP. It shows you which keywords are ranking on which SERP through this feature. Along with this, it will show you how to optimize your website’s article so that it can feature on the top SERP. Cash in on this opportunity to gain more traffic to your site.

Top Organic Pages:

Here, you can see your competitor’s top pages, through which they are getting almost 50 – 60% of traffic on their website. Similarly, you can see how many keywords of those pages are ranking and much more.

Pro Tip: Focus on the top pages of the competitor’s website. Analyze those pages, spy the keywords on them, the backlinks, and strategies. Go on to implement all these on your website. If you obey this strategy, you will see good results within a few days.

Top Subdomain:

If your competitor is using a sub-domain in their website that ranks in Google, SEMrush shows you subdomain report pages as well.

Main Organic Competitors:

We often underestimate the number of our competitors. We assume that the only top 10-20 ranking sites are rivals. Unlike common perception, there can be countless competitors in your field. To outdo them, you firstly need to know who they are. SEMrush provides you with a list of all your organic competitors. You can spy their keywords, backlinks, and other things in just a few clicks.

Competitors Positioning Map:

You might know how difficult of a process it is to see whether you are gaining more organic traffic than your competitors. Thanks to the SEMrush’s competitor Positioning map, you can instantly get access to this information. Don’t you believe it’s a blessing to have such a tool that saves so much time and effort? Also, it’s accurate and highly reliable.

Get More Keyword Ideas With SEMrush Keyword Gap Analyzing Tool

Let’s move on to the next trick in competitive research, for which the Keywords Gap Analyzing tool comes handy. A keyword gap analyzer is a tool that is used to compare the keywords of up to 5 of your competitor’s websites.

You are required to enter your and competitors’ domains in the keyword gap tool. After that, you can compare your organic, paid, and PLA keywords with your competitors via the shown results.

keywords gap | semrush

Firstly, enter your competitor site in the first box. After that, hover the mouse on overlapping circles between the two boxes, and select “Unique to the first domain’s keywords.

Now, the gap tool only shows the keywords of your competitors, which you haven’t utilized yet.

Here you can also compare your keywords ranking with your competitors by common keywords.

Use Backlink Gap Tool to Compare Backlinks with your Competitors

We already defined the keywords gap tool, now let me explain to you about the backlinks gap tool.

What I think, the backlink gap tool is hands down one of the best features in SEO Toolkit. It’s quite similar to the keyword gap tool.

Backlink Gap tool works similarly as the Keywords gap analyzing tool. The difference is that here, you are comparing backlinks with competing sites rather than the keywords. So here is what to do!

backlink gap tool by semrush
  • Enter your and your competitor’s root domain in the backlink gap tool, press the big enter button.
  • Select your domain. Select your domain, and SEMrush will start showing a list of websites, which have linked your competitors (and not you).
  • Before building a backlink on those websites, you must check their authority. Don’t worry; you don’t need any other tool for this. SEMrush has already added this feature in the backlink gap tool.
  • Go to the authority score column, click on authority score/down signal arrow. SEMrush will then show you domain score, trust score, and how many backlinks and referring domain they have.  Monthly visitors and ranking keywords are also visible.
  • All these factors contribute to the domain authority. If the link provider has competent domain authority, only then it will be fruitful to build the backlink there. Otherwise, skip those websites.

Use SEMrush’s Keyword Researching Tool to Find Wining Keywords

So, finally, we are done with Competitive Research. We have got plenty of keywords of competitors, so it’s time to put them to use in an article. But before that, do the needful and analyze those keywords thoroughly.

How to do it? By merely using another super-efficient feature of SEMrush, that is the Keyword overview feature.

In addition to it, you have to do proper keyword research by using the keyword magic tool. I will elaborate further on that tool later. Moreover, I will teach you how to use filters for finding profitable long-tail keywords.

At first, we will do an overview of our main keywords. Subsequently, we will use the magic tool to find related keywords around our targeted keywords.

Let’s dive into the keyword overview tool, shall we?

Keyword Overview: Do You Need It? The Demo Below Will Help You Decide

For instance, here, I will use the term Grammarly discount. Enter this search term and click on the search button.

keywords overview | semrush feature

When you land on the keyword overview report page, you will see lots of metrics. These metrics measure the value of the keywords which you have searched.

On the left side, we have organic and paid search data of the keyword.

In organic search
  • Organic Search Volume
  • Number of results Google ha
In paid search
  • Keyword CPC (Cost per click)
  • Paid competition

To launch a paid PPC campaign, remember that SEMrush has CPC distribution and trend graph features for you. Invest in that feature before starting ads on Gooogle.

On the right side of Trend, you will see the Keyword Suggestion from SEMrush. There, you will see total related keywords to your keywords. Besides, you will see total search volume and keyword difficulty of relevant keywords. SEMrush made it easy for you to do keyword research around your keywords.

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Look for the Go to keyword magicbutton at the bottom. The Keyword Magic tool is quite a handy feature of SEMrush. Due to my own experience, I can assure you that this tool is worth your money.

We’ll get to that later in the next section. But, before we go there, let’s take a look at the keyword overview report.

Your Key To Success: Phase Match And Related Keywords

It is commonly advised to focus and try ranking on single keywords in SEO.

I, on the other hand, never recommend this to new bloggers and website owners who ask for advice. The reason for refraining from such a tactic is due to the recent changes in Google algorithms. The days when the use of a single keyword in title, description, and content resulted in the 1st-page ranking are long gone.

Nowadays, Google search results are dynamic and advance. You have to match the steps by keeping your SEO game up-to-date. The trick lies in creating advance content by using LSI, Phrase match, related, and long-tail keywords for desired results.

SEMrush provides you with phrase match and related keywords in the “keyword overview” feature. Scroll down and see.

phrase and related keywords from semrush

Along with keywords, SEMrush displays metrics, which show an estimate of the search volume, CPC, and SERP preview.

Why is SERP Preview Useful?

By using the SERP preview metric, it is easy to spy websites that rank on phrase match and related keywords. Doing so will give you an idea of whether these keywords are profitable for you or not. SERP preview, alone, is of great help in assembling numerous keywords for your content.

Lastly, I will tell you essential assistance by Organic Search Results. As you know, you get a list of 100 websites that rank on Google’s first ten pages. You can add those 100 websites to your competitors’ list. You can then spy their keywords and backlinks and grow your blog subsequently.

semrush review

I need to clarify one thing here. Many people check the top -ranking website on their keywords manually. It is a known fact that Google’s result page is dynamic and keeps changing. Google always shows results based on your location and previous history. So, you cannot expect to get accurate results regarding top-ranking sites.

Don’t worry, as SEMrush comes to the rescue in this matter as well. It shows you the top-ranking website list in the keyword overview section. You can see the top 100 ranking websites by using the next filter option.

Get Winning AD Ideas From Your Competitor’s AD History

Have a look at this trend graph. It shows how many ads have appeared on this seed keyword over the past 12 months.

ads history | semrush review

Click on view full report. It will take you to the ads history page. There, you can see lots of metrics regarding the PPC campaign. The Primary information you get here is how many domains are running PPC ads on this seed keyword. Let me explain to you through an example.

ads full history | SEMrush
AD History Metrics:

Now, let us dive further into all the metrics of ads history.

  • Domain: Here, you can see how many domains (competitors) are run ads actively on this seed keyword.
  • Ads Traffic: How much traffic does paid search ads gave these domains? Know it all through this tool.
  • Paid Ads Traffic Price: How much budget have these domains spent on their targeted PPC keywords? Get an estimate in a click.
  • Ads Keywords: What number of Keywords these domains are targeting on their PPC campaigns?

You may also use the SEMrush interactive calendar tool to see which domains launch their PPC ads at what time. Not to mention, you will even be able to see a preview of that ad.

Let me click on’s October 2018 ads preview.

semrush tool review

I must say, SEMrush “Ads History” feature is remarkable. It is beneficial for those people who want to launch profitable PPC ads. It effectively helps them to spy their competitor’s ads history or any seed keywords ads history.

Hold on, as now, it is time to discuss the most fantastic feature of the SEMrush tool. The tool, which is my and many SEO expert’s favorites, the Keyword Magic Tool. How can I write a SEMrush review without talking about it? So let’s begin.

How to use Keyword Magic Tool to find profitable keywords

The keyword magic tool is a comprehensive keyword researching tool. It helps you to find profitable keywords, which attract more visitors from search engines like Google and Bing. This tool will help you find the keywords which you might have missed in the keyword overview section.
SEMrush keyword magic tool is like any other keyword research tool available. But SEMrush has the edge over them due to its comparatively advanced features.

Not only I will put together a list of all those features in this SEMrush review, but also explain them clearly.

Only in SEMrush, we have a “new list” feature dedicated to each session of keyword researching. If you don’t want to create a new list, choose your existing keyword list to add newly found keywords.

KICK-Starting Keyword Research:

Enter your seed keyword in the search option. Select your country and list. If you are finding new keywords, create a new list, and rename it.

keyword magic tool for keyword research

As you already know, I need keywords related to my seed keyword Grammarly discount. Therefore, I will enter this keyword in the magic tool and click on the search button.

Within a second, SEMrush will produce thousands of keyword ideas around your seed keyword.

keyword research by using semrush

The Keywords magic tool is easy to use and helps you big time. You can find a ton of keywords ideas to use in your blog’s content.

In addition to it, you can also see the monthly Search volumes, Keyword difficulty, CPC, and much more in the report.

Under the column header, metrics will be in the ascending or descending order. Use it to find more keyword opportunities that match your preference.

The Keyword Magic Tool VS The Google Analytics

If you ever have used Google Analytics, you must have felt irritated due to the non-availability of keywords. But, this is what you can expect as Google Analytics is a FREE tool!

It’s crucial to know which keyword drives most of your traffic! And to do the needful, SEMrush has the best solution for you that is “keyword Analyzer.” 

keyword anaylzer | SEMrush review

Add the keywords you plan to use in the Keyword Analyzer.Afterward, set up the “Organic Traffic Insights” tool for the project. Finally, when you set up everything, you will get a clear idea of which keywords are responsible for the traffic.

It is mandatory to connect your Google Analytics with SEMrush to use the Organic Traffic Insights tool. I will explain how you can do that later in the review.

In the meantime, I will teach you how to use the Advance filter metrics of the Magic tool. We use it to find more long-tail keywords.

Find More Keywords Through Advanced Filters

SEMrush gives you the option of Advance filters to find more relevant and profitable keywords. I will share some hacks with you to use these filters effectively.

To use these filters, Click on Advanced filters below keyword search. Now, you will be able to use filters to include or exclude from the result.

advancved filters of SEMrush

The Keyword match filters are also there. Use all match filters turn by turn and include or exclude your search term from your keyword.

Using the “include” and “exclude” features will save you lots of time. At the same time, you will find profitable keywords that are suitable for your blog.

For more relevant keyword ideas, you may use a custom range for specific metrics. For instance, the Word count, search volume, keyword difficulty, CPC, competitive density, SERP feature, and results in SERP. You have to enter a minimum or maximum value under the metric you want to use.

advancved filters of semrush

As an example, let’s find long-tail keywords, which are at least four words phrases.

How to find the best long-tail keywords that rank?

Do you know what long-tail keywords are?

Long-tail keywords are longer and specific intent keywords. People mostly use these keywords when they are very close to buying. These keywords are also significant for the voice search algorithm.

Under the “words count” metric, enter 4” into from column and click on Apply Filters.

find long tail keywords by using semrush

Once you click on the Apply Filters button, SEMrush will update their keyword suggestion result. Now, it will show you only those keywords that have 4 phases in their search terms.

4 phases long tail keywords

Using Advanced filters and specifying your results is a profitable way to find keywords list.

You may use these keywords in your SEO and PPC campaigns.

The backlink section is coming up. But before that, let me teach you how to use the keyword analyzer and its benefits.

What is Keyword Analyzer?

Keyword Analyzer metrics are similar to the keyword overview metrics. But here you will get some other features like:

  • Click Potential: If you are ranking on top position for some keywords, you deserve high traffic from those keywords. You can easily check click-through-rate of high ranking website, which shows how many people click on that keyword.
  • Top Competitors: By using this metric, you will easily know who is your main competitor for a specific keyword. Just click on show under the top competitor column, and SEMrush will show your top competitors within seconds.
keyword analyzer | semrush review

Want to use these keywords in your PPC and SEO campaigns?

If yes, read on to know how? Select the checkbox of those keywords which you want to target in PPC and SEO.

Now click on send to other tools button and select the tool that you want to use for these keywords again.

semrush keywords analyzer

On the right side of the send to other tools button, we have the Update metrics and Export columns.

  • Update Metrics: By clicking on this column, you can easily update your keyword analyzer data.
  • Export: If you want to download this report in XLSX, CSV or CSV Semicolon format, click on the Export button. Select your report format and download this report on your PC.

Now learn about another great tool of SEMrush, the Backlink Analyzer.

Spy Your Competitors Good Backlink Sources

If you want to rank higher than your competitors, you should focus on creating juicy, high-quality backlinks. In other words, you can’t outrank your competitors without getting links from higher authority domains.

Even though there are many ways to create backlinks, analyzing your competitor’s site tops them all. What you can do is develop backlinks on the same websites as your competitor’s.

Thanks to SEMrush, you now have the number one Backlink Audit tool, which gives you a comprehensive analysis of any competitor. It will provide you with 100% accurate results of your competitor’s backlinks profile.

Now let me give you a short tutorial on How to analyze your competitor’s backlinks?

We found that is ranking on the “Grammarly Discount” keyword. Therefore, I will analyze their “Grammarly coupon” article’s backlinks.

Let’s continue with’s URL. Enter your competitor’s URL in the search field and click on the search button. It will start showing you backlinks related metrics.

backlink analytics by using semrush
Backlink Comparison:

SEMrush allows you to compare your backlinks with those of your competitors. For this, you have to click on the ‘add competitors’ button. When you click on it, a comparison interface will be enabled immediately. Accordingly, you can compare your domain with up to five websites in one go.

Total Backlinks:

This section shows you the total backlinks your competitors have on a particular article. Besides that, you can also check the root domain’s backlink. Along with the number, SEMrush displays a backlink chart where you can determine your competitor’s backlink velocity graph.

Referring domains and IPs:

When we talk about ‘Referring domains’ it means the total number of domains that are linking to your website. On the other hand, Referring IPs implies the location of referring domains. It helps Google to know in which country you or your competitors are doing backlink practices.

Page and Trust Score:

These are the SEMrush metrics used to count the backlink profile score. This score determines whether the backlinks profile is good or bad.

semrush review
Backlink Types:

As you know, now the hyperlink is embedded in other mediums along with the text. Therefore, you can now get backlinks from images, form, and frame. However, contextual backlinks are more potent than other mediums.

Follow VS No-Follow:

A Follow link attribute tells search engine crawlers to pass on “backlink authority” and “PageRank” juice to the target page (Pagerank juice is the value passed on to one site from another). As a result, this juice directly effects on target page ranking. Some websites add a No-follow attribution to the hyperlink. Because of this attribution, search engines don’t pass on the juice to the target page. Therefore, such a hyperlink only redirects traffic, not effecting the page ranking.

Categories of Referring Domains:

Due to the recent algorithm update in Google, only websites which has topical authority on their targeted pages are ranked. Moreover, the sites are also required to have relevant backlinks to a topic.

To find on what topic our competitors have competent authority and which theme is relevant to their website is tough work. However, SEMrush made it easy for you. You can conveniently determine which category websites are linking back to your competitor’s site. If those categories are relevant to your competitors, then it will most probably be pertinent to your website too.

How to SPY Competitor’s Backlink Sources

We have taken an overview of the competitor’s backlinks. Next, we are going to spy their backlinks sources too.

Click on the backlink metric at the navigation bar nearby overview.

backlinks | semrush review

When you click on Backlinks, SEMrush will redirect to the backlinks page. Over there, you will see each backlink of your competitor.

Also, You will get lots of metrics, filters, and features. One of my favorite features is a Disavow tool. We will discuss it later in the article.

spy backlink sources by using semrush

Besides the “Disavow” tool, SEMrush has lots of more parameters to recognize which backlinks are good and have high authority.

You can easily shorten the list by using the Follow or No-follow filter metrics. Recently, SEMrush has added new metrics in the backlink analytics tool, which are ‘Sponsored’ and ‘UGC post.’

Moreover, you can also use Advanced Filters. By using advanced filters, you will be able to shorten your backlink analytic results accordingly.

advancved filters in backlink analytics

Once you enable the Advance Filters interface, you will be able to include or exclude any root domain from the result. In the same manner, you can filter your result by referring domain, New & Lost backlinks, Sitewide, Anchor, Ip address, and Zone.

semrush review

Narrow down your competitor’s high authority backlink sources by using advanced filters. It’s a sure shot way to skyrocket your blog.

Using Content Marketing Toolkit for Engaging Content Ideas

Did you know how many blogs are published in a single day?

Over 4.4 million blog posts got published per day in March 2019! Of course, that’s a massive number. With so much competition, it’s tough and exhausting to come up with fresh and unique ideas for a new post.

Sometimes, even if we get ideas, we don’t remember them later on when needed.

Won’t it be a bounty to get blog ideas generated by a tool?

Very few tools provide a feature for content ideas, and SEMrush is one of them.

It is a fact that the primary use of SEMrush is for spying competitors’ keywords, backlinks, and ads strategy. However, SEMrush is equally pro at generating new content ideas. Moreover, It helps you find your competitor’s content ideas.

SEMrush has two features to help you get content ideas:

  1. Topic Research
  2. SEO Content Template

Topic Research: Get Leading Content Ideas That Are Unique

This tool is truly an uncomplicated, user-friendly feature of SEMrush.

You only need to enter your seed keyword in the search field. After that, select your country and device and click on the ‘get idea’ button.

As I earlier said, SEMrush allows you to spy your competitor’s content ideas. So, if you want to spy it, click on + Enter a domain to find content on the metric. Paste your competitor’s domain URL. Within seconds, you will get tons of ideas of the content, on which your competitor is working.

It’s up to you what you want to do. Here, to give you a demo, we are going with the seed keyword to find forthcoming content ideas.

topic research dashboard | SEMrush matrics

Let’s use “Grammarly Discount” as the seed keyword.

When I click on Get content ideas button, SEMrush will give me lots of creative ideas to create future blog posts.

Let’s discuss all the ways step by step.

Card View

All the ideas for content appear in the card view. Each card shows the sub-topics of the seed keywords as well as the highest-rated articles on that seed keyword. Among these articles, the ones marked green.

If you enable the trending subtopic first feature, SEMrush will show all trending sub-topics at the starting of the card.

card view | semrush topic research

Wondering whether your audience will love this sub-topic idea or not? Look for the Explore metrics of the Topic Research Feature. The explorer will show you a total number of FB engagements, shares, and backlinks for the particular sub-topic.

explorer view | semrush review

On the right side of the “shares” column, you will find another column of add to favorite idea. If you want to work on any of the suggested topics, add that subtopic in the favorite column for future reference.


In the overview section, you will get on-page reports for the top 10 pages. Through this feature, you can get ideas such as top headings, top interesting questions, top subtopics, and related searches.

semrush overview
Mind Map

The mind mapping tool is almost the same as the tool. It is a visualization of the subtopic of your seed keyword. Click on any sub-topic, and SEMrush will start showing you content ideas and related questions around your topic.

semrush mind map

In the topic research metrics, we found sub-topics around our seed keyword. Furthermore, we also gathered information regarding social engagement and related questions.

Next, we are going to see how the top 10 ranking websites have optimized our main keyword in their blog post.

Create Well-Crafted, SEO Friendly Content Using SEO Content Template

Go to the SEO Content Template feature. Enter your seed keyword, select your country, region, and city.

Additionally, you have a device option (desktop and mobile) to select from. I suggest you audit search results of both devices and prepare your content both for mobile and desktop.

semrush seo content template

When you click on Create SEO Template button, SEMrush will take you to the recommended page.

Over there, SEMrush shows you useful information based on the top 10 Google search results in your target niche.

semrush review

SEMrush shows you recommendations based on semantically related keywords (LSI keywords), Backlinks, Readability score, and Text Length of rival pages.

These metrics help you to create ten times better content (10x Content) than Google’s top-ranking websites.
Now take a look at how Google’s top 10 websites optimize your targeted keyword in their article.

semrush review

Now, you will get a bunch of ideas to plan winning blog posts. Besides that, you can also learn to optimize your Heading and description to increase your CRT.


We all know the value of  SEO-friendly content. It literally hits the bull’s eye and reaches your target audience. Usually, people write the content first and then optimize it later, which is just a waste of time.

SEMrush brings you a staggering feature which helps you to write SEO-friendly content. Using the “SEO WRITING ASSISTANT” metrics, you can write content on SEMrush’s official website.

SEO writing assistant by SEMrush automatically counts your text and shows you the content’s readability score and the number of words. It shows your competitors’ content word count simultaneously, so you can easily write better content than them. SEO writing assistant also shows 20 recommended keywords (in case you forgot to add them) and so on.

I bet you are now thinking of taking 30 days free trial of such a great tool! Click here to get it.

semrush review

SEMRUSH Writing Assistant ADD-ONs for Writers and Bloggers

Another great feature that I would personally give a shoutout to is the extension/ plugin/ add-on of the writing assistant. This add-on works like a charm for writers and bloggers. It helps you to write SEO friendly content on the Google sheet and WordPress dashboard.

Dear Bloggers and marketers! According to On-Page SEO factors, I strongly believe in writing the content this way and improving its readability.

Do you use Google Docs to write your blog posts?

If yes, I have the best solution for writing SEO friendly content on Google docs.

Install SEMrush Add-on in Your Google Drive
semrush google add-on

On the other hand, do you write your content directly on the WordPress dashboard?

If yes, there are many WordPress plugins and tools which help you by detecting writing readability score. But thanks to SEMrush once again, we can get the best performing tool for WordPress users as well.

Download SEMrush Writing Assistant for WordPress
semrush wordpress plugging

When I say “best performing,” I mean it. How? Because it helps bloggers and marketers at each step with its great features and packages.

Here is an exciting thing about the SEMrush writing assistant. It will help you by checking your writing’s readability score (Based on different factors like Sentences & Para length, etc.). In my view, it is one of the most important On-Page SEO factors.

SEMrush writing assistant tool is similar to a WP Yoast plugin but is packed with many other useful features too.

SOCIAL MEDIA Management With SEMrush

One of the most demanding task for any business owner is to manage their social handles. Regularly posting on all platforms is tedious.

The SEMrush Social Media Manager lets you take care of your social media accounts and contents from a single dashboard. Now you don’t need to manage your social media from different platforms. Sensational, isn’t it?

The helpful SEMrush social media poster tool helps you maintain your social accounts efficiently. You can connect your social media accounts and schedule your post by drafting them.

Let me help you to schedule your first post with SEMrush.

Go to the Social Media Management tool; click on a new post.

semrush social media poster

When you click on the new post button, post creating pop up will open. Create your post there and schedule it.

You can see your post’s live preview on the right side. When all is done, click on the Schedule button.

Another exciting feature is that SEMrush shows you the time when your audience is the most active on social media. Therefore, you can schedule the post accordingly when your followers are online. As per the social media engagement algorithms, posting when more people are active increases engagement.

social media manager

Your post will be published automatically at your scheduled time.

Getting More Followers With SEMrush Social Media Tracker

Another tool involving social media strategies is the Social Media tracker by SEMrush. It lets you monitor your posts and content as well as those of your competitors. Enter your competitors’ social link, and it will show you the tactics which they are using. You can see how they are performing every single day so that you could do the same.

semrush social media tracker

Youtube video analytics, followers count, and reviews of trending hashtags are some of the valuable features of Social Media Tracker.

By using SEMrush Social Media Tracker, you can keep an eye on your all social media accounts through one place. As a result, it saves a lot of your precious time.

Monitor Your Website’s SEO Data

Earlier in this SEMrush review, I mentioned about SEMrush’s Project Management toolbox. This toolbox helps you to monitor your SEO and PPC project data on the Dashboard.

semrush dashboard | project

When you add your domain in the project management toolbox, it will show you organic traffic and paid PPC data. It will let you know whether your SEO and PPC strategy are working good or not.

The good thing here is that you can add more than one domain. Adding your closest big competitor’s domain in your project management tool helps you to stay focused on spying.

semrush review

Adding Your Domain To SEMrush Project Management Tool

Now, I will guide you on how to add your domain to the SEMrush project management tool. Moreover, I will explain how to set up your keyword position tracking.

On the right-side navigation bar, you will see the “management” option. Under the option of management, you will see the sub-option “project.”

semrush projects management toolkit

If you haven’t added any domain yet, it will ask you to add a new project. Click on the green button to add your first project in the SEMrush tool.

add new projects to SEMrush

When you click on that button, SEMrush asks you the domain URL and project name. Add the domain URL, which you want to track. Give the name of the Project. Lastly, click on the green Create Project button and create your first project.

create project in the semrush

After successfully adding your first page, you will be automatically redirected to the “My Project” page. There, you will see your project and different types of monitoring metrics that need setting up.

my projects semrush

At this stage, you need to set up all the metrics which you want to track.

The Visibility tracking metric is the most popular metrics of SEMrush. The to-do list metric is a sure shot way to take your marketing strategy to the next level.

Now, we are going to set up the keyword position tracking metric.

Track Your Keywords Ranking and Visibility with SEMrush Tracking Tool

You already know by now that when it comes to tracking, SEMrush is the best tool. Its keywords tracking feature is very easy-to-use and time-saving. Indeed, you will never regret using this tool.

You have two options to add your keywords to the SEMrush tracking tool. Let me show you both the options.

From Main SEMrush Dashboard:

Go to the main Dashboard and look for the position tracking metrics. Click on Set up Position tracking button. Next, select your project from the drop-down menu.

semrush review
From My Project Page:

On the My Project Page, you will see the visibility column. Under the visibility column, you will get the Set Up button. Click on that button.

semrush review

Now, you have to set up your campaign with some details. Choose the search engine, device, and the target location with language.

If you have Google My Business listing in Google local pack, you have to add the exact name of your business listing.

All the information provided? Now click on keywords for adding keywords to position tracking.

position tracking setting in semrush

Adding Your Targeted Keywords to the Position Tracking Tool

Now, we are at a stage where we would be adding keywords. You need to your organic keywords specifically in the Sandbox. You can use either of the following ways:

  • Enter keywords Manually by yourself.
  • Add keywords automatically using SEMrush.
  • Connect Google Analytics account and extract data from Analytics.
  • Import data from .txt, .csv and .xls (file size up to 10 MB).
add keyword in position tracking
Bonus from SEMrush:

SEMrush allows you to add keywords in the position tracking tool using multiple ways. You add your keywords and click on the add to project button. After that, you can use another way to add keywords.

Once you add your keywords in the sandbox, click on add to the project button.

When you click on that button, all your selected keywords will appear on the right side under “project keywords.” There, you can double-check your keywords.

Now click on start tracking button and wait for the report.

But before you click on that button, let me tell you an extra perk. You can see the send me weekly updates’ checkbox just above the start tracking button. Do remember to checkmark this.

semrush review

Now, click on the Start Tracking button. SEMrush takes some time to generate your keyword position report, so wait for a while.

If you don’t have time to wait, log out from SEMrush without any worries. SEMrush will send your report on your mail when it is ready.

Monitoring Changes in Search Engine Ranking Positions

When your position tracking report is complete, SEMrush will redirect you to a Landscape page. The Landscape page is an overview of your root domain’s ranking keywords, organic traffic, and your organic competitors.

Let me explain to you all the metrics of the Landscape page stepwise.

You can access essential metrics here, like visibility, estimated traffic, and average positing of targeted keywords.

Visibility Index: Your domain visibility score is based on your target keyword’s click-through rate and their ranking. I am talking about the keywords which you have added to your tracking campaign.

Estimated Traffic: This metric displays your website’s daily traffic from tracked keywords. These metrics help you observe, whether any efforts you are doing, are bearing fruit or not.

Average Position: The average position metric reports you on your tracked keywords ranking in the top 100 positions. Note that if any keyword is not ranking in the top 100, SEMrush will assign it to the 100th position.

position tracking report | semrus review

Above, we can see the average ranking position of tracked keywords. However, SEMrush also shows you the exact number of a keyword’s ranking in the top 3, 10, 20, and the top 100 positions. You may also see the keywords ranking distribution graph on the right side.

Additional but Important Data:

Besides having an exact ranking position from a position tracking campaign, you get another five insights of top keywords.

Top Keywords: Here, you can easily know your ranked keyword’s position, visibility, and exact keyword.

Positive & Negative Impact: These metrics help in maintaining your SEO campaign. Basically, these metrics help you keep an eye on your top keywords. If the visibility of your tracked keywords improves, it will appear in the Positive Impact card. Likewise, if the visibility goes down, it will appear in the negative impact card.

Top Competitors: By adding your competitor’s domain in this metric, you can easily track their visibility and average position on your target keywords.

semrush review

Add Your Competitors to Position Tracking Metric

Before we start adding, let me tell you some benefits of competitors’ tracking metrics. It will undoubtedly make your analysis automated. Moreover, it will demonstrate your competitors’ ranking and visibility score.

Now, let me guide you on some basics to set up your competitor’s domain. Firstly, click on Add competitors.

SEMrush allows you to add up to 20 competitor domains in the position tracking system.

You have three options to add to your competitors in the system.

  • Enter your competitor’s root domain URL.
  • Pick competitors from SEMrush suggestions through an organic result.
  • Pick competitors from SEMrush AdWord’s suggestion.
add your competitors for analysis
Position Tracking of Rivals

Now, your competitors appear on the right side in the added competitors column.

When you add all 20 competitors in that list, proceed by clicking on the Update button.

Once again, SEMrush will take you to the Landscape page. Now, you can see the competitor’s average positions, the total number of ranking keywords, and visibility.

competitors graph

The above graph metric shows website visibility and top keywords. Sometimes, your visibility score is higher than that of your competitors. At other times, it could be less. The website’s organic and paid keywords calculate the visibility score.

Your competitors might be more significant than you and have a high visibility score. Don’t feel anxious due to this. We have all been there.

In my case, I, too, have the biggest websites as competitors like Google, Moz, wpbeginner, and searchenginejournal. Their visibility score is higher than mine.

Instant Reports From Semrush via E-mail

Before we go on to the next feature, let me point out the best thing about SEMrush.
As we know, SEMrush is the best-automated tracking tool. What I love the most about SEMrush is accuracy. For instance, when my tracking keywords go up or down, SEMrush instantly reports to me the changes on my registered email address.

send position changes mail on registrar mail

By receiving these emails regularly, I know whether my SEO campaign strategy is working well or not.

semrush weekly performance report

Furthermore, SEMrush sends weekly position tracking reports in pdf via email. It’s a big relief as you don’t need to worry continually about your SEO performance.

Note: Recently, in April 2019, SEMrush released an android and IOS app for rank tracking. You can download it from the Play Store.

Backlink Audit Feature BY SEMrush

Your website’s backlink profile makes a decisive part of your SEO campaign. In the earlier part of this SEMrush review, I mentioned how you could build authoritative backlinks by spying sources of your competitor’s backlinks.

However, here, one wonders what about the existing backlinks? How to know whether they are good enough or not?

It’s challenging to comprehend which backlinks are good and which ones are spammy.

The SEMrush Backlink Audit tool will help you observe your backlinks status.

The Backlink Tool Setup

Likewise, we did in the position tracking tool; we can set up the Backlink audit tool from SEMrush Dashboard. Conversely, we can set it up from the project page as well.

Here, I am demonstrating how to set the tool up via the Dashboard. Go to the dashboard, and you will able to see the backlink audit metric. Click on the setup button and select your project afterward.

backlink audit set up from dashboard

To select the Project name, you need to choose your domain. At the same time, select the domain version which you want to check.

I recommended you not to make any changes, and leave it as it is.

When you leave it at the root domain, SEMrush will do an audit of your entire domain’s backlinks.

At this stage, some other options, like the brand setting, domain categories, and targeted countries, are available. But, as these set-ups are optional, we will leave it for now.
Click on the Start Backlink Audit.

backlink audit setting

When you click on the start backlink audit button, SEMrush will start doing its work. If your domain has a lot of backlinks, it will take some time.

Once your backlink profile report is ready, SEMrush will take you to the backlinks audit overview page.

Before analyzing the backlink audit report, you have to connect your SEMrush account with the search console.

Here is how you can connect your search console. Go to the about page of the backlink audit report, and click on connect google search console button.

connect google search console

Overview of Backlink Audit Report

If I have a toxic, spammy link in my backlink profile, SEMrush will show the toxic score and the percentage of toxic backlinks.

backlink audit

Luckily, my backlink profile has no toxic link. It has 100% non-toxic backlinks. It means that I don’t need to do anything with my backlinks.

SEMrush Feature For ON-PAGE and Technical SEO

Do you know On-page and technical SEO plays a crucial role in the rankings of your blog posts?

Manually analyzing your on-page SEO can be very time consuming and still not yield productive results. SEMrush comes handy for this task as well with its remarkable on-page SEO checker.

So, what’s holding you back from using such an excellent tool for maintaining your site?

AUDIT Your Website’s Health

You might know that many companies and freelancers charge a significant amount to conduct a complete audit of your site. That’s where you can rely on SEMrush. The bloggers and marketers who have used it swear by its efficiency.

The “Site Audit” is an excellent feature of SEMrush pro. By using this feature, you can check your site’s health score.

SEMrush is able to show any of your website’s error. Similarly, if your website has any issue or any warning, you can easily track that from there.

Let me help you to set up your website site audit metrics.

The Setup of Website AUDIT

Go to the SEMrush dashboard, Click on the setup button under Site Audit, and select your project.

site audit set up

Once you select your project, then you have to follow six steps for setting up. Out of these six, five are optional. In short, you have to set the limit of the check pages and reporting schedule and skip the rest.

You will notice that “Send an email every time an audit is complete” is checked out by default. You can leave it as it is and click on the Start Site Audit button.

site audit set up

SEMrush takes some time to generate the report, specifically if your site has hundreds of pages. It may take a few minutes or an hour, depending on the site’s number of pages.

After completing the site audit, SEMrush will show your site’s health. The number of errors and warnings shown will assist you in on-page SEO optimization.

site audit of your website

You can check every error and warning and try to fix them.

On-Page SEO Checker

An on-page SEO checker tool will help you to analyze your SEO score. Additionally, it will help you fix it smoothly. Just go to the SEO dashboard of your project, and look for the On-Page SEO Checker.

Click on the setup button, and select your specific location and device.

on page setup

The SEMrush will provide you the list of the ranking pages and targeting keywords suggestions.

semrush on-page SEO checker tool

By clicking on the Organic Research column, the SEMrush page displays the sorting by your ranked keyword position.

add target keywords for optimization

You can also import information from Google Search Console or the CSV file.

Click on the Collect Ideas button to start collecting on-page suggestions from SEMrush.

Now SEMrush will take a little while to collect ideas for you and help you maintain your Technical SEO. It will show you all the details and ideas in the following sections.

  • Content and Backlinks ideas
  • Technical ideas
  • User Experience, etc.
on-page optimize and check

Once SEMrush lands you on this page, you can see your website’s On-page report. Along with that, SEMrush would be showing you more ideas to improve your website’s On-page setup.

Click on the ideas button. SEMrush will suggest you elements to use in your article to increase your visibility in the search engines.

My Secret to Website Ranking:

Do you know, one of the main ranking factors of any website is it’s loading speed? Therefore, even if your site’s on-page set up is better than your competitors, you can never outrank them if their website speed beats yours.

If you really want to win the race, the key is to first focus on improving your website loading speed.

Your website loading speed depends on various elements, but your choice of web hosting tops them all.

I highly recommend you to use SiteGround hosting if you wish to increase your web loading speed by up to 239%. Using SiteGround hosting has been phenomenal for my blog. Hence, I suggest it to everyone without a second thought.

Some Other Features By SemRush

All the features explained above are proof of why almost all bloggers, online marketers, and business owners use SEMrush pro.

If you are new in this industry,  you need to have good knowledge of SEO, PPC, and SMM.  Don’t worry, as SEMrush is there for your guidance.

SEMrush, in numerous ways, helps you learn Digital Marketing from experts. It provides vast knowledge in the form of e-books, podcasts, and online courses.

The good thing is that all these learning resources are FREE. SEMrush does not even charge a single penny for any of the resources.

Now, let me show you all the resources of learning you can get through SEMrush.

SEMRUSH Academy: Learn and Get Qualified on the Go

An amazing thing I am going to tell you about is the SEMrush academy. It is a platform where you can get yourself registered and do any free online course available there. SEMrush provides one of a kind training courses related to SEO, PPC, and SMM. Get certified from renowned companies and become a professional in your field.

semrush academy

Right now, SEMrush has three courses in SEO. The SEO Toolkit course, the Keyword Research course and last but not least, the SEMrush overview course.

Now, let me show you the details regarding the three modules of the SEMrush SEO Toolkit Course.

Below, you can see the lessons overview step-wise. In the SEO Toolkit, we have 14 lessons in all. The duration of the lessons lasts for 4 hours.

seo toolkit course module

In this course, you can learn everything about how to use SEMrush pro to grow your online business.

Once you complete your courses and think you have gained enough knowledge about SEO, the next step is to take an exam. Attempt the examination at SEMrush official website and get your Official SEMrush Academy certificate.

Get certified by SEMrush Academy

Recently SEMrush has added a new course in their academy, the Backlink Management course.

backlink management course

My Take On The Backlink Management Course:

I decided to enroll in this Backlink Management Course last night and watched the first video of Greg Gifford about Backlink management.

Honestly, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Firstly, I have learned new strategies to build backlinks. Moreover, I learned how to save our website from spammy backlinks and much more.

You, too, can enrol in this Course for FREE! Click on the button below and book your seat now.

Note: Although FREE seats are closed now, I have an exclusive offer, especially for my blog readers. Avail the last chance and grab your seat at SEMrush Academy for FREE. [Limited FREE Seats are available for the next 19 hours]

Without investing your precious money in other online courses, you can now specialize in SEO for FREE. You can learn everything about SEO, for instance, On-page and OFF-page SEO, at SEMrush Academy.

SEMrush E-books for Improve your Digital Skills

Comprehensive E-books! Another great resource to grasp Digital strategies from SEMrush.

SEMrush Ebooks can help you broaden your knowledge and improve your skills in various features. SEMrush has almost 30 FREE E-books for you to learn new stuff FREE of cost.

semrush ebooks

All these E-books are downloadable; hence, you can read these E-books at your convenience.

I have read 24 E-books of SEMrush as of yet, and I can vouch for the value I gained from them. Therefore, I highly recommended it to you all.

I got the hang of new things from these wonderful e-books. I suggest you read at least one E-book and share your experience with me in the comment box below.

SEMrush Marketing Scoop Podcast

Do you wish to become a successful marketer and entrepreneur? Do you want to be among the first ones to get the latest, impactful news regarding SEO? Then you must join David Bain and Judith Lewis interview series from SEMrush podcast.

They invite industry experts like the SEO, Advertising and Content marketing experts, and uncover the latest trending strategies that are working nowadays.

Each expert, shares their success story, about what made them from being a ZERO to a HERO, and how they grow their business Globally.
I listen to each episode of David Bain and Judith Lewis, and I got much value from it.

You must join their podcasting series and learn new strategies from SEMrush Marketing Scoop Podcast.

SEMrush Plans: Choose The One Suitable For Your SEO Needs

SEMrush has four plans, each of which is packed with amazing features to fill your needs. They are the PRO PACKAGE, THE GURU BUNDLE, THE BUSINESS PLAN, and THE ENTERPRISE DEAL.

The plan you select will determine which features will you have access to and which you won’t. The best way to get a clear picture is to compare the plans and see what features do you need. Whichever plan you select, do tell me in the comments below. I would love to know what have you chosen and why?

Account FeatureProGuruBusiness
Result Per Report10,00030,00050,000
Reports Per Day3000500010,000
Keywords to Track50015006000
Content Marketing platformLimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Social Media Tracking50100300
Social Media Accounts103050
Historical Data (2012)NoYesYes
How to Sign Up

How Can You Save Money When Buying SEMrush?

For now, SEMrush has three plans (Pro, Guru, and Business) for a monthly/yearly subscription. The fourth one, the enterprise deal, is a customized plan; therefore, its prices vary accordingly.

Let’s do some basic math here. If you buy SEMrush for a month, you have to pay $99.95 to $399.95.

  • Pro – $99.95
  • Guru – $199.95
  • Business – $399.95
semrush pricing for a month

But, if you buy any SEMrush plan for a year, It will cost you $83.28 to $333 for a month.

  • Pro (yearly) – $999 (Save Up to $200)
  • Guru (yearly) – $1,999 (Save Up to $400)
  • Business (yearly) – $3999 (Save Up to $789)
semrush yearly plan

In conclusion, it is wise to buy the SEMrush subscription for a year as it can save you lots of money.

How to Get 14 Days of FREE Trial of SEMrush?

Its time to try SEMrush 14 days free trial and dive into its splendid features!

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click here to grab your free trial now. If you already have an account, you can still activate this trial (No need to create another one).

Step 2: After clicking the link, a sign-up form will open. Fill this form with your credit card credentials, your name, and all the required stuff.

If you are apprehensive and want to avail of the trial without credit card details, don’t worry. SEMrush is reliable, and will not charge a single $ from you. As you can see below, it is showing $0.00 for the trial plan.

14 days free trail of semrush pro

Step 3: Congrats! After submitting this form, you will get your SEMrush Pro account for free.

PROS and CONS of SEMrush as Concluded by This SEMrush Review

You can safely rely on my perspective regarding SEMrush as I have used this tool myself. I want to state here that this SEMrush review is genuine, first-hand, yet honest.

Lot’s of functionality than other SEO tools available.Due to the ever-changing algorithm, sometimes, data is not precisely accurate.
Reasonable price for the great metrics it provides.More expensive than other tools.
Enough resources to spy on your competitors.Due to its high pricing and plans, only companies or agencies can buy it. Out of range for most freelancers.
A complete package for marketers, bloggers, freelancers, and content writers. Overall outstanding.

FAQs About SEMrush Tool and Its Pricing

What is the use of SEMrush | Explain shortly?
SEMrush is a great keyword planner, SEO analyzer, Marketing, and content management tool. It’s what every company, agency, and bloggers need. It helps you spy on your competitors by making the data transparent.
How is SEMrush better than other tools?
Because it comes up with the whole package that fits your needs. SEMrush is recommended by most of the SEOs and marketing gurus, due to its long term benefits.
How do I setup SEMrush?
It is simple! Go to the projects section, add your new project, and get started right away. You can read the above guide to kick-start any feature.
How accurate is SEMrush?
Let’s agree! No tool is 100% correct. But I can safely say that SEMrush is more accurate than UberSuggest and others. Enough to play around your competitors and to know what others are doing in your industry.
How much does the SEMrush cost?
The SEMrush monthly subscription starts from $99 to $399. But you can try it for 14 days free of cost. Take a free trial now!
Can I cancel my SEMrush trial?
Yes, you can cancel it at any time. Though, I don’t think anyone would want to do that. Due to the excellent way SEMrush helps, it is increasingly becoming a need of every blogger, or digital marketer. Have your SEMrush account, and enjoy it for a month.


Well! We have discussed many features of the SEMrush tool in the above SEMrush review. I would say it’s still not enough, comparing the great features and what they do. To put it in their own words, SEMrush is an all-in-one marketing tool. It’s sufficient for bloggers who want to beat their competitors. A blessing for marketers or digital marketing agencies. Similarly, it’ a great help for content writers and freelancers.

Lastly, you can take a tour and check the SEMrush tool by taking a free trial for 14 days. Evaluate whether this tool is according to your needs or not. So, grab your SEMrush trial (worth $99 otherwise) before the coupon expires. This special offer is just what you need right now!

In Short:

The SEMrush is the best and a powerful tool that any digital guy can wish for!

I have written this detailed SEMrush review for guidance. If you find it helpful, and it motivated you to start using this fantastic tool, do share it to spread the word. Any questions regarding SEMrush? Drop them in the comments. I would love to help you.

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