How to Choose the Best Shared Hosting Provider

You know to rank higher in google you need good hosting. I am here to help you, how you can choose shared website hosting. I will share 5 ways that help to choose best shared hosting provider.

There are many types of hosting available.

  • Shared Hosting.
  • VPS Hosting.
  • Dedicated Server hosting.

 In this article, I will help you to choose shared hosting.

Lets, Start 

Why Shared Web hosting?

 I am talking about shared hosting as it is cheap and efficient for beginners. When any new blogger comes to this blogging he doesn’t have much money or no money. If he can invest some money in good share hosting he can get a good return. That’s why I am here to help those new bloggers choose shared website hosting.


Yes, you are right. To choose shared hosting, you need to find a good hosting company that provides good support. I always support those company who support well. Support is the main factor to chose good hosting.

If hosting doesn’t provide support then why you/me chose the theme. I know some hostings that don’t provide support. Support means if you are facing any issue you can ask instant and they will help you. Like live chat support, Phone support, fast email support.

I guess now you got an idea about which type of hosting you need to choose support-wise.


As all users this time using WordPress so it is very hard to protect your website from hackers from your end so your hosting provider needs to handle these things. When you are running a good website your competitor will try to take down you so you need to protect your website. That’s why security is too important.

One thing that you should know is, with shared hosting for WordPress the security options are limited. They are good, but their security is not top-notch. One reason for the same is; these shared hostings are not optimized for the best security. 

3 Step To Protect Website From Your End

  • Backup Your Website
  • Change Admin Panel URL
  • Use WordFence Security plugin

 If you are finding greater security hosting I will prefer you to go with WordPress managed hosting or VPS. Managed WordPress-only hosting is much more optimized and has greater security.

Website Uptime

When you are running a good blog or making a new blog and your website is down and that time someone tried to visit your website and your website is down that time you will lose too many visitors. Visitors’ loss means you lose too much money. That’s why we need to choose best shared hosting provider to get maximum uptime hosting.

How you will know that hosting provides good uptime? For that, you need to read the review and you need to check the terms and condition page if their server doesn’t provide proper uptime what they will doo, mean they will refund or something else. To avoid this uptime issue I always preferred you to use good hosting like Bluehost, Hostarmada. 

Storage And Bandwidth

 You don’t know how storage and bandwidth need to choose?

Let me explain to you. The storage means where your data will be store. But in here types of storage available SSD and HDD. SSD means Solid State Drive and HDD mean Hard Disk Drive here is the biggest difference, SSD is 70% faster than normal HDD because HDD store data on many small disks and that disks run at a speed but it is not faster than SSD also not secured HDD can crash any time. So always choose SSD hosting.

Now you need to choose bandwidth, bandwidth is the main thing it handles how many visitors can visit the site. Mena some hosting providers provide unlimited bandwidth means no limit on how many visitors will visit. But some provided set limits like 100Gb bandwidth for 1 month like this, so I always preferred to use an unlimited bandwidth hosting plan.

I guess now you can choose good storage and bandwidth hosting for your blog/website. 

Hosting Speed

Here is the big point which you need to care too much. Because if your website loads slower no one will visit your website and you can never rank your article on google. For that, you need to use good hosting. Good hosting optimizes their system and provides good speed. Some shared hosting providers provide CDN features with their hosting, if you can afford CDN go for it it will help you to increase your hosting speed.

If your hosting already offers good speed still your website is loading slower please read this article, it will help you to fix those issues Click Here. I guess now your all doubt about hosting speed is cleared. Now you can choose a good hosting speed-wise.

Here I am providing some good hosting that you can use. I prefer these hostings.

 This article will help you know more about SiteGround Hosting and all big discount sales 77% OFF on all hosting plans.

I guess this list will help you to find good hosting. I am running my blogs on Hoskin and Wewhost.


 To rank well or gain the most visitors you need to choose good shared website hosting. It will help you so verify these topics I mentioned before buying any hosting.

In the shared web hosting provider blog post, I shared all my experiences about how you can choose a good shared hosting for your blog. I guess this article helped you anyhow.

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If you have any suggestions/questions about technical SEO do comment I will reply to the comment as soon as possible. 

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