Siteground Hosting Review | Read Before Buying SiteGround

Are you annoyed with the sluggish load time of your blog and looking for a review of a good quality hosting?

Does your current web hosting provider make you compromise with low speed in exchange for low cost? The following Siteground review will compel you to make the best choice right away.

According to recent statistics, a 4 second delay in page load leads to an 11.02% loss of page views, while a 20-second delay in page load results in a 44.19% loss of page views!

We were facing the same turmoil a while back! Our website’s slow speed cost us some severe loss of traffic.
But now, thanks to Siteground hosting, our website is up on its feet again. It has taken care of our online presence well with its excellent features and round the clock support.

Siteground tops the list of the best web hosting services. We have been using Siteground hosting for more than a year now and love it!

We have compiled a first-hand, honest, and detailed SiteGround hosting review to help you make the decision. You can buy the top-notch hosting for your website today at the most affordable rates!


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The following review of the Siteground is transparent, detailed, and written in non-technical language to help you analyze the pros and cons of the service.

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Introductory Guide To SiteGround Hosting

Siteground is a premium web hosting service that was founded in 2004. Due to its standard features, such as a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, blazing-fast load speed,  site security, and free website transfer, it quickly gained popularity.

Ever since there is no looking back as Siteground hosts more than 2,000,000 domains now and enjoys the top status among web hosting companies.

It offers shared hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, and dedicated hosting along with email hosting. Besides, Siteground also provides Woocommerce and Magento hosting.

With its headquarters located in Bulgaria, Siteground has its data centres in the USA, UK, Netherlands, and Singapore.

The benefits of having an organized, up to date website are countless, whether you are a blogger, service provider, or a business owner.  It is the topmost efficient tool for your online presence.
Moreover, a fast loading website sets you high amongst your competitors. Your social media handles are also accessible to visitors via icons present on your website.

All this is possible through SiteGround Premium hosting. Many bloggers and business owners swear by the fact that having a website through Siteground gave their business a sky-rocketing success. You can see that in the testimonials section.

You can get 24/7 support, bank-level security, super-high page load speed, and many other features for your website from SiteGround in as low as $6.99/ mo.

Enjoying Top Position Among Hosting Providers

SiteGround is the Number 1 Hosting company in 2019, According to

siteground hosting review

Above Screen Shot gives you a brief description of SiteGround hosting Review., SiteGround is a reputable hosting company; that’s why we recommend it.

SiteGround Hosting Features

First and foremost, we will begin this SiteGround review by elaborating on the features!

With amazing features and striking attributes, SiteGround has managed to carve its niche among the top web hosting companies in the world.

By choosing the feature-packed hosting by SiteGround, you will get the following benefits:

  • SSD Storage

Siteground uses flash drives called solid-state drives or SSD to run its servers.

SSDs are fast, reliable, and shock-resistant, which is why they give a super-fast page loading speed. The ultimate speed and efficiency results in excellent website performance.


An unresponsive website leaves a bad reputation on customers. Siteground gives a 100% uptime, which makes your site available at all times.

siteground hosting uptime

Uptime is a very significant feature of any website. The better the uptime, the higher your customers will rely on your business.

  • FREE Daily Backups

When you are running a successful website, having backups is a crucial element. It is quite a hassle to procure backups if you lose them accidentally.
Siteground takes this burden off your shoulders by providing integrated daily backups for free! With a remarkable one-click restore feature, your data is accessible to you always.

  • C-PANEL Access

Cpanel access is simply a way by which the control of your website is in your hands via a web-based interface. The tools provided to you by

Siteground hosting will allow you to run and manage your site easily.

The good thing about C-Panel access is that you handle your website even if you don’t have the technical know-how of web development.

  • SSH Access

A secure shell or SSH allows you a secure connection to the server if using a remote computer.

This facility means getting an encrypted connection between the client and the server. Any intruding third party cannot break through this UNIX based protocol.

  • SSL With Every Hosting Plan

There is a lot of data exchange between servers and browsers when a website is up and running. The leak of this data can make your site vulnerable to hacking.

Siteground makes it a priority to give users Secure Sockets Layer or SSL certificate with every hosting plan to make this data exchange secure and private. It can detect malware and early warning through a feature known as HackAlert.

Google has been warning users lately, not to visit and explore a website that doesn’t have SSL protocol.

An SSL certificate backs the authenticity of your website’s privacy and security and prevents the site from getting hacked. It inhibits unauthorized alteration of data or third party interference. SSL setup is just a matter of a click in the Siteground!

siteground review

Note: A type of SSL certificate known as the Wildcard SSL is available through Siteground, which lets you make unlimited first-level sub-domains on your primary domain.

  • FREE Website Transfer

One of the top facets of Siteground remains its hassle-free facilitation of website transfer.

A simple, quick installation of a WordPress migrator plug-in allows you to migrate as many websites you want to your Siteground hosting account!

siteground review | migrator plugging

Sounds easy? Bonus is that Siteground offers this transfer service for free!

Having an unpleasant experience with a hosting service no more means having to stick to it for ages. You can now easily migrate your WordPress websites safely to Siteground with no additional cost.

  • UNLIMITED Website Installations

You can install as many websites as you can as Siteground hosting provides you with this essential feature on it’s bigger plans.


Every Siteground user has access to Content Delivery Network, giving a boost to speed and performance of their website.

All hosting companies do not provide this facility. They lure you with lower prices, but then your website is so slow and unresponsive that visitors abandon it within seconds.

Thankfully, this is not the case with Siteground, as its collaboration with Cloudflare assures fast page-loading speed.

  • FREE SetUp Of Your Website With Website Builder

Setting up your website is no more a rocket-science! Siteground features include free website builders such as Joomla, Weebly, and WordPress to help build your site easily.

Weebly is considered the easiest among all due to its drag and drop feature. Even a non-specialist can build his/her site without any difficulty.

WordPress auto-install is another excellent way to get your website up in no time!

  • UNLIMITED EMAIL Accounts/ MYSQL Database

You can set up unlimited email accounts with your domain through Siteground email hosting. They offer Spam Experts technology to protect you from spam.

Besides giving you access to your email via the web interface, Siteground also has a function for email setup in MS Outlook and Mac Mail.

Furthermore, Siteground supports MySQL and provides an unlimited MySQL database with every hosting plan.

Free MySQL tools such as CMS systems, forums, and shopping carts are also available with Siteground.

  • AUTO-Installation Of WordPress

For those who think setting up a website is intimidating, Siteground makes it a breeze with its auto-install plugin of WordPress.
You do not need any advanced skills to create a WordPress blog. It is simple and hassle-free if you choose Siteground hosting!

Additionally, there is constant WordPress support available for the newbies. Even if you get stuck, you can approach them at any time.

  • Facility Of Auto Update Of PLUG-INS

Siteground provides you with auto-update tools for WordPress and Joomla!

This excellent tool saves you the nuisance of upgrading the website builders over and over.

  • WP-CLI

A tool that tops every other feature in terms of WordPress management is the WP-CLI.

Using it will make you wonder how you managed without it before? Wp-CLI is a command line for WordPress site, which allows you to manage your WordPress site in many ways.

With wp-CLI, you can automate backups, troubleshoot website errors, clean up spam comments, reset your passwords, and more.


Most of the work you do on managing your website is ideally done offline and later released online. This background setup is called staging.

Siteground provides a staging area for free for WordPress and Joomla!

This feature is a lifesaver for web developers who do their work smoothly on the staging area before publishing it online. In other words, the live site does not give an under-construction feel and doesn’t get affected.

As bloggers or Developers, we very often make changes to website design, Right? But when we do a complete makeover of the site, that time, it’s always better to use the “staging” feature instead of making changes live.

Why, because while making any changes on the website, website visitors shouldn’t notice any problem. You don’t want them to see the downtime issue, slow loading times, lousy website layout, and any other errors.

Here, the staging feature helps you. You can create a full copy of your website and then easily make changes without showing to your website visitors.

I am more than happy to tell you that SiteGround has this feature. However, SiteGround gives you this feature only on GrowBig and Go Geek plans of SiteGround hosting.

siteground staging feature

Along with staging features, SiteGround also provides automatic backups whenever you upload a staging version of your website/blog. If something goes wrong, you won’t lose any changes that you made.

  • SG Optimizer PLUG-IN

A powerful, proficient feature by Sitground, SG optimizer plugin greatly enhances WordPress performance.

The functions which this plugin is used for are SuperCacher controls, environment controls, front-end optimization, image optimization, and multisite options. Along with these, the SG force https enabler manages https for your site.


Whatever the features might be, no web host can be termed a good one without quick and useful customer support! Because when your website is under construction, and you get stuck somewhere, having no one to ask for help actually sucks!

Round the clock support offered by Siteground is matchless! This credential is evident from user reviews as anyone who contacted them for assistance was responded well and quick.

Their customer support is via live online chat or phone, and thorough professionals are present at all times to give you a quick, helping hand whenever problems arise.

24/7 customer support

I had Excellent Experience with site ground customer support. I give five stars out of 5.

  • 30 Days Money Back GUARANTEE

A win-win situation provided by SiteGround is that you have security that your money is not going to waste by opting for them.

Money-back guarantee and that too a month-long is enough to convince their customers to buy their plans without worry. Hence, any change in the plan of yours within 30 days will be safe as you will get the refund of your money as per Siteground’s cancellation policy.

  • Managed Php Version Service

A great way to save you from the hassle of checking and updating a new PHP version every now and then. The Managed PHP version service by Siteground does the work for you and updates your PHP version when a new one is available.

Types Of SiteGround Hosting Services

Siteground offers various kinds of web hosting. In this Siteground hosting review, we are giving you a basic intro of them. Without getting confused by any technical terminology, you can decide which one your website would be needing.

In this hosting service, many websites share a single server. It is way less costly service than other ones due to the benefit of price sharing.

That is, the cost of a super server gets divided among all the websites that share the hosting.

The good thing about this type of hosting is that you don’t need to pay much for a super server. It is an excellent option for entrepreneurs and newbie bloggers who don’t expect much traffic in the initial days.

One drawback, though, is that a whole lot of websites sharing the server affect each other’s performance. The more popular your site is, the more benefit you get as you pay a minimal amount while getting high traffic.

But! The case is not true with SiteGround shared hosting as they are doing a marvellous job in the appropriation of the resources to shared hosting customers!

One of the recent developments in hosting technologies is cloud-based hosting. In layman’s terminology, cloud hosting is when numerous individual servers work together, forming a giant server. The idea behind this is more hardware can be added as the need arises.

When a company grows, it’s website gets an inflow of heavy traffic. To handle this without disturbing the website conduct, the company buys cloud hosting so that the hosting providers put up with the traffic efficiently. The price of cloud-based hosting varies.

SiteGround Cloud hosting is among the best ones around and a very reliable option!

Another type of hosting which SiteGround has to offer is the Reseller hosting. This hosting is a great way to earn a profit. You need to buy a bulk amount of hosting so that you can resell it to other customers who need to buy hosting.

Each of your customers gets a control panel of their own. Which means they won’t need you for basic issues that need fixing.

Reseller hosting has an added benefit of billing software from which you can invoice your customers. You can make different pricing plans to suit your clients.

Siteground provides managed web hosting, also known as VPS (virtual private server) for many companies. It is a setup where dedicated servers and operating systems are rent out to the customer.

The best feature of this type is that Siteground also manages to host on the customer’s behalf. Customers and Sitegorund interconnect via a web-based interface.

Managed hosting is fit for the clients whose workload doesn’t allow them to manage heavy traffic and management of their website.

Sometimes, a business requires hosting solutions that are custom made for their specific needs. For this kind of situation, ready-made plans are not suitable. Siteground gives such businesses the choice of enterprise hosting.

If your company too falls in such category, Siteground will design a specific framework which will feature all the solutions you require.

The enterprise hosting by Siteground will be the best decision for your business as they are reliable, safe and can manage your hosting in the best way while you sit back and focus on other things.

WordPress hosting is specifically designed for WordPress sites. It is enhanced as per the standards of WordPress, making it different from ordinary hosting.

I will give a brief WordPress hosting review for you. Websites that use WordPress hosting are way ahead of others in terms of high performance, speed, and security. Using the best WordPress hosting that Siteground offers will give you more edge than your competitors.

With Siteground, there are numerous essential and premium features with their WordPress hosting. The free ones include WordPress install, WP migrator, SSL, email accounts, and daily backups.

Other premium world-class features that Siteground WordPress hosting plans offer are the 1 click staging for WordPress and the WordPress SuperCacher which makes your site run at a super high speed.

24/7 WordPress support comes with this hosting making it an even better choice.

Lastly, the option of dedicated hosting is also offered by Siteground. in simple words, this means getting high caliber dedicated servers for your business.

Siteground claims to provide you with the best proprietary software as well with these dedicated servers to enhance the performance.

Any plan you choose from this category comes with the setup of the server, upgrading it to the latest standards, maintaining it round the clock, and troubleshooting the facility.

SiteGround Hosting Plans

We understand that things are quite vague when you are just starting a new venture. It’s already exhausting to carve a niche for yourself, and technical terms and confusion regarding choosing the right thing for you can be a bit discouraging.

Siteground hosting costs are pocket-friendly! And you get a special 63% discount on Siteground Hosting, Click here to know more about a Discount offer.

Below, we will explain each type of hosting package Siteground offers to help you get through this first task easily. If you scroll down to the end of this article, you will find our recommended plan and a simple guide to help you start your website.

Here’s the quick comparison of SiteGround Hosting Plans. ” StartUp vs. GrowBig vs. GoGeek”

Feature ListSiteGround StartUpSiteGround GrowBigSiteGround GoGeek
Number of sites 1UnlimitedUnlimited
Staging available?NOYESYES
Website space10gb20gb30gb
Can handle upto10k visits/mo 25k visits/mo 100k visits/mo
Pricing$3.95 per month $5.95 per month $11.95 per month
How to sign up

Let’s dive into details.

  • Startup Plan

Suitability: For non-WordPress, basic (small business) websites.

Bonus: Are you a small business owner? Then I have an additional something for you. Click Here to read Google My Business detail Guidelines for growing your business online.

The first and most affordable plan is the start-up plan. The plan has been specially carved to meet the needs of a beginner who is just starting.

The plan, though cheap, covers almost all areas of an essential, fast running launch website. This plan will be the best kick start for your blog or online business.

The plan gives you 10 GB space and has a limitation of 10000 visits per month, fine enough for a new blog or start-up.

The essential features for this plan are the free SSL certificates, free daily backups, free site builder and free email accounts.

  • Grow Big Plan

Suitability: For WordPress, Joomla, drupal websites.

The second in the row is the GrowBig plan. It is feature-packed, primarily aiming at the development of your venture.

The GrowBig plan allows up to 25000 visits per month and gives you an ample 20Gb of space and a prerogative of hosting unlimited websites.

Like us, many of the SiteGround users and SiteGround itself recommends the Grow Big plan as the safest bet!

All the specifications of the start-up plan are there in Grow Big plan! Additionally, there are many premium features, as well. The best among them is the SuperCacher to make your Site super fast!

With this plan, you will get 30 daily backups and a facility of restoration. It also offers double server and database resources, which the start-up plan has.

We highly urge you to consider this plan in starting. High page loading speed, ample traffic, and enough storage are the perks of this plan!

  • GO GEEK Plan

Suitability: For e-commerce websites and established businesses

If your enterprise is already a well-settled one and you expect very high traffic for your website, then the Go Geek plan is the one crafted for you!

Or, if you are a developer, the plan is ideal for you like the premium features it gives are techie; hence, the name Go Geek!
The plan can host an average-sized e-commerce website due to its ability to put up an extensive product line(30 Gb space). It also can handle 100,000 visits per month and can host multiple websites. Moreover, it gives four times more resources which the Startup plan has.

Additionally, it is also possible to make a Siteground Woocommerce site with this plan.

With all the great, essential, and premium features, the GoGeek plan has a set of special geeky features that will help enhance the performance of your site even more!

The Geeky features include the impressive White-label Site Management, the one-click Git Repo creation, and the advance priority support.

So, if you were planning to do so, it’s high time you should launch your Siteground e-commerce website and begin selling. right away.

Visit for further details.

Pros of Using SiteGround Hosting Service

We have been using Siteground hosting for a while now. We observed terrific benefits and perks with it. Eventually, the peace of mind after switching to Siteground inspired us to write this detailed SiteGround hosting review.

Below are some of the reasons to choose Siteground as a host for your website.

We have compiled this list not to sell you off, but through our honest first-hand experience with Siteground.

  1. Siteground 99.9% uptime

The uptime is an essential feature for a website. Cheap web hosts lure you with meager rates but fail to provide excellent uptime, and your website is down most of the time. This repels visitors.

Conversely, Siteground’s high uptime allows customers to build trust that just like your website, you too will be up and available to them 24/7.

Very few hosting companies provide 100% Uptime, and SiteGround is one of them.

In the below screenshot, you can see SiteGround having a 99.996% uptime.

siteground 99% uptime
  1. High page loading speed

What’s better than a fast, swift website? The fun and peace of mind we get by browsing a quick loading site is un-matchable!

SiteGround understands this and provides a high page loading speed and time with all its plans. The high-geared speed stands out as the best feature of SiteGround!!

SiteGround claims high about its speed and lives up to the expectations! In fact, their speed is the best feature and the essence of this SiteGround hosting review!

We tried their hosting service for our blog and got proof that they do not make false promises. Instead, we were pleasantly surprised by the growth our website got because of a higher speed!

One reason behind SiteGround’s quick speed is using the Varnish Cache technology; this technology makes it ever ready to go at lightning speed.

Wait here! Let us give you a proof of it with an unbiased speed test. In the screenshot below, SiteGround performance grade 88 with an average page loading time of 649 ms (without cache) and site is faster than another website by 95%.

siteground speed

Under the user reviews mentioned below (Click here to show SiteGround Hosting Review), you can see for yourself how satisfied Siteground users are in this regard.

  1. Affordable

Siteground is a very affordable option for anyone who is a newbie. You don’t need to spend a fortune on having your website!

With rates as low as $6.99, you can get started.

A money-back guarantee of 30 days means you can check the service for a reasonable time before deciding to commit to it fully.

  1. Site security

The high-grade security of a website is the forte of Siteground. It prevents hacking attempts through its excellent features, such as SSH.

  1. Backups

With SiteGround basic Backup service, you will get daily backups of your precious data. In case you lose it, you can easily restore the backup.

  1. Remarkable support

Their support staff is the most enthusiastic helpers! They are available 24/7 via online chat or phone and won’t let you get into any trouble while managing your website.

  1. Lots of features without additional cost

The valuable facets provided by Siteground for free make it a great choice for web hosting.

Almost every other hosting offers these services in exchange for money! So you get a good deal by choosing Siteground.

  1. Free website transfer

Shifting from your previous host was never easier before. Siteground offers free website transfer to save you some money.

Tip: If you have SiteGround hosting, the nameservers can be found by selecting “My Accounts” > “Information and Settings” in your Siteground account. The nameservers will be next to “Account DNS.”

Cons of Using SiteGround

  1. Hosting Monthly price higher than regular Hosting Price

If we consider the customer mindset, this is a drawback. A person buying hosting is a bit apprehensive if he has to pay for a whole year’s plan. He wants to play safe, pay monthly, and check the service for a month.

SiteGround offers to set it up a blog for a month but for a considerable amount of fee that is $19.99 (grow big plan).

Though the fee is high, it’s for sure that they will set up your website quite efficiently! We recommend not to emphasize much on this con. Alternatively, it’s more like you can have your cake and eat it too.

  1. High Renewal Rates

Though the first year’s plan of SiteGround is very cost-effective, once you reach the renewal deadline, you realize you are now going to pay a higher-than-initial amount.

If we see the bigger picture, this con is negligible as we get value for our money with premium quality services from SiteGround.

  1. Doesn’t Offer a FREE Domain With Any Hosting Plan

SiteGround’s domain services outshine other hosting providers in terms of registration, privacy, country-specific domains, and hosting transfer. But, it came as a bit of a let-down that they don’t offer a free domain even with their initial plans.

Testimonials from SiteGround Hosting Users

We are mostly done with the SiteGround hosting review here.

Still not convinced enough to buy the premium SiteGround hosting for your website?

We have compared SiteGround hosting with other top hosting companies like GoDaddy, HostGator, BlueHost, etc.

Clearly, we understand how apprehensive a customer can be while choosing from a plethora of hosting providers across the globe!

You need not worry anymore, as here we are sharing screenshots of users. They are from the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and many other countries proving that Siteground services are top-notch everywhere in the world.  Look how they swear by the astonishing features of SiteGround Hosting:

siteground hosting review

People who Migrated to SiteGround and Posted their Results on social media

siteground review

Endorsed by Yoast and WordPress

In 2017 Yoast Officially announced they have switched to SiteGround Hosting.

yoast recommended siteground hosting

WordPress Officially Recommended SiteGround Hosting. To review SiteGround WordPress hosting, it would be enough to say that both make a winning combo for every blogger, business owner.

wordpress officially recommended siteground hosting

SiteGround is one of the best hosting companies in the world. We loved SiteGround hosting; that’s why compiled our honest SiteGround Hosting Review Here.

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A Simple Guide To Start Your Website With SiteGround Hosting Grow Big Plan

We really hope this SiteGround hosting review has been a source of guidance for you. Now, we finally come down to explaining how a website can be set up with SiteGround Hosting.

Those who get intimidated by the phrase “starting a website” need to shrug off the worry! We assure you won’t be biting your nails in between the process.

SiteGround makes life easier by giving beginner-friendly, swift services. The powerful tools enable your website to hit the road within minutes! Yes, you heard it right, IN MINUTES!

The Siteground user area ( also known as customer area) is designed to make the site creation, an effortless experience for clients.

Still, if you get stuck somewhere, there proficient customer support staff is available 24/7 to assist you!

Why Choose The Grow Big Plan?

We did a ‘SiteGround hosting plans’ comparison and came down to the conclusion that the Grow Big plan (the one we use) is the best among all! It gives useful features and functional capacity at a very reasonable price!

Apart from this, it is ideal for CMS-powered websites such as WordPress, Joomla, or drupal.

Another tip we recommend when selecting the Grow Big plan is to buy it for 36 months! That way, you can escape the renewal charges ($200) for two years in a row.

When, after a year of your purchase, the time arrives for renewal, you will pay the same amount for three whole years, not just for one year!  Which means you can save yourself from the price increase.

One more reason to recommend Grow Big plan is that it allows a sufficient number of visits per month. Therefore, you will not get a warning from Siteground regarding CPU usage (a traffic-related statistic) even if you own a moderately sized blog. If by chance, you get more than the allowed number of visits, the Grow Big plan can handle it easily.

Let me explain to you in detail.

Here are the prices of SiteGround Grow Big Hosting Plan (If you go with their three years hosting plan)

  • 12 months plan: $119.88 (with a special discounted price of $9.99 per month)
  • 24 months plan: $359.76 (with a special discounted price of $14.99 per month)
  • 36 months plan: $629.64 (with a special discounted price of $17.49 per month)

Here are the costs of SiteGround Grow Big Hosting Plan (If you go with their monthly or 1-year hosting plan)

  • 12 months plan: $299.88 (with a special discounted price of $24.99 per month)
  • 24 months plan: $479.76 (with a special discounted price of $19.99 per month)
  • 36 months plan: $629.64 (with a special discounted price of $17.49 per month)

From the above price comparison of the SiteGround hosting plan, you can see that there is a massive difference between 2 years of hosting plan and a 1-year hosting plan. Clearly, you will save around $120.

This saving opportunity is not only on Grow Big plan, but you will also save lots of $$$ on every hosting of SiteGround when you grab hosting for three years.

Here is the step by step guide in simple words that will help you start your website with SiteGround!

1) Choose a hosting package: (Grow Big plan highly recommended)

siteground hosting plan

Above all, the choice is entirely up to you. Firstly, you can make a list of your priorities before picking a plan.

If you are on a budget and not in need of much website space, the Startup plan would work just fine for you. Indeed, it will give you basic elements to help your online presence hit the road pretty fine. Pay monthly an amount of $6.99 for this plan.

But, if you are setting up an online business and expect more traffic as you grow, the Grow Big plan with its enhanced features will be your saviour!  Especially, the SuperCacher makes WordPress and Joomla websites super fast!

Grow Big plan users swear by its calibre and worthiness, and we too suggest you pick this one when you are starting. Pay monthly an amount of $9.99 for this plan.

Many developers, WordPress users, and medium-sized e-commerce businesses use the Go Geek plan. The features it offers help these website owners manage their business well. For instance, the one-click staging option is hands down the best in terms of managing without affecting the live site.

2) Choose a domain name

Now is the time to make your dream a reality! The name for your website might be on your mind for ages. If not, then now is the time to craft a perfect domain name that is apt to who you are or what work you do.

Tip: take your time, and plan the name wisely! It’s going to be the identity for your blog/business.

It should be noted that the domain registration fee at SiteGround is $15.95. Besides, if you already have a domain with another company’s hosting and want to transfer, you can do it for free!

buy siteground hosting

3)Put in your information

Step number three is to Enter all the information needed for your hosting account.


4)Choose the plan length and other things

siteground hosting review

Subsequently, you will be required to select the duration of your plan and some extra services that you would like, such as the SG site scanner and domain privacy.

We have earlier explained why it is wise to choose the length of your initial plan for 24 months.

The SG scanner is a great option to select, as it will let you know of any hacking attempt. Moreover, your private and personal info gets secure by Domain privacy.

5) Pay the bill to create your account:

As soon as you pay the bill, the green tick showing your success in creating an account will be shown.

siteground hosting

Congratulation! Your hosting buying process is completed.

6) Set up your site through the “account setup wizard”:

Finally, a website with your domain name is ready to be designed! For this purpose, the Account setup wizard of SiteGround comes to the rescue!

There is a reason why SiteGround is gaining popularity as a beginner-friendly hosting provider, and the reason is its Account setup wizard! This tool makes the otherwise tough task of creating a website a breeze!

siteground hosting review

Select the ‘start a new website’ and click “proceed.”

7) Enter your website preferences:

You would now be required to select which type of blog you need to set up and through which platform. Choose WordPress from the options.

siteground review | website preferences

8) Set up your login info for WordPress:

SiteGround lets you install WordPress in a quick, hassle-free way. The cliche that “website designing is a work of professionals only” gets invalid because of the WordPress auto-install feature.

fill up user name and password

Now, you will set up your WordPress login information.

9) Select the template of your choice for the web design:

The next option you will have to select is the web design template (theme) for your blog. Browse all options, and whichever strikes the chord, choose it. The wizard will automatically install that on your server.

install wordpress theme

Finally! You managed to do it! Begin blogging right away!:

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I absolutely loved SiteGround Customer Support. It’s one of the main reasons to write a SiteGround hosting review on my personal blog.

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SiteGround is World’s Top Premium Hosting Company, and we have been using Siteground Hosting for a long time.

We loved Siteground. That is why we wrote an honest SiteGround Hosting Review on our blog.

You will get lots of articles and videos on the internet reviewing SiteGround, but those reviews are mostly not honest neither in detail.

Some Blogs and Video only mention the pros of Siteground on their SiteGround hosting review. But here, with all honesty, we have shared Pros and Cons of SiteGround hosting. This is to help you make a decision in buying SiteGround Hosting.

Additional bonus!

Once you purchase Siteground hosting, send me your billing receipt and Get Generatepress Premium theme FREE of cost!

Also, I have mentioned all types of hosting plans for SiteGround. Along with this, I have explained every plan in detail for you to know which one is the best for you.

And Why Go Greek Plan is best for all and how you can save your Up to $500 when you purchase SiteGround Hosting.

Thanks For Reading Our Sincere SiteGround Hosting Review, still, if you have any doubt on SiteGround hosting then feel free to ask me in the below comment box.

And please share your review on SiteGround Hosting in the comment box, we would love to show your thoughts.

I hope you liked this SiteGround Hosting Review and enjoyed reading it.

PS: SiteGround Hosting Review article Research and content compiled by Ariba Mobin Khan.

DISCLAIMER: The above SiteGround hosting review is first-hand and honest, but the referral links in this review help us earn a commission, and you get a discounted price!

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    I think SiteGround is the best web hosting company. It has great uptime and the best customer support.


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