SiteGround vs GoDaddy | Which Hosting Is Best In 2020?

Choosing good hosting is a very tough part because the online business success rate is highly dependent on website loading speed.

Let me show you an example.

According to Think WIth Google data, If a website loading speed is high it will increase your bounce rate percentage. The bounce rate is a high probability conversion drops 95%.

page loading time decrease conversion

I think, You might have done a heap of research, which web hosting is best in 2020? etc, etc. During the research, you have heard about Siteground and Godaddy hosting. If you have read my Siteground hosting review, you might already have made your decision to buy Siteground hosting. Nevertheless, you want to compare Siteground and Godaddy hosting with each other, so land in the right place.

In this Siteground vs GoDaddy post, I am going to do in-depth web host comparison, as well as mention some real people experience and unbiased review on Siteground Godaddy hosting.

To be honest with you, I didn’t research about hosting service when I started my first blog back in 2018. Luckily my blog got rank in Google’s first position on lots of keywords but Later I realized my blog page loading speed is very bad and the bounce rate percentage is always more than 80%. I decided to change web hosting, I burn my 3.5 days to shortlist the top 10 web hosting, after that, I waste 2 more days to compare all hosting with each other.

The good thigh is Siteground and Godaddy both host companies are in my top 10 best hosting companies list. In this Siteground vs Godaddy article, I will share detailed insights of both hostings. Recently I have migrated my site to Siteground hosting, I have recorded video before migration and after migration, in that video, I covered the page speed test of the site with 3 online page speed checkers, before and after the migration (I promise, you will be astonished to show the result). Later in this article, I will share both videos. Definitely, my result will make your Siteground purchase decision more resolute.

Let’s begin with some Facebook group poll for which hosting is best?

Siteground Winner in more than 30 Facebook Polls

I have joined lots of Facebook groups to see, which hosting is recommended by industry experts and other people? I found lots of polls related, which hosting is the best? As a conclusion, Siteground hosting is always at number 1 position, but Godaddy hardly in the top 5. If you have any questions related to hosting, you must join Facebook Group and you will get quick feedback from experts.

siteground hosting review

Features Comparison: Siteground vs Godaddy

Without features comparison, Siteground vs Godaddy article will never be completed. I will mention each and every feature of both hostings.

Siteground Hosting Features

  • SSD Storage

Siteground uses SSD (solid-state-drivers) in its servers. That drivers are fast, reliable and shock-resistant. Consequently, Siteground gives a super-fast page loading speed.


Siteground provides 99.99% uptime. That is to say, Siteground makes your sites are always available.

  • FREE Daily Backup

Siteground offers a FREE backup service for every plan user. And one-click backup restores service. Hence, your site data is always secure and without any hassle, you can run a successful site.

  • C-Panel Access

C-panel is an easy web-based interface control of your site. Through using C-panel you can manage your site without having technical knowledge.

  • SSL with Every Hosting plan

SiteGround offers SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) with every hosting plan for FREE. SSL protects the site from malware and hackers.

Only Siteground provides a one-click SSL activation feature.

  • FREE Website Transfer

Siteground has migration plugins for WordPress users. By installing the Siteground migration plugin you migrate your site quickly in one click.

You are not WordPress users. In case, no need to worry, just connect with Siteground support team, they will migrate your site FREE of Cost.

Let me show you what people say after transferring their site to Siteground hosting.

siteground hosting review

You can transfer as many sites you want without any cost.

  • FREE Cloud Flare CDN

Siteground provides access to the Content Delivery Network with their hosting plan. CDN gives an excellent boost to speed and improve website performance. Only a few hostings offer this facility and Siteground is one of them.

  • Siteground FREE website builder

Siteground has a FREE website builder for Joomla, Weebly and WordPress to set up the site effortlessly.

WordPress one-click auto-install feature is another excellent feature to install WordPress within a minute.

  • Unlimited Email Accounts/ MySQL Database

You can create unlimited email accounts with your domain through the Siteground email hosting feature. You can access your account web interface, also, they provide spam protect technology to protect your email account from spammers.

Siteground offers an unlimited MySQL database with a hosting plan.

  • The facility of auto Update of Plug-ins

Siteground provides auto-update tools for WordPress and Joomla platform website. This feature saves your time on plugin updates over and over.

  • WP-CLI

WP-CLI is WordPress site management tools, by using this tool you can manage your WordPress site in many ways like you can automate your backup, solve your website errors, reset your WordPress site password, clean up spam comments and much more.


This feature is one of the best features of Siteground for WordPress and Joomla platform users. It allows you to do work offline and later you can publish it live on your live site. Staging tools can create an entire copy of your website and then you can make changes without hustling to visitors.

siteground staging feature

Along with the staging tool, Siteground takes a full backup of a website when you upload a staging version of your site, if something goes wrong you won’t lose your site data.

  • SG Optimizer Plugin for WordPress

SG optimizer is a powerful plugin for WordPress users to enhance the performance of your sites.

You can use this plugin for SuperCacher control, environment control, front-end optimization, image optimization, and SSL management and much more.

  • Excellent 24×7 Support

If you are going to pay for your web hosting service, you should expect a good amount of customer support. SiteGround provides some of the fastest customer support available in the industry, whenever you get stuck you just need to contact them they will give you well and quick response.

They provide support on live chat and emails, professionals are present at all times for help.

  • Manage/Support PHP 7.3+ Version

Siteground hosting servers are supporting the 7.3+ PHP version. When new versions are available, Siteground updates your latest version automatically.

  • Security-first Mindset

Siteground has an in-house special dedicated expert team for tracking daily software vulnerabilities on server and website level. In the last few years, they added 300 custom security rules in their web application firewall, which has stopped multiple identified-yet-unresolved third-party software vulnerabilities.

GoDaddy Hosting Features

Godaddy is the most notable company providing domain and hosting services that are established in 1997. Typically people use Godaddy only for domain registration.

  • Free domain with Economy hosting plans

Godaddy offers a FREE domain with an economy hosting plan. Along with the domain, you will also get a free professional email for 1 year.

  • Unmetered bandwidth

Godaddy offers an unmetered bandwidth on every hosting plan. You can use bandwidth as you want, there is no limitation.

  • C-panel access

Godaddy provides a web-based flexible and easy to use control panel to manage your site, without having technical knowledge you manage your site with yourself. 

  • Award-winning customer support team

You must have heard, Godaddy customer support team is an award-winning support team. When you connect with the Godaddy Support team, within a minute Godaddy customer support team members connect with you.

  • UpTime

Godaddy provides 98% uptime. As a result, GoDaddy presents your site whenever visitors visit the site.

  • 1 Click Install of 125+ FREE Application

Godaddy supports 125+ soft-cloud applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. The good thing is you can install any application in one click from C-panel.

  • Security

Godaddy provides 24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection features to every hosting plan users. This feature protects sites from malware attacks and hackers.

The hosting feature comparison winner is…

Overall, Siteground features are better than Godaddy features. Siteground offers all those features that Godaddy offers, along with that Siteground offers additional useful features too.

Feature Comparison winner is SiteGround.

PROS and CONS: GoDaddy vs Siteground

Siteground Hosting PROS

  • Malware Protection

Siteground has spam protection server, and they have an in-house experts team for security management. So there is no chance to stuck in malware.

  • High Page loading speed

Siteground uses varnish cache technology. So this technology makes your site read to go at lightning speed.

  • Affordable Price

Siteground hosting price is started at $3.95/mo to $11.95/mo (all tax including). It is the lowest price in the market compare to other top hosting companies.

  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If Siteground does not stand out on your requirements. You can claim your money back. Without asking any question they will give your money back to you.

  • Recommended by WordPress and Yoast

Siteground hosting referral by lots of big companies like WordPress, Yoast, Wikipedia, WpBegineers, etc.

Migrate Yoast to Siteground Hosting:

yoast recommended siteground hosting officially recommend Siteground Hosting:

wordpress officially recommended siteground hosting

GoDaddy PROS

  • Support the 125+ Application

Within one click you can install 125+ soft cloud applications to make your site live without any hassle.

  • 30 Days Money-back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with Godaddy hostings, you can claim for your money. Without any question, Godday will give your money back to you.

  • FREE Domain with annual plan hosting

If you buy Godaddy annual hosting plan, you will get a FREE domain for a year, you do not need to pay any single $ for a domain.

SiteGround CONS

  • No monthly plan

Siteground only offers their hosting for a minimum of 1 year and maximum for 3 years. But they have a 1-month trial package for new users.

  • High Renewal price

When you go for renewal Siteground hosting, that time you have to pay $239 for renewal hosting for 1-year.

Bonus Tip: I recommend you must buy Siteground hosting for 3 years because when you purchase for 3 years you have to pay $214, but if you buy hosting for a year then you will have to pay $239  renewal charges for a year. Buy hosting for 3 years and save your money.

  • $24.95 setup fees

If you buy Siteground hosting for a month as a trial at $3.95, along with one-month hosting charges you have to pay $24.95 extra as setup fees.

  • Not offer FREE Domain with hosting plan

Siteground doesn’t offer a FREE domain with their hosting plan, but you can buy a domain from Siteground at $15.95.

GoDaddy CONS

  • Blacklist some plugins

Godaddy doesn’t allow you to use your own caching plugin because they have a built-in caching system. But that system is not able to solve GTmetrix, Pingdom and Google Page Speed Insight tool bad page load score.

With Godaddy, you have to use only the one caching plugin that is Autoptimize, but with Siteground you can use multiple caching plugins like WP Rocket. WP3 Caches, Swift, WP Fastest Cache, etc.

Bonus Tip: WP Rocket is one of the more powerful caching plugins for WordPress site, I personally use on all my blogs. It boosts my page load speed by 45%.

  • High Renewal Price

When you buy hosting for the first time from Goddady, they offer a big discount but in the future, when you go to renew your hosting plan at that time they don’t offer any kind of discount. So that time, you have to pay the original price of the hosting, that price is a very high price.

  • Page Loading Issue

Godaddy claims they offer 97.98% uptime with the high page loading speed, but it is not true. Let me share real people’s unbiased reviews on the Godaddy page speed feature.

Siteground or Godaddy
  • Malware Problems

According to ASN, Godaddy is the top malware hosting network. If you care about your site security I never recommend to buy Godaddy hosting.

Why do I love Siteground Hosting?

As I said earlier in this Siteground vs Godaddy article, I will share my experience to migrate my first blog to Siteground hosting.

Hither, I will share two videos, before migrating to Siteground and the second one is after migrating to Siteground hosting.

This video definitely helps you to choose good hosting to start your website.

Note: I can’t show you the old hosting provider name because of the privacy.

My Blog hosted on another hosting


As you see, site speed is very low:

  • Google Page Insight Tool Score:



  • GTmetrix Score:

Page Speed:


  • Think with Google: 

Now, I have migrated my blog on Siteground hosting. Now I have recorded another video. Let’s see, what happened.

My Blog Host on SiteGround hosting


See, result in front of your, site speed is way better than old hosting.

In other words, Siteground hosting is better than other hosting.

  • Google Page Insight Tool Score:



  • GTmetrix Score:

Page Speed:


  • Think with Google: 

This is a big reason I am a fan of Siteground hosting, Therefore, I always Recommended Siteground hosting.

I have more reasons to love Siteground, like customer support, one-click SSL installation, more than 3 location servers, and customer testimonials.

Let me show you other customer testimonials on Siteground.

Customer Testimonials on Siteground Hosting Review

siteground hosting vs Godaddy hosting

Why Do People Hate Godaddy?

  • Servers are Very Slow

Godaddy offers low-cost hosting. Because they host so many websites on their single server. You can look at popular forms like quora, how much Godaddy clients are tired of Godaddy servers.

siteground vs godaddy
  • GoDaddy Customers Tweet about GoDaddy bad Servers service
godaddy vs sitegrond
  • Support is Awful

Definitely, Godaddy has an “award-winning support team” but they are full of excuses, try to sell more, never providing quick and useful solutions and lack of responsibility.

  • Wikipedia moves Domain away from Godaddy

On 23 Dec 2011, Jimmy Wales moved all Wikipedia domains from Godaddy because Godaddy supports #SOPA.

siteground vs godaddy

Now time to announce the winner, without doing future ado…

Siteground vs Godaddy Comparison Winner is….

Certainly, SiteGround is the Winner of Siteground vs Godaddy comparison.

Officially recommended Siteground hosting because Siteground has lots of useful features for WordPress platform like caching plugin, migration plugin, etc.

Siteground hosting price starting at $3.95 per month (with all tax). Goddady hosting price starting at $3.99 per month (without tax). GoDaddy and Siteground Pricing is almost tie but Siteground hosting is worth your money, Customers also get a wide range of payment options, including VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Let me help you buy Siteground hosting at a discounted price to save your hard-way earn money.

70% Discount on Siteground hosting plan | Limited Time Offer

If you wondering, which hosting plan is good for me? I suggest you go with Siteground Grow Big Plan. In that plan, you can host unlimited domains as well as you will get all premium WordPress features and many more other useful features.

Step by step guide to starting your own site with Siteground Hosting!

Here, I have a special promo code for you, that code will save your money on Siteground hosting purchase.

1) Choose Hosting Plan [Siteground Grow Big plan is Highly Recommend]

Click on this Special Discount link, get a 70% Discount on your selected hosting plan.

siteground hosting review | choice your hosting plan

Most of the Siteground users use Grow Big plan, Moreover, I also have been using this plan for a while.

Click on the “GET PLAN” button, go to the next section that is the Domain section.

2) Connect Domain with Siteground servers

If you already have a domain, click on I already have a Domain option and enter your domain name there. Otherwise, you can register a new Domain from here at $15.95 for a year.

Siteground Coupon

Click on the “PROCESS” button, to go to the account billing page.

3) Siteground Account Billing Details

Enter your billing information and payment details.

siteground hosting review

4) Double-Check Hosting Details and Select Nearest Servers to your Location

siteground hosting review

Hither, you can double-check your selected hosting service. As well, you can see the Promo Code automatically applied in your account.

The main thing here is, Hosting time period and Siteground server location. I suggest you purchase a Siteground for 3 years and save your money on hosting renewal. And select nearest hosting servers to your targeted audience.

If you are under budget, you may skip adding the SG site scanner tool. On the other hand, if you have a good budget, I suggest you enroll this service in your hosting plan. As a result, it will secure your sites from malware attract and hacking attempt, as well it will secure your personal information.

5) Pay the Bill and Make your Site Live

siteground vs godaddy

We at the final step to make your dream real, Click on the “PAY NOW” button to confirm your hosting order.

Within a few seconds, you will get all the details of your account on your registered email.

Congratulation, You bought world number #1 hosting. I hope your dream comes true.

If you don’t buy Siteground hosting yet? Click on the below button get Siteground hosting at 70% Discounted Price (Offer available only for next 2 days) Hurry up!


After reading the detailed comparison of SiteGround vs GoDaddy, It’s clear SiteGround hosting is better than GoDaddy hosting.

GoDaddy is good only at marketing and upselling, but SiteGround provides excellent hosting service.

Siteground has better features and a good reputation than Godaddy, therefor, Siteground is the best alternative of Godaddy. along with this Siteground customer support is unbeatable. They never do any kind of excuse and provide an excellent solution to customers.

Click here to get a 70% Discount on Siteground all hosting plans. Offer valid only for the next 2 days.

Thank you for reading SiteGround vs Godaddy comparison, I hope clearly understand Siteground hosting is best for your business.

Siteground offers a 75% Discount on this Cyber Monday sale. In the end, I want to say, If you like this comparison, please share with others.

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