SiteGround vs HostGator | Which Hosting is Best in 2020?

Are you confused between SiteGround and HostGator hosting? Don’t worry, I have done complete research on top hosting provider companies, As well, I have compared each hosting service and feature with each other.

Luckily SiteGround and HostGator, both are in my top hosting companies list. So, here you will get detailed SiteGround vs HostGator comparison and the clear winner of the comparison.

I burn my 3.5 days to shortlist the top 5 web hosting, after that, I waste more 2 days to compare that top 5 hosting providers service and feature with each other.

Hither, I am going to share my research data and result, my research definitely saves your energy and time to select the best hosting solution for your site.

If you read my detail review on SiteGround hosting, you might already make your decision to buy SiteGround hosting. But still, If are you not convinced yet, you must read this blog post. In this post, I have shared my blog migration before and after migration to Siteground hosting videos. I make sure, you will be astonished when I will show the previous hosting to Siteground hosting migration result.

Let’s start SiteGround vs HostGator Comparison with some Facebook polls for the best hosting.

SiteGround is Single Hand Winner in 30+ Facebook Polls

I was very curious to know, which hosting is mostly recommended by industry experts and other peoples, So I have joined lots of Facebook Groups related to WordPress, Blogging, etc. I got a pile of Facebook polls for which WordPress hosting is best? and which hosting do you recommend? And an even more.

As a conclusion, SiteGround hosting is always the winner of all the polls, however, HostGator hosting is hardly in the top 5.

siteground hosting review

Google Trend [HostGator vs SiteGround]

More people search for any products it means people love and use that product. We can get this data from the Google Trends tool. This tool shows any search terms and company trends score out of 100.

In other words, If any product and search terms have 100 scores, that products are trending, trusted and most used products in the market.

siteground vs hostgator trends

According to the Google Trends tool, the SiteGround trend score worldwide is 100 but the Hostgator trend score is only 1.

Siteground is the unanimous winner of Trend comparison. It is the most popular hosting because of its features, customer supports, special WordPress plugin, features, etc.

SiteGround vs HostGator Speed Comparison

Website speed is an important part of online business success. According to Think With Google Data, if your website page takes more time to load it will decrease website bounce rate. The website bounce rate is high probability conversion drops 95%.

page loading time decrease conversion

Siteground hosting is quite a good speed providing hosting company, confirm by lots of open sources testing reports. Siteground has an in-built SuperCacher feature with including 3 different level cache optimization options.

On the other hand, HostGator mainly focuses on employing a hardware-based approach to adding more equipment and servers layer to improving speed and services.

In case you test hosting from the front end, at that time, the Time of First Byte of hosting response is a very important matrix to identify hosting quality.

  • SiteGround TTFB Report
hostgator vs siteground
  • HostGator TTFB Report
hostgator vs siteground

HostGator score is 0.377s, barely SiteGround score is 0.308s. HostGator’s the first byte is excellent moreover SiteGround first byte even better.

Uptime & Reliability Comparison

Uptime is a very important and critical measurement of hosting services. Through testing uptime and reliability, we can analyze how much time a hosted website operational and perfectly up and running.

  • SiteGround Uptime

siteground vs hostgator

According to Hrank last 30 days report, SiteGround uptime score is 99.94% and response time is 697 MS. In addition, we have only a 0.06% chance to face downtime issues with the Siteground hosting.

  • HostGator Uptime

hostgator vs siteground

Last 30 days of the Hrank uptime report, the HostGator uptime score is 99.90% and the response time of HostGator is 1262 MS. If we host the website on HostGator hosting, as a result, we have a 0.10% chance to get the website down.

Which hosting Support is best? SiteGround or HostGator

Whatever features of hosting companies are offering, without good customer support, that company will never be a good company. Because when you get stuck somewhere, you need someone for help. That time customer support team will help you to come out from stuck.

  • SiteGround Customer Support

Siteground has an in-house support team providing the best support via phone call, live chat, and email. Professionals are always there at all times to give a quick response to your obstacles.

siteground 24/7 customer support

Nearly all the Siteground users give 5-star ratings to the siteground support team because they provide useful and problem-solving support.

Social Proof of SiteGround Customer Support team

siteground hosting vs Godaddy hosting
  • HostGator Customer Support

Hostgator support team response is good. Nevertheless, the siteground support team is better. According to Hostgator customers, Hostgator support team members are lack of good knowledge as well as take too much time to solve a problem. This is the big reason Hostgator customers are moving to SiteGround Hosting.

SiteGround vs HostGator: Server Response Time & Quality

Server response time, quality and location are making a big impact on how fast your site loads. If the server response time is low, the site takes lots of time to load and perform. It will increase bounce as well as hurt the UI and UX of the website.

We did a test to check both hosting response times, below is the result.

  • SiteGround Response Time Test

siteground vs hostgator

In the test, we found Siteground response time is 0.5s remained flat at up to 100 users visit the website at the same time.

That is to say, Siteground servers are still able at heavy loading and perform well at all times.

  • HostGator Response Time Test

siteground hosting vs hostgator hosting

Hostgator response time is 0.4s remained flat at up to 50 users visit the website at the same time. If visitors go more than 50 at the same time, servers are might not be available.

In conclusion, it is clear to say Siteground hosting is 1.5x faster and better than Hostgator.

Malware Protection feature

  • Siteground Hosting

Siteground is the first hosting company to use a unique isolation system that ensures each account on the servers is isolated from others. If someone’s website is stuck in malware. Moreover, your and other websites hosted websites safe.

Siteground encrypted servers always secure your C-panel from hackers. And they offer the SG site scanner tool for scan viruses and malware.

  • HostGator Hosting

Like all hosting companies, Hostgator also uses multiple security precautions on their servers to protect customer’s hosted sites from malware and viruses.

However, they scan malware once in a week, but Siteground scans their servers every day. You can scan your website frequently but for that, you need to pay $2 per month to Hostgator and backups.

Siteground has Scanning tool, you can scan your website as you can at FREE of cost. If your website stuck in malware or in virus, the Siteground support team helps you to scan your site without extra changes.

PHP Version Support | HostGator vs SiteGround

By using the latest PHP version, we can make secure, bug-free and get faster execution of scripts solution, which helps us to increase website speed and security.

Siteground use the latest version of PHP which is 7.3 RC released in 2018. Whenever the new PHP version available Siteground automatically updates your site PHP version with the latest version.

Hostgator uses PHP 7.0 version which is released in 2015. Still, they have no plan to upgrade to the latest version.

Control Panel Design

Almost all hosting companies provide C-panel access to every customer because it is an easy way to do changes in your website without having technical knowledge.

  • SiteGround control Panel

Siteground changed the c-panel design with own custom made design called SiteTool, which is launched in August 2019. Most of the current Siteground users use Siteground hosting because of the custom easy to use c-panel design.

In the c-panel, we can enable and disable all the features within a one-click.

siteground hosting c-panel
  • HostGator Control Panel

Hostgator c-panel is simply similar to all other hosting companies C-panel. They don’t customize their control panel.

hostgator hosting c-panel

Siteground control panel looks good and easy to use than Hostgator hosting, so in the C-panel comparison, is the winner.

FREE Backup Facility

When you running a successful website, having a backup is very important. It is quite hassling to have a backup if you lose them accidentally.

Siteground take this responsibility to their shoulders by providing the FREE daily backup facility as well one-click backup restore feature.

Hostgator don’t provide the daily backup facility, but they offer weekly backup facility at FREE of cost. But if you want to backup up your site frequently, you need to pay an extra $2 per month to enroll that service in your account.

Disk Space

Disk space is one type of space in hosting servers for storing customer website content like images, pages, videos, files, databased and much more. Sometimes it can also be used to save email data.

Siteground provides a minimum of 10 GB and a maximum of 30 GB web space with its hosting plan.

Hostgator offer unlimited web space with all its hosting plan, so you can store content as many as you want.

According to WordPress experts as well I personally realized, we don’t need unlimited webspace because if we running a successful website hardly we use only 1 GB to 3 GB space, so 10 GB disk space is enough.

Whatever Hostgator offers more disk space than Siteground, In Disk Space comparison, as a result, Hostgator is the Winner.

SiteGround Hosting PROs

  • Multiple Servers Location

Siteground has its servers in 4 location and servers are use SSH features. This feature secure hosted site from malware, viruses and increase website loading speed.

  • SiteGround Servers Location

  1. USA
  2. UK
  3. Netherland
  4. Singapore
  • Recommend by WordPress, Yoast and Other Experts

Siteground hosting is recommended by lots of industry experts and leaders. As well, officially and Yoast. Officially Recommend SiteGround Hosting:

wordpress officially recommended siteground hosting

Yoast Migrate their Website to SiteGround Hosting:

yoast recommended siteground hosting
  • FREE Cloud Flare CDN

Siteground offers CDN with every hosting plan. CDN (Content Delivery Network) helps us to increase website loading speed and Improve user experience through provide quick loading pages facility.

  • SiteGround has own Tools and Plugins

Siteground has its own in-build SuperCacher tool in C-panel, you can access it from the C-panel dashboard.

SG optimizer plugin manages your SuperCacher control, environment control, front-end optimization, image optimization, and SSL management and much more.


Staging feature allows doing work offline and later you can publish online without disturbing website visitors. This feature is one of the best features of Siteground hosting.

siteground staging feature

When you use the Staging feature before enabling the staging feature siteground to make a backup of your entire website and store that backup in the server’s database.

  • WP-CLI

WP-CLI is a WordPress management tool, by using this tool you can clear all spam comments in one click as well fixed WordPress error, reset your WordPress site password and you can schedule backup on auto mode.

  • Unlimited Email & MySQL Accounts

By using a siteground email hosting feature, you can create unlimited email through your domain. You can access your email from the web interface dashboard. Siteground use spam protect technology to protect email account from spam and hackers.

You can create an unlimited MySQL account as you want from the C-panel dashboard.

  • SSL with Every Hosting Plan

Siteground offers SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate with their every plan as well they provide a one-click SSL active feature.

HostGator Hosting PROs

  • FREE Domain with all Hosting plans

HostGator offers a FREE domain with hosting plans. Few hosting companies offer a FREE domain with their hosting, HostGator one of them.

  • 45 days Money Back Guarantee

If you buy HostGator hosting, but HostGator couldn’t stand out on your requirement or any other reason you don’t want to continue with HostGator hosting. So, within 45 days you can claim for refund. Without asking any question Hostgator refund all money.

  • Google & Bing Ads Account Credits

HostGator gives $100 credit to every new customer when they purchase HostGator hosting. Later in the future, HostGator also give $100 credit for bing advertising. They don’t charge extra money for ads credit.

SiteGround Cons

  • $24 Blog Setup Fees

Siteground doesn’t offer a monthly plan. But they offer a one-month trial at $3.95 when you start the trial you have to pay an extra $24 for blog set up fees.

  • Not Offer FREE Domain with any Hosting Plan

Siteground never offers a FREE domain with its hosting plan. However, you can buy a domain from SiteGround at $15.95 for a year.

  • High Renewal Prices

When your renewal siteground hosting, at that time you have to pay $239 for renewal hosting for one year.

Bonus Tip: You wanna want to buy hosting, I suggest you buy SiteGround hosting for 3 years. Because when you purchase Siteground Hosting for 3 years you have to pay $214. If you buy Siteground hosting for a year and later when you renew your subscription in the future for a year at that time you have to pay $239 for a year. buy Siteground hosting for 3 years and save your hard-way earn money.

HostGator CONs

  • Extra $2 per Month for Frequent Backup

HostGator offers the weekly backup feature without any extra cost. But if you want to take backup frequently, you need to pay $2 per month to HostGator.

when you purchase that service, after that, you can take backup frequently as many times you want.

  • No CDN Included

Hostgator doesn’t offer CDN (Content Delivery Network) features with any hosting plans.

  • No STAGING Feature

The staging feature is a very useful feature for a WordPress designer and also who frequently changed their website design. But HostGator doesn’t have a staging feature so far.

Why I love and Recommend SiteGround Hosting 

As I said earlier in this Siteground vs Hostgator comparison article, recently I switched my first blog from the other hosting to Siteground hosting.

Here, I am going to share the blog experience of moved to SiteGround hosting in the video format. The first video is before migration and the second one is after migration to siteground hosting.

Definitely, you will be astonished to see the result. Definitely, the result will help you to choose the best hosting.

  • My Blog Hosted on Old Hosting


Right now, site speed is very low, it takes lots of time to load pages.

Google Page Insight Tool Score

  • Mobile:
  • Desktop:

GTmetrix Score:

  • Page Speed:
  • GTmetrix:

Think with Google:

Now, I am going to move this blog to Siteground hosting.

  • My Blog Hosted on SiteGround Hosting


So the result in front of you. As I said, you will be astonished, and I know, you are. Now blog loading speed better than the first video.

I switched my blog to SitGround Grow Big Plan. Consequently, blog loading speed improves as well as traffic too.

Google Page Insight Tool Score

  • Mobile:
  • Desktop:

GTmetrix Score:

  • Page Speed:
  • GTmetrix:

Think with Google:

As simple as, Siteground hosting is 100% best than other hosting companies.

Now let me show you the unbiased people switched to SiteGround hosting and their testimonials. After seeing that, you will definitely buy Siteground hosting without doing any future ado.

Unbiased People Experience to Switched to SiteGround Hosting

siteground hosting review

We have lots of more reasons to use and recommend siteground hosting. Above all are the main features, Therefore, I have mentioned in this HostGator vs SiteGround article.

Without doing future ado, let me announce the comparison winner.

SiteGround vs HostGator Comparison Winner is…

Certainly, SiteGround is the clear winner of this SiteGround vs Hostgator comparison.

Siteground is a reputed and popular hosting company because of their customer support and hosting features. As well, officially recommends Sitegrond hosting and Yoast team migrate its official website to SiteGround hosting back in 2016.

Siteground hosting plan started at $3.95 (with all tax). Hostgator hosting price for a year at $3.95 (without tax). Siteground and Hostgator, both hostings price almost look Similar, but the Siteground hosting price is low than HostGator. In the same vein, Siteground offers lots of additional features than Hostgator.

You will get a wide range of payment options in SiteGround including VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

You are a Zara Humaid blog reader. Therefore, you will get a special Discount on Siteground purchase.

70% Discount on your Selected SiteGround Hosting Plan | Offer End Soon

If you ask me, which Siteground hosting plan is good for me? I highly suggest you go with Siteground Grow Big Plan. In Grow Big Plan, you can host unlimited domains, get more disk space, other premium features for WordPress and much more.

Step by Step Process to Buy SiteGround Hosting at Low Price!

Here I will give you a special discount link, Discount code automatically applied in that link. So, you don’t need to require compiled code manually.

1) Choose SiteGround Plan [Grow Big Plan Highly Recommend]

Click on this Special Promo code link, get a 70% Discount on Siteground selected hosting plan.

siteground hosting review | choice your hosting plan

Almost all Siteground users use this plan, Even I also use SiteGround Grow Big Plan, that’s why I recommend it.

Click on the “GET PLAN” button.

2) Connect Domain With SiteGround

Do you have already Domain? If yes, click on I already have a Domain and enter your domain name. Otherwise, you can buy a new domain from Siteground at $15.95, just click on register a new domain.

Siteground Coupon

Click on the “PROCESS” button for the future process.

3) Your SiteGround Account Billing Details

Enter your account billing details and payment details here.

siteground hosting review

4) Hosting Purchase Details

siteground hosting review

You can see here, promo code automatically applied in your bill. Beyond, here you need to double-check hosting details.

To bear in mind that is, hosting server location and hosting a time period. Select the nearest hosting servers to your targeted audience.

SG site scanner tool helps you to secure your site from malware attract and hacking attempt. Secondly, it will secure your personal information.

On the Other hand, you are under budget, you can skip this tool.

5) Pay the Bill and complete the Purchase

siteground hosting payment

Click on the “Pay Now” button to confirm your hosting order.

Once purchased confirm, you will get all the details on your registered email with Siteground nameservers.

Congratulation, you bought world number #1 hosting.

Still, you didn’t purchase Siteground hosting yet? Click on the below button get 70% OFF on Siteground hosting (Offer valid only for next 2 days) Don’t miss the chance!


After reading the detailed comparison of SiteGround vs HostGator, It’s clear SiteGround is the single hand winner, As well, SiteGround also Winner in SiteGround vs GoDaddy comparison.

Siteground is better than Hostgator, Siteground has an excellent feature and a good reputation.

Click here to get a 63% Discount on your selected Siteground hosting plan. This special offer valid until 2 days.

Thank you for reading Siteground vs Hostgator article, I hope you clearly understand, why Siteground hosting is best for your business.

If Black Friday deals are near, I suggest you, purchase Siteground in Black Friday deals at $2.98/mo.

Please share with others, help them to choose the world’s best hosting.

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