Technical SEO Checklist | 11 Advance Tips to Boost Traffic

Technical SEO is one of the most important parts of search engine optimization. You may have written an incredible piece of content in your niche, but your blog or site is jostling in technical SEO, in this case, definitely, you’ll struggle to get a high rank in SERP’s (Search Engine Result Page’s).

To avoid this, You should pay attention to do technical SEO of your site.

In this article, I am going to share my secure technical SEO optimization tips, which help me to rank high in all search engines.

Before start, let’s take a look, which topic we are going to cover here.

What Is Technical SEO?

Technical Seo means the technical side of your blog or website SEO. You need to apply these things if you’re already running one blog or planning to start. Technical SEO helps you to boost your ranking.

Why you need to do Technical SEO?

As you know now of-page SEO does not boost your ranking. You need to strengthen your On-Page. The first step of on-page optimization is technical SEO. if you don’t fix the technical side of your blog/website visitor will leave your website and don’t watch/read your blog post.

I will share with you how I did technical SEO in my all blogs. It is not difficult it is super easy to fix your blog’s technical side. To do Technical SEO you need only 30 minutes.

USE SSL Certificats (http to https)

You need to use SSL for your blog, as SSL indicates to Google that your site is trusted and secured it will help rank form anyhow. You can get SSL for free from Cloudflare. 

After adding SSL you need to redirect all website links HTTP:// to HTTPS://. You can redirect it from the WordPress setting or from the domain and hosting panel.

If your Domain from GoDaddy follows my steps.

  • Log in to your GoDaddy account.
  • Go to Manage Domains,
  • Find domain DNS settings, then open the setting.

Once you land on the DNS setting page, there you will get the FORWARDING section. Here you have to Permanent forward your domain from HTTP to HTTPS.

technical seo

Which Type of Hosting You Need to Use

Site loading speed plays an important part in ranking. Let me explain to you with an example.

If you visit any website and the website takes one or two minutes to load, So you will leave that site, go back search engine, and open the next site of the search engine results page.

It will increase your bonus rate, and it directly harms your site whole ranking.

That’s why you need to fix your page loading speed

Blog/website page speed mainly depends on hosting, you need to use good responding hosting. I personally use a2 hosting. Their servers are super fast and no matter, If the site has heavy traffic still your site will remain up.

Use Well Optimize Theme

Nothing will happen just by using good hosting. Along with good hosting, it is also important to use a good theme.

Your theme should be mobile-friendly, schema optimizes, and lite weight.

In the market, you will get lots of themes like:

  • Genesis
  • Newsmag
  • Newspaper

lot more…

But I personally use, and always recommend the GeneratePress theme. [Note: We use GeneratePress theme on]

Website Cache Plugin

You are using good hosting and at the same time, you also have a good theme. Still, you will definitely need the WordPress Cache plugin.

Cache Plugin stores the visitor’s activities on your site, so next time that visitor comes to your site, and visit the same page, at that time cache plugin load that page speedily than usual time. Because they display page information from the cache, so before load, the page user may get the information from the cache storage.

Time-Saving Tip:

Recently, I have changed my Cache plugin from W3 Total Cache to WP Rocket.

Just Moving from the old cache plugin to WP Rocket, my site speed increase by 33%, and I loss 1000 rupees. Because this plugin recommends by my friend, he told me use the WP-Rocket Cache plugin, this plugin will increase your site speed within 15 minutes by just setting up your site unuseful HTML, CSS, and JS.

I didn’t believe in his words and did the same as he told me. We set the plugin based on my site requirement and click on the save setting button. Boom, the site load faster than it last time loading speed.

He laughed at me and said, now give me 1000 rupees. I also laughed and said which 1000 rupees you are talking about. I don’t remember anything like that.

Anyways, come to the point, you need a cache plugin like WP Rocket for your site cache management.

Image Optimization

I already mentioned in my all site speed and website ranking factor articles, website load time holds site ranking or sometimes affects ranking and decreases site ranking on targeted keywords.

For Boost website load time, first of all, you need to optimize site images. Optimize website images means first you need to compress your main image file. After that use it in your blogs.

Some experts suggest you can optimize your images by using WordPress plugin on your site, definitely, this is the time and effort-saving way to optimize images. Even I also did the same in the past.

But now, I recommend compress any images before uploading them to your site, because the plugin will save image original file data in your hosting database so it directly affects your site speed.

  • By using, you can easily optimize your images manually.
  • If you want to use the plugin, Imagify is the best option for you. (This plugin is officially recommended by WpRocket.)

Integrate Schema Markup

Schema helps search engine crawler boat to understand, which type of content do you have. If search engine understand easily about your content, then it will easily organige your content in their database.

Even Schema make your site unique in search engine resuls, and also helps you to rank in zero position like below mention image.

technical seo checklist

Broken Link Checker

If your blog has tons of broken internal and extenal links, in this case, search engine robots counted your site in spammy site. In case, if Google or any other search engine add your site in spammy website list, after then your site can’t rank, even it doesn’t display in search engine results page’s.

If you want to know, your site has broken link or not, simply go, enter your site url. brokenlinkchecker will show you all the broken link of your site.

So now you just need to redirect that links to related sources, that’s it.


Submit your website sitemap to google and bing webmaster tool. It is a very important step to index your posts. If you are using Yoast SEO plugin it is very easy to make Sitemap.XML.

Google Search Console

You have to submit your site in Google Search Console, before from there you can easily give sing to Google about your site content, as well as, you can easily manage your site in Google database.

By using Search Console you can find and fix any kind of error. In case, if your post is not indexing or you updated your post and want to re-fetch your post quikly in Google then this tool is very useful at that time.

Along with this, you can manage site robot.txt file, sitemap, broken links, schema structure much more.

Use CDN For Site Security and Speed

In this online junk, everyday we listen tons of website hacking news, that’s why website security is very important for website owner.

CDN is the best way to protect your site from any kind of hacking attemps.Based on lots of research and analysis, Cloudflare CDN is the best for all types of websites.

Cloudflare comes free and paid form for me free form is sufficient on the off chance that you need additional highlights you can purchase. Cloudflare causes you to spare your transmission capacity and square DDOS assault and BOT assaults. 

It additionally gives free CDN (Content Delivery Network), it will enable your site to stack time. mean if your server is from the USA and your guest frame INDIA Cloudflare will indicate Indian guest shape Cloudflare INDIAN server.

That’s how CDN works and I recommended you to use CDN. many paid CDN comes like MAX CDN etc, If your blog is too big and huge visitor load use CDN.

Use AMP for Accelerated Mobile Pages

If your site theme is not mobile friendly or site take more time to load then Desktop, in this sketch you have to use AMP plugin.

Google and other search engines more like AMP pages then simple pages, so if your theme all to use AMP, then without waste a second you have to intergrate AMP with your Site.


To build your website ranking technical SEO must have. It may sound bad but that’s the truth.

So in this article, I shared all method that how you can do technical SEO for your blog very easily. I guess this article helps you to learn something.

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